Aseity Tackles Sexism In Its New Single, Video

Independent metal band Aseity is doing its part to combat sexism and its negative effects in its latest single and video.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Silent Whispers (ft. Taylor Barber)’ Friday along with the song’s lyric video. The musical arrangement is a heavy composition whose blend of heavy, gritty screams and clean vocals will appeal to most metalcore audiences. At times, those gritty screams also reach into the realm of death metal, adding to the song’s interest.

Courtesy: CowgirlZenEntertainment

The lyrical theme featured in the song takes on the hot button topic of sexism, according to front vocalist Monica Soe.

“Being raised in the south, I experienced a lot of oppression from males. I’ve fought sexism most of my life (more so as an adult.) I was always told that my opinions don’t matter because I’m a woman, and oftentimes treated disrespectfully. I had this issue in all of my relationships, jobs, and even now in the metal industry. Women don’t get the same respect socially and professionally that men do, and I wanted to address it.”

The ‘Silent Whispers’ lyric video features the song’s lyrics placed on screen alongside Soe and Barber, both of whom perform their respective parts to the song as the song plays over the video.

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