‘Wild Kratts: Cats And Dogs’ Will Get Two Thumbs And Four Paws Up

Courtesy: PBS Distribution/PBS/PBS Kids

Fans of the hit PBS Kids series, Wild Kratts, got a special treat late last month.  The surprise came in the form of the new DVD, Cats and Dogs.  Released July 27, the single-disc compilation is another positive new offering for the series’ fans from PBS Distribution, PBS, and PBS Kids.  The DVD’s success comes in no small part through its featured episodes’ stories, which will be discussed shortly.  The lessons tied in to the stories add their own appeal to the DVD’s presentation and will be discussed a little later.  All of this writing content makes for plenty of reason for audiences to take in this recently released DVD.  Taking into account the engagement and entertainment ensured through all of that writing, it makes the DVD’s average price point its own positive worth noting.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the DVD.  All things considered, they make Wild Kratts: Cats and Dogs a presentation that will appeal just as much to every Wild Kratts fan as to cat and dog lovers.

PBS Distribution’s latest Wild Kratts DVD release, Cats and Dogs will unite lovers of each furry, four-legged friend and fans of the series.  That is proven in part through its featured episodes’ stories.  The stories, four in all, each stay true to the theme of the DVD’s title.  The DVD’s nearly hour-long title feature finds Chris and Martin presenting the many breeds of canines and felines that inhabit so many parts of the world while Aviva tries to make up her mind if she is on “team cat” or “team dog.”  Audiences who have not yet seen this feature will be left to find out her decision for themselves.  “Spots in the Desert,” the DVD’s second episode find Chris and Martin following a mother Ocelot and her cubs in the Sonoran Desert.  Ocelots, for those who might not know, are part of the cat family, proving again how the stories follow the theme of the DVD’s title.  Dog lovers get their turn here in “Adapto The Coyote” as the guys find out all of the places where coyotes call home while also dealing once again with the vile Zack Varmitech as he tries to shoo coyotes from near his mansion.  “Little Howler,” the DVD’s closing episode, follows its titular character, a baby wolf (wolves are in the dog family), as it grows up.  The episodes are lifted from the series’ first, sixth, and 18th seasons, making for a nice cross section of the series over the course of its run.  Keeping all of this in mind, the episode featured in this set and their stories form a solid foundation for the DVD’s presentation.  Building on that foundation are the lessons tied to the episodes.

For the most part, the lessons that the stories teach are basic biology lessons.  As already noted, “Adapto The Coyote” finds Chris, Martin, and their friends learning about all of the places in which coyotes live around the world.  This is a lesson about how coyotes have adapted to the changes in the world around them in order to survive.  At the same time, audiences also learn here about how coyotes communicate with one another through their various calls.  “Spots in the Desert” presents another very basic lesson that will connect easily with younger audiences.  It is a lesson about ocelots’ habitats, much like the lesson presented in “Adapto The Coyote.”  “Little Howler” also presents a basic lesson, this time about how wolves socialize.  The big lesson here comes in the form of the DVD’s title presentation.  In the case here, the guys have to stop Zack once again.  This time, they have to stop him from taking a bunch of big dog and cat cubs and trying to sell them to people as pets.  The illegality of selling wild and exotic animals is no joke, and this “movie” brooches that subject on a very basic level that, again, young audiences can understand.  It does that while also introducing the very many breeds and wild cats and dogs that inhabit the world.  This is not the first time that Zack has ever trapped animals for his own nefarious means.  One of the series’ holiday episodes found him kidnapping various animals to use as decorations on a giant metal Christmas tree.  He has also tried kidnapping animals to help one of his fellow villains, Donita Donata.  In this case though, again, is that all important message about the illegality of capturing and selling exotic animals.  This is a topic that is in the news countless times every year.  To that end, it is a subject on which audiences need to be educated even at a young age so that as they get older, they will have that understanding instilled.  Keeping all of this in mind, there is no doubt as to the importance of the stories’ lessons.  Considering the importance of the stories and their lessons, there is a lot of positive content to like here.  That content makes the DVD’s fully affordable average price point its own positive.

The average price point for Wild Kratts: Cats and Dogs is $5.60.  that price was obtained by averaging prices listed through Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, PBS’ store, and VideoETA.  For those who might be unfamiliar with VideoETA, it is a very reliable source.  Its listing of $3.85 is in fact the least expensive of all of the listings.  Books-A-Million does not have the DVD listed.  PBS and Barnes & Noble Booksellers have the most expensive listings, at $6.99.  Looking at this, the prices do not even come close to the $10 mark.  Even buying online, shipping and handling likely will not push the DVD’s price to that point, either, regardless of retailer.  So to that point, this DVD is an affordable offering regardless of the retailer.  The price that consumers will pay regardless of retailers is also worth it considering the content featured within the DVD.  All things considered, the DVD proves to be a work that will unite lovers of cats, dogs, and Wild Kratts alike.

Wild Kratts: Cats and Dogs is another positive collection of Wild Kratts episodes from PBS Distribution, PBS, and PBS Kids.  Its success comes in part through the stories presented in its featured episodes.  The stories each follow the DVD’s title theme.  The lessons that are connected to the stories make for their own appeal.  That is because they are easily accessible for younger audiences.  Considering the content featured in this DVD and its depth, the whole makes the DVD’s average price point appealing in its own right.  That price point will not break any consumer’s budget, even taking into account shipping and handling for those who prefer to buy the DVD online.  Each item examined here is important in its own way to the whole of the DVD.  All things considered, they make the DVD a presentation that will get two thumbs and four paws up.  Wild Kratts: Cats and Dogs is available now.

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