Anaria Debuts Acoustic Take Of Its Single, ‘Leaving You Behind’

Courtesy: The Label Group

Independent rock band Anaria debuted the an acoustic take of its latest single last week.

The band premiered the acoustic take of its single, ‘Leaving You Behind‘ and its video May 14. Their premiere came more than four months after the band debuted the song in its original presentation.

The updated, acoustic take of ‘Leaving You Behind’ strips down the original work significantly. Gone are the punching drums, and powerhouse vocals of singer Jessica Jackson Salvucci in the case of the acoustic take. Her vocals are still strong in their own right while the strings featured in the original composition are more subtle in their presentation here. The heavier guitars are replaced by a more gentle sound from that aspect.

The lyrical theme presented in ‘Leaving You Behind,’ which focuses on the familiar topic of a broken relationship, becomes even more impacting in this case because of the toned down approach.

Salvucci addressed that pairing in a prepared statement.

“Anaria has always loved doing acoustic versions of our music,” she said. “Our studio work tends to be dense and jam-packed with all manner of orchestration. We like to occasionally strip away all the bells and whistles to the melody and chords. This allows us to really focus on portraying the heart of the piece and hone in on the lyrical content, too. The result is an intimate experience between us and our audience and we love being able to offer that experience in addition to a thoroughly produced work.”

The band in whole expanded on the new song and its approach in a collective, prepared statement.

“‘Leaving You Behind’ was the second single released off our 2020 album, the statement reads. “Lyrically, the song speaks to the feelings of regret in remembrance of a past lover. We wanted to strip this song down to just two acoustic guitars, some keyboard strings, and Jess’s unprocessed voice. What is left is a very raw and genuine sound that helps us to engage with the listener on a more intimate level. The video was filmed at our old rehearsal space in Manchester, NH.”‘

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