P.O.D.’s ‘Satellite’ 20th Anniversary Edition Is Among The Best Of 2021’s Music Re-Issues

Courtesy: Atlantic Records/Rhino Records

P.O.D. will mark a big anniversary this week when it re-issues its 2001 album, Satellite.  Originally released Sept. 11, 2001 through Atlantic Records, the album (the band’s fourth) is scheduled for re-issue Friday through Atlantic and Rhino Records to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its original release.  The band also launched a tour last month in support of the album’s re-issue.  The tour’s next stop is scheduled for Saturday in Houston, TX at Buzzfest.  The album’s presentation in its forthcoming re-issue is a prime example of a re-issue done right.  Not only do audiences get the original album in whole (complete with remastered tracks therein), but they also get a second disc loaded with some interesting bonus tracks.  Not the least of those tracks is the RTP Remix of the band’s hit single, ‘Rock The Party (Off The Hook).’  It will be discussed shortly.  Also of note among the bonus tracks featured in this re-issue is the Conjure One remix of ‘Youth of The Nation.’  It will be discussed a little later.  Much the same can be said of the demo take of ‘Ridiculous’ that opens the bonus content.  It will also be discussed later.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of this record.  When these alternate takes are considered with the other featured extra tracks, the whole makes the bonus content and primary content collectively a work that is among the best of this year’s music re-issues.

Atlantic and Rhino Records’ forthcoming re-issue of P.O.D.’s Satellite is a presentation that is certain to appeal to any of the band’s fans, established and otherwise.  That is due in no small part to the bonus content featured with the album.  There are demos, remastered tracks, and remixes compiled among that bonus content that makes for plenty of engagement and entertainment, not the least of which is the RTP Remix of ‘Rock The Party (Off The Hook).’  ‘Rock The Party (Off The Hook)’ was originally featured in P.O.D.’s major label debut, The Fundamental Elements of Southtown (1999).  The original composition is a full-on nu-metal composition complete with turntables, infectious guitar riff, bass, beats, and rapping.  The blend of the rock and rap elements were everything that made nu-metal such a hit back in the late 90s and early 2000s.  The song’s RTP Remix takes that original presentation and turn it on its ear by adding a healthy dose of electronics.  Even the guitars have more of an industrial vibe in how they were handled.  The addition of the keyboards and effects, and even the use of the electronics in some of the vocals gives the song a unique alternate take on the song that makes this remix even better than the original.  That is not to say that the original is bad by any means.  That should not be misunderstood here.  It is just that the remix takes something good and makes it even better, to use clearer wording.

The RTP remix of ‘Rock The Party (Off The Hook)’ is just one of the songs featured among the re-issue’s onus content that makes this re-issue successful.  The Conjure One remix of ‘Youth of the Nation’ is also of note.  This remix takes the original in a different, more hip-hop oriented direction than the original.  By comparison, the original leans more in a rock direction.  The use of the keyboard, bass, and electronics here maintains the deeply thoughtful mood established in the original but gives the song a unique identity separate from the original.  That it maintained that contemplative nature established in the original in the process really makes the song just as successful in this case as in the original if not more so.

As much as the examined songs do to make the bonus content featured in Satellite’s re-issue so positive, they are just a portion of that proof.  The alternate demo take of ‘Ridiculous’ is yet another example of how much the bonus content enhances the album’s presentation in its re-issue.  The demo stands out because in comparison to the final product that ended up on Satellite, this demo version has more of a raw feel in its sound.  It lacks the more spit shined sound and feel of the final product.  There is one more notable difference between the two takes in the song’s opening bars, but by and large, what audiences get here in the song’s demo is just a rawer, experimental sound and feeling.  It is still engaging and entertaining in its own right.  When this demo and the other songs examined here are considered along with the other songs featured in the re-issue’s bonus content, the whole makes for so much more enjoyment for audiences.  That and the presentation of the original album fully remastered collectively makes the album in whole an example of how to do a music re-issue right.

P.O.D.’s forthcoming re-issue of its album, Satellite, is a successful new offering from the band.  It is a fitting celebration of the album’s 20th anniversary.  That is proven not only through the sound in the remastering that was done in the primary content, but also through the extensive bonus content featured with the re-issue.  From the demos to the alternate takes and more, the bonus content ensures audiences’ engagement and entertainment just as much as its primary content.  All three of the songs examined here serve well to support the noted statements.  When they are considered with the rest of the re-issue’s bonus content and the primary content, the whole makes Satellite’s 20th anniversary re-issue one of the best of this year’s music re-issues. 

The remaining dates on P.O.D.’s tour schedule are noted below. Tickets are available here. Due to injuries sustained by its members in a wreck last month, Sleep Signals announced Aug. 20, the band could not continue its run on the tour with P.O.D., From Ashes To New, and All Good Things.


9/4 —   Houston, TX – BuzzFest (Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – KBTZ Show)~
9/5 —   Dallas, TX – BFD21 (Dos Equis Pavilion – KEGL Show)~
9/9 —   Danville, VA – Blue Ridge Rock Festival^
9/10 — New Haven, CT — Toad’s Place
9/11 — Laconia, NH — Granite State Music Hall
9/12 — Worcester, MA — The Palladium
9/14 — New York, NY — The Gramercy Theatre
9/15 — Huntington, NY — The Paramount
9/16 — Baltimore, MD — Ram’s Head Live
9/18 — Atlanta, GA — Center Stage
9/19 — Mobile, AL — Soul Kitchen
9/21 — Birmingham, AL — Zydeco
9/22 — Savannah, GA — Victory North
9/23 — Orlando, FL – Rebel Rock Fest (Pre—Party)~
9/25 — Columbia, SC — The Senate
9/28 — Cleveland, OH — House of Blues
9/29 — St. Louis, MO — Pop’s
10/1 — Tulsa, OK — Tulsa State Fair
10/2 — San Antonio, TX — The Rock Box
10/3 — Lubbock, TX — Jake’s Backroom
10/6 — Santa Ana, CA — The Observatory
10/7 — San Diego, CA — House of Blues 
*With From Ashes to New
^With From Ashes to New & All Good Things
#With All Good Things
~P.O.D. Only

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