Machine Head Unveils New Three-Song Single, ‘Arrows In Words From The Sky’

Courtesy: Nuclear Blast Records

Veteran metal outfit Machine Head kicked off the weekend by releasing three new songs.

The band premiered its new three-song single, ‘Arrows in Words From The Sky‘ Friday. The single features the songs ‘Become The Firestorm,’ ‘Rotten,’ and ‘Arrows in Words From The Sky.’

Front man Robb Flynn talked about the songs in a prepared statement.

“The lyrics to these songs took to me places inside I didn’t want to go, from the bile and negativity on “Rotten,” to nothing-will-beat-me-down fury of “Become The Firestorm,” to the title track “Arrows” being one of the saddest songs I’ve ever written, yet somehow has the power to lift me up out of what was a very dark time in my life,” he said. “My hope is that by sharing these dark experiences with the Head Cases of the world, it can save someone else out of that same dark place.”

The exclusive digital-only release opens with a song whose guitar riffs exhibit a full-on thrash/death style approach and sound. The ferocity in the guitars and precision in the time keeping, bass, and vocals partners well with the uplifting lyrical theme about overcoming life’s obstacles and adversity.

‘Rotten’ meanwhile boasts a sound that will appeal to Machine Head’s longtime fans. The riffs, vocals, bass, and drums immediately lend themselves to works from the band’s debut album, Burn My Eyes, which the band released more than 25 years ago. The arrangement partners just as well with the anger and frustration presented through the song’s lyrical theme. The thoughts and emotions that front man Robb Flynn presents here will resonate with a wide range of audiences. The pairing of the song’s musical and lyrical content makes the song stand out even more.

‘Arrows in Words From The Sky,’ with is deeply contemplative and introspective content (which ultimately proves uplifting in its own right) makes for its own accessibility. The heaviness here is a blend of sludge, doom, and 80s hair metal riffage along with some heavy bass and drums. Flynn’s own vocal delivery is powerful in its own right here, especially in the presentation of the layered screams.

‘Arrows in Words From The Sky’ features Machine Head’s first new music since the release of its then latest single, ‘My Hands Are Empty‘ and its video in November.

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