Steve Hackett Tells A Gripping Story In His Latest Single, Video

Courtesy: InsideOut Music

Steve Hackett debuted the latest single from his new album this week.

Hackett premiered the video for his new single, ‘Natalia’ Thursday. The song is the third single from Hackett’s forthcoming album, Surrender of Silence, which is scheduled for release Sept. 10 through InsideOut Music. Its premiere follows that of the album’s first two singles, ‘Fox’s Tango‘ and ‘Wingbeats.’

The animated video follows its titular character as she is reborn time and again in Russia, only to keep being killed at the oppressive hands of the nation and its powers. Stylistically, the video presents a look that is comparable to so many videos from Sabaton, though the two acts’ videos were crafted by different companies.

Hackett discussed the song and its video in a prepared statement.

“The weight of the Russian nation – my music at its most Slavic, inspired by all those stunning Russian classical composers and telling the story of that emergent nation with its struggles for power. Natalia is a Russian Everywoman, constantly thwarted by a series of oppressive regimes,” he said.

The lyrical content featured in ‘Natalia’ is interesting because for all intents and purposes it really is a concept song in itself. That is because it tells a story. The way in which it ends (which will not be revealed here) leaves the door open for a continuation, showing even more, its concept style presentation.

The musical arrangement featured in the song incorporates elements of compositions composed by some well-known Russian classical composers as part of its rich, deeply moving composition. The whole makes the song’s arrangement a unique composition that will keep audiences engaged and entertained in its own right.

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