Father Before Me Debuts ‘Behind The Veil’ Video

Courtesy: Infecting Cells PR

Independent rock band Father Before kicked off the weekend with some new music.

The band opened the weekend by releasing its new EP Ruby and the video for the EP’s new single, ‘Behind The Veil.’ The song is the second single from the EP, following the premiere of the EP’s lead single, ‘Until Lambs Become Lions‘ in February. the band premiered its new video through Ghost Cult magazine.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Behind The Veil’ continues the punk style approach displayed in ‘Until Lambs Become Lions.’  The distinct drumming and guitar styles exhibited throughout the nearly three-and-a-half-minute opus make that clear.  The quick, sharp beat in the chorus and the chords that are used in the guitar line pair with Catrone’s vocal delivery style to make that even clearer.  The whole gives this song a sound and sense that lends itself to comparison to works from the likes of Avenged Sevendfold.  The sense of frustration and anger exuded by the minor chords and the force in the overall arrangement helps the song connect with listeners especially when it is considered along with the song’s lyrical theme.

According to information provided to the media about the song, its lyrical theme takes on the familiar topic of what the average working person thinks and feels everyday.  This is made clear right from the song’s outset as Catrone sings, “Wake up/Work yourself to the bone/They sit comfortably upon their throne/Minutes go by/For you, it’s the entire day/Trying to speak/But you are put up on display/Hiding behind the veil/You’ve run out of options/You’re set up to fail/Take a break and exhale/Your mind’s not for auction/Your soul’s not for sale.’  This statement is a reminder to everyone of our self worth and that we need to remind ourselves of that worth, rather than just work ourselves to the bone and just constantly feel unappreciated in work and in life in general.  The message is continued in the song’s second verse, which states, “You give up yourself/They still want more/A tip of the hat/You’re kicked to the floor/Patience runs dry/This can’t be all that we deserve/They judge/They laugh/While all they do is observe.”  This is a straight forward message that will certainly connect with any listener.  It again reminds listeners to give themselves more credit and respect, because those above will never do either one.  It is another message that when combined with the song’s musical arrangement shows why this record succeeds.  The song ends with its subject reaching that calm, singing, “Now that I can finally breathe/It’s easier just to see/What has been in front of me all along.”  Once again, here is that reminder that once we take better care of ourselves and respect ourselves, it will help us to make it through our daily lives.  This is, overall, a familiar theme, but the accessibility – that straight forward delivery – makes it so strong.  All things considered here, it makes the song just one more example of what makes Ruby a successful new offering from Father Before Me.

The animated video for ‘Behind The Veil’ features its main character in a variety of situations, from riding on a subway train, to laying in bed clearly feeling stressed about something, to going into space. The whole thing finishes with a surprise ending that will be left for audiences to discover for themselves.

In other news, Father Before Me is streaming Ruby in its entirety for free through Metal-Rules.

More information on Father Before Me’s new video, single, and EP is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:



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