All Hail The Yeti Front Man Connor Garritty Talks Tours, New Music, Tattooing, More In New Interview With Phil’s Picks

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All Hail The Yeti is scheduled to hit the road next month with Jinjer as support for that band on its headlining tour. The tour includes a stop in North Carolina’s “Queen City,” Charlotte. Before the tour launches, front man Connor Garritty took some time to talk with Phil’s Picks about AHTY joining Jinjer on the road. He also took on topics, such as his talents as a tattoo artist, the band’s next record, and even his preference between indoor and open air venues, as well as more. Garritty’s discussion with Phil’s Picks is featured in whole below.

PP: First off, congratulations on being tapped to join Jinjer on its upcoming tour.  The announcement of the band joining Jinjer for its headlining tour was made public in April.  So how far in advance to the announcement did you all as a band find out that you had been selected to join the tour?  What was your first thought when you were told?

CG: Thank you, we are beyond excited to get back out there. Well the tour had been announced already and I’m not sure the exact time but it wasn’t too long after. I received a call from Dez and he basically said “I hope you’re ready! This is a big one!“ Haha. I was bit shocked but also super excited to know that we had a light at the end of this tunnel.

PP: All Hail The Yeti has not had the best luck in terms of touring.  The Beast Coast Monsters 2020 Tour, of which you were part, had postponements due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and was eventually shut down because of that element.  So now with all the reports of the pandemic continuing due to the COVID-19 Delta variant spreading, are there concerns among the band that yet another tour might get canceled?

CG: I think everyone that had planned to tour in 2020 felt the same as we did. We had left CA for Philly to meet up with LOA, 4 days straight in the bus. Then to be cancelled 3 hours from the venue. It was a big blow to the morale. Of course there are concerns now. I’ve trained myself to not be too excited anymore. Not until the moment I’m walking to stage for the first show. Viruses spread, that’s what they do. There’s no stopping it and I think us as humans have to learn to accept that and stop trying to control something that is far out of any human control. 

PP: One of the dates on your upcoming tour with Jinjer is in Charlotte, NC at the Underground.  The venue is more of an “intimate” club setting.  Obviously it’ll be nice to be indoors during a cooler/colder time of year, but in a bigger picture, do you as a band prefer indoor or open-air venues more and why?  Have you ever played in Charlotte or visited the city?  If so, what are your thoughts on the city?  Are there places that you really like there?

CG: Hard to say really, a big part of this bands life has been spent in smaller intimate venues. While those are super fun and very personal for us and the crowd, the bigger festival stages are the reasons why we do this. Growing up, seeing larger than life bands in arenas that was what I always wanted. We are very fortunate to have experienced both in this band. I’ve been to Charlotte and had a great time there. The people were awesome!  

PP: Changing gears here, the last time that audiences got any new music from All Hail The Yeti was in 2019 in the form of your anti-bullying song, ‘’Felo De Se.’  It was reported at the time that All Hail The Yeti was working on a new EP, but audiences have heard little on that front since then.  Can you offer an update on work on that record or any new music that you are working on?

CG: Well just as COVID reared it’s ugly head and took touring away from us, it also stole our album release. Our new EP was set to release during the LOA tour in 2020. But then life was cancelled and we all agreed that it was best to hold off until we had a tour to put it out. So now that we have this amazing tour it’s a perfect time to drop the new songs! Date hasn’t been set but soon. 

PP: On a related note, you launched what you have dubbed the “Yeti Files” early this year on your Facebook page.  Knowing the inspiration for some of your existing songs (E.g. ghost stories, bullying, politics, etc.) are those stories of tragedy going to play any part in the band’s next record?  What was the inspiration behind posting the stories?

CG: Yeti files is something I started years ago, it was just a way to post stuff other than just band photos and monotonous shit. I have always been interested and intrigued by real stories. Whether they’re about historic events or legends passed down from ancient cultures. Tragedy is always something that winds up in a lot of my lyrics. Nothing is ever really planned when it comes to our songs. We write what we are feeling in that moment and if a certain topic fits with a specific musical piece then that’s what we do. Without giving out too much, yes the new record will have tragic tales of love, loss, murder, ghosts, cryptids, and the wrongdoings of human beings. 

PP: Kind of bringing together the live tour and music items, what is/are your favorite song(s) to play live?  Which songs do you feel have gotten the most positive response from your audiences?

CG: My favorites songs change from tour to tour. And usually it’s the newer material that excites us the most as it’s fresh and exciting for us. I think that ‘After The Great Fire’ has always seemed like a crowd favorite, and I think of all the older songs it is mine as well.

PP: Moving to another topic, Connor, along with fronting All Hail The Yeti, you are also an accomplished tattoo artist.  If I am correct, you’ve been doing that for more than 25 years.  Allegedly you’ve even done art for some very well known members of the hard rock and metal communities.  What are some of your favorite designs that you’ve done over that time and why?  What does it mean to you to have gotten to do tattoos for the noted celebrities?

