Ventruss Brings Mental Health Discussion To The Fore In New Single, Video

Courtesy: Cowgirlzen Entertainment

Independent metal band Ventruss is tackling a familiar topic in its latest single and companion video.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Sentiment‘ and its companion lyric video Friday. The premiere of the song and its video came more than two months after the premiere of the band’s then latest single, ‘Talladega.’

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Sentiment’ takes the band’s heavy sound a step beyond that featured in ‘Talladega.’ It blends elements of sounds from bands, such as Whitechapel, Killswitch Engage, and Upon a Burning Body for its presentation. The heaviness in that sound and stylistic approach works well with the emotion exuded through the song’s lyrical theme.

Front man Ben Jewell talked about the song’s lyrical theme in a prepared statement.

“There’s a lot to take from ‘Sentiment,’ he said.Mental illness is real and can affect relationships with family and friends. It may be hard to understand from the outside and can be easily perceived as a red flag, but internally that person has much more going on and before you know it, they can end their own life.”

Added Jewell, “This happened to me a few years back and once it did, I was having flashbacks of my weakest moments and feeling like I had absolutely no one but in reality, I was the one keeping myself locked in my own mind. This is not only a heavy track musically and lyrically but also a cry for help.” 

The ‘Sentiment’ lyric video features the song’s lyrics placed over a background of images, such as a skull, chains, and a cog. The imagery is used to help translate the message in the song’s lyrical theme and visualize the feelings that people suffering from mental health concerns experience. Interestingly enough, the lyrics are presented in a font that fans of Whitechapel will find familiar.

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