The Hawkins Debuts New Record’s Final Single

Courtesy: The Sign Records

The Hawkins premiered the third and final single from its forthcoming record this week.

The band debuted its single, ‘Jim & Kate’ Friday. The song is the third and final single from the band’s forthcoming mini-album, Aftermath, which is scheduled for release Oct. 15 through The Sign Records.

The song’s premiere follows that of the mini-album’s first two singles, ‘SVAANG’ and ‘Turncoat Killer,’ both of which are streaming through the band’s official Bandcamp page. Audiences can also pre-order the new record at that site.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Jim & Kate’ advances the sound that the band has produced in its existing catalog. Instead of the stoner approach that the band has so commonly gone with in its existing work, the song takes more of a pure, garage rock approach and resulting sound.

Front man Johannes Carlsson talked about the song’s lyrical theme in a prepared statement.

“‘Jim & Kate’ takes place in the aftermath of a s*** hitting the fan,” he said. “Over and over again. You’re once again standing in the rubble, trying to make sense of what just happened and grasping for pieces to supposedly glue together. Shock and denial mixed with has-tingly trying to fix things. The intro is kind of like that to play as well. It’s a bit like being half awake and thinking you’re late to work.”

The song’s lyrical theme follows the overarching theme of Aftermath. That is because the six-song record is presented as a six-part concept record of sorts. It follows the destructive aftermath of broken relationships.

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