CG: Tattooing is something I have been doing for as long as I’ve  been playing in bands. I cannot have one without the other and the duality is part of my life. Without tattooing I could have never been able to pursue music the way I have. And without music I would never have been inspired and influenced to start tattooing. I owe each of them so much. To name one specific piece is too hard. I am so grateful and fortunate to be able to create art the way I do, and to have people trust me with their skin and the permanence of the art of tattooing. It’s very primal and unless you have been tattooed you will never know what it’s like. Celebrities are just people in my eyes. I do not treat them any differently than a tourist that walk in for a tiny tattoo. Each are equally as important to my life and my career and my business. 

PP: Staying on the topic of tattooing, everyone has a calling in life.  This obviously was one of yours.  How early on did you know that tattooing was for you?  What was it that led to the realization?

CG: Tattooing was not something that I longed to do. I fell into it at a young age. I was very fortunate that my parents have always supported everything I did. Tattooing is difficult and it doesn’t come without work. I knew early in my career that it was what I would be doing for the rest of my life. This goes back to what I said before. I owe so much to this art and this craft. Without it I wouldn’t be who I am, and there would never have been All Hail The Yeti

PP: One more question to bring everything full circle.  You’ve gotten to tour and in other cases almost tour with a lot of well- and lesser-known bands whose styles are just as diverse.  You’re even going to be among some elite company next year when you take the stage at Wacken.  What does it mean to you as a band to be included in tours and festivals with such a wide range of acts?  Have your interactions with those bands perhaps impacted the growth of you all as a band, and if so, how?  What bands would you most like to tour or perform with that you haven’t yet done so?

CG: Umm, that’s not one question. Haha. Jk. Nothing that comes to us in this life is taken for granted. We cherish every moment big or small. And to be included with some of heavy metal’s legends is very cool. But unfortunately it’s also very eye opening. Festivals are crazy, and so chaotic. Most of the bands barely get a chance to even breathe let alone watch another band play. So to say we get to play with all these bands is a bit of a stretch. Until your set is finished you don’t have any time to do anything other than watch the last few minutes of the band right before you. We have played and shared stages with so many. Some have been amazing people to us. Some not so much. We do not take anything personal or let our egos control how we interact with our peers. If a band is cool to us then that’s awesome! And we usually become lifelong friends. If not, well that’s just the way it is and there’s nothing that can be done about it. We move on with our lives just as they do. There are too many bands to list that I would love to play with. Hopefully we can continue to do this for a long time and Check many more off the list! 

Thanks again for your time, and definitely good luck out there this fall once you hit the road.

Thank you! It’s my pleasure! 

The full schedule for All Hail The Yeti’s tour with Jinjer is noted below.

-Coming To America 2021-
special guest: SUICIDE SILENCE

10/22: Seattle, WA @ El Corazon *SOLD OUT*
10/23: Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater *SOLD OUT*
10/24: Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater *SOLD OUT*
10/25: Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater
10/27: San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore *SOLD OUT*
10/28: Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades *SOLD OUT*
10/29: San Diego, CA @ SOMA
10/30: Los Angeles, CA @ Belasco Theater *SOLD OUT*
10/31: Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues
11/02: Denver, CO @ Summit *SOLD OUT*
11/04: Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theater
11/05: Lincoln, NE @ Bourbon Theater
11/06: Minneapolis, MN @ The Fillmore Minneapolis
11/07: Chicago, IL @ House of Blues *SOLD OUT*
11/09: Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s
11/10: Ft. Wayne, IN @ The Clyde
11/11: Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave II
11/13: Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection
11/14: Pittsburgh, PA @ Roxian Theater
11/16: Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
11/17: Detroit, MI @ St. Andrews Hall
11/18: Toronto, ON @ Phoenix
11/19: Montreal, QC @ M Telus
11/20: New Haven, CT @ Toad’s Place
11/21: Boston, MA @ Big Night Live
11/23: Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw
11/24: Philadelphia, PA @ TLA
11/26: Norfolk, VA @ The Norva
11/27: Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Sound Stage *SOLD OUT*
11/28: Charlotte, NC @ Underground *SOLD OUT*
11/30: Orlando, FL @ House of Blues
12/01: Tampa, FL @ Jannus
12/02: Pensacola, FL @ Vinyl
12/03: Atlanta, GA @ Buckhead Theater
12/04: Nashville, TN @ Brooklyn Bowl
12/05: New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues
12/07: Houston, TX @ House of Blues
12/08: San Antonio, TX @ Aztec Theater
12/09: Dallas, TX @ House of Blues
12/11: Albuquerque, NM @ El Rey Theater
12/12: Phoenix, AZ @ The Pressroom

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