‘NOVA: Reef Rescue’ Will Hopefully Encourage Humans To Help Rescue Earth

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Distribution

The urgency in understanding humans’ impact on the natural process that is climate change cannot be understated.  According to a brand new report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, humans’ impact on climate change, is painting a very bleak, but not entirely hopeless, picture for the planet’s future.    The timing of the report’s release this week is interesting not only because of its revelations, but also because it came approximately one month after PBS and PBS Distribution released its ecologically-minded episode of NOVA, Reef Rescue.  Released July 6, only months after its original airing on PBS stations nationwide, the episode examines the impact of climate change on coral reefs and the efforts to restore the world’s reefs.  That story forms the foundation for this episode and will be discussed shortly.  The cinematography that accompanies the story adds even more appeal to the presentation and will be discussed a little later.  Considering the content featured in this episode of NOVA and its appeal, it makes the episode’s average price point in its home release appealing in its own right, too.  This will be discussed later, too.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the episode.  All things considered, they make the episode another important reminder of why we need to take our impact on the planet more seriously.

NOVA: Reef Rescue is an interesting addition to PBS’ long-running science-based series.  It serves as a powerful reminder of why humans need to be better caretakers of what is currently our only home.  Its impact is shown mainly through its central story.  The story is a dual-pronged presentation.  On one side, the story shows viewers the impact of climate change on reefs around the world.  In the process, the story reminds audiences of just how important reefs are to the world.  They play a very distinct role in the world’s economy because so many fishers harvest their fish from reefs.  They also serve as a first defense against the impact of storm surge during hurricanes in specific regions of the world.  Without that defense, storm surge in those areas can and likely will wipe out life in those areas.  The introduction of that information helps this part of the story from becoming interpreted as being preachy, which is positive in its own right.  On the story’s other side, it presents the efforts being undertaken to help bring coral back from the brink.  Audiences learn there are those around the world who are working on what is known as “assisted evolution” to help coral survive and adapt the ongoing impact of climate change.  Yes, evolution is real as much as so many individuals out there might want to believe otherwise.  While the efforts show some hope for the future of corals (which again play a much bigger role in the world than people would like to believe), the efforts are not perfect.  As is revealed, warming waters around the world are still negatively impacting coral even despite efforts to help them adapt.  The whole story will be left for viewers to learn for themselves.  The story in whole movies fluidly (no pun intended), and that together with the discussions therein make for reason enough for audiences to take in this episode of NOVA.  It is just one part of what makes this episode engaging.  The episode’s cinematography adds another layer of appeal to the whole.

The cinematography presented in NOVA: Reef Rescue is of note because it does its own part to keep audiences engaged and entertained.  The cinematography shows the full and real impact of human-impacted climate change on corals, showing the stark whiteness of the bleached corals as they are pictured by those working to save them.  Audiences are also taken high above the reefs in aerial shots showing for instance, the immensity of the Great Barrier Reef, and even a simple aspect, such as the contrast of life above and below the waves.  Between these visuals, the examination of wave crests to help explain how reefs impact storm surges, and other items, the cinematography in whole proves to have its own important part in the overall presentation of NOVA: Reef Rescue.  Keeping in mind that importance and that of the episode’s story, the two elements form a fully engaging and entertaining whole.  The engagement and entertainment ensured by the episode’s content makes its average price point appealing in its own way, too.

The average price point for NOVA: Reef Rescue is $20.99.  That price was obtained by averaging prices listed through Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Books-A-Million, and PBS’ store.  PBS’ store and Books-A-Million each list the DVD above that price point at $24.99.  All of the other retailers noted list the DVD well below that number, at $17.99 each.  Keeping that in mind, the separate listings and average prove largely affordable.  The listings will, for the most part, not break audiences’ budgets with their affordable point.  Keeping that in mind along with the appeal of the episode’s overall content, that whole makes the episode another positive offering from PBS and PBS Distribution.

PBS and PBS Distribution’s recently released DVD presentation of NOVA: Reef Rescue is a presentation that is worth watching at least once.  That is proven in part through its story.  The story examines the impact of human-impacted climate change on coral reefs and the efforts by humans to help corals adapt and survive those impacts.  It is a well-balanced presentation in itself that will keep audiences engaged throughout the nearly hour-long feature.  The cinematography incorporated into the episode adds its own appeal because it shows audiences firsthand, the impact of warming ocean temperatures on corals.  That and the footage showing the work being done to help restore coral populations makes for plenty of engagement and entertainment.  The collective content makes the DVD’s average price point positive in its own right.  The pricing for this DVD is largely affordable and will not break audiences’ budgets.  It puts the finishing touch to the DVD’s presentation.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the DVD.  All things considered, they make the DVD another interesting episode of NOVA that audiences will find worth watching at least once.  NOVA: Reef Rescue is available now.

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