Walking Papers Debuts New Single, Video

Courtesy: Carry On Music

Independent music duo Walking Papers debuted its latest single, ‘Creation Reproduction and Death’ this week.

The duo premiered the single and its video Friday. The song is the latest single from the band’s latest album, The Light Below, which was released in February through Carry On Music. The premiere of the new single and video comes more than four months after the premiere of the album’s then latest single, ‘Divine Intervention‘ and its companion video.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Creation Reproduction and Death’ is a heavy, industrial style composition that will appeal to fans of Gary Numan and Nine Inch Nails.. The heavy keyboards that form the song’s foundation work with the more airy secondary keyboard line and drums to make this work sound unlike anything else in the album.  That alone serves to show even more why the album in whole is so unique. It helps to show the vast diversity in the album’s musical content.  The lyrical content that accompanies the song’s musical arrangement adds to the song’s appeal.

Front man Jefferson Angell talked about the song’s lyrical theme during a recent interview.

“I wrote ’Creation Reproduction and Death’ while contemplating how much time we have left, how we’ll spend it and who will we spend it with?,” he said. “It’s a question we can only answer for ourselves compounded by the pressure that we may not know if we made the right decision until there is no time left to do anything about it. After making three epic videos, we wanted to cut loose and have a good time. We hope people will enjoy watching the video as much as we had fun making it!”

The video for ‘Creation Reproduction & Death’ features Angell and his band mates performing the group’s new single against a green screen, and imagery, such as the band replacing its heads with television monitors, and video of an explosion’s shockwave hitting a forest setting.

Along with ‘Divine Intervention’ and ‘Creation Reproduction & Death,’ Walking Papers has also produced the singles, ‘The Value of Zero‘ and ‘What Did You Expect?

More information on Walking Papers’ new single, video and album is available along with all of the duo’s latest news at:



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