Sleep Cycles Premieres Debut EP’s Lead Single

Courtesy: Earshot Media

Alt-rock band Sleep Cycles premiered the lead single from its forthcoming EP this week.

The band, which features former members of Promise of Redemption, The Color Fred, and Tokyo Rose, premiered its new single, ‘Come On and Say It‘ Wednesday. The song is the lead single from the band’s forthcoming debut EP whose details are under consideration.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Come On and Say It’ blends the band’s alt-rock leanings with some pop punk influence for a hybrid approach that fits easily into any active rock radio programmer’s play list. The harmonies in the vocals pair with the catchy instrumental element to make the whole fully immersive, and in turn, engaging and entertaining.

According to a statement from the band, the lyrical theme of ‘Come On and Say It’ deals with the topic of how people change over time and the related impact of those changes on people’s personal relationships.

““Come On and Say It” is a song about lamenting a lost relationship with someone who was so close to you, yet as you grew up you grew apart,” the statement reads. “More importantly, is the POV of judgment that reigns over the lyrics as you disagree with someone’s growth or change in life. The chorus aggressively repeats the phrase “come on and say it”, an inner loop of hope for what once was against what is. That moment you pray the other person reaches out first to finally see eye to eye, dancing with resentful remorse unapologetically. The song’s explosive end chorus expresses everything you wish they said but never did.”

According to the press release announcing the premiere of Sleep Cycles’ new single, the song is just the first that the band has planned for release leading up to the release of its new EP. The document stats the band will release new singles throughout the rest of 2021 leading up to next year’s release of the noted record.

More information on Sleep Cycles’ new single and EP is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:



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