Andrew W.K. Crafts Another Of 2021’s Top New Rock Albums In ‘God Is Partying’

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Rocker Andrew W.K. is scheduled to return Friday with his sixth album, God Is Partying.  The nine-song record is another prime example of why the singer (a.k.a. Andrew Wilkes-Krier) has remained one of the most unique figures in the rock community throughout his career.  Its unique nature is evidenced through its musical and lyrical content alike, which has once again found Wilkes-Krier and his band mates changing things up once again.  The symphonic nature of the record’s musical arrangements evolve a sound that the group has developed increasingly over the years while the lyrics are mostly as uplifting as those in Andrew W.K.’s existing catalog.  One of the most notable of the album’s entries comes in the form of ‘Stay True to Your Heart.’  This song will be discussed shortly.  ‘Everybody Sins,’ the album’s opener, is another example of how the album’s musical and lyrical content makes it stand out.  It will be addressed a little later.  ‘My Tower’ is yet another way in which the album’s content shows the record’s strength.  It will also be discussed later.  Each song noted is important in its own way to the whole of the album’s presentation.  When these songs are considered along with the rest of the record’s entries, the whole becomes a presentation that Andrew W.K.’s established audiences and general rock fans will appreciate.

Andrew W.K.’s forthcoming sixth album, God is Partying is another successful new offering from the veteran rocker.  It is a record that shows growth from Wilkes-Krier both in terms of musical and lyrical content.  That growth is exhibited throughout the record.  One of the most notable points in which it is exhibited comes in the form of ‘Stay True To Your Heart.’  The song’s musical arrangement is grounded in its keyboard and electronic lines.  Wilkes-Krier’s subdued vocals alongside that presentation in the verses against the more energetic choruses creates a welcome juxtaposition.  That duality, which honestly has a little bit of a pop sensibility (that itself is actually welcome, too) in a weird way, works with the song’s lyrical theme to give the song even more depth and heart.

The lyrical theme featured in ‘Stay True To Your Heart’ works well in tandem with the song’s title.  It delivers a welcome message of positivity and hope, something for which Wilkes-Krier’s songs have come to be known throughout his career.  The message comes right from the song’s outset as Wilkes-Krier sings in the song’s lead verse and chorus, “You gotta close your eyes/And open up your soul/Let the power rise/Give it total control/Until your head’s on fire/’Till your body aches/Like a fever burning with desire/Will you do whatever it takes/Stay true/To your heart/Stay true/To your heart.”  The positive message continues in the song’s second verse, which finds Wilkes-Krier singing, “They’ll try to break you down/They’ll make you mess with your mind/They’ll leave your heart spellbound/You’ll leave yourself behind/Follow the fallen star/Far beyond Saturn’s rings/There’s an angel coming from afar/And only heaven knows what he brings.” The unique, artistic way in which the song delivers that positive message of keeping on despite those people and obstacles that will hold you back works well with the equally deep musical content featured in this song to make the whole of the song so appealing.  It is just one of the songs featured in this record that makes the album stand out.  ‘Everybody Sins,’ the album’s opener, is another example of the album’s strength.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Everybody Sins’ is unlike much of the musical content featured throughout the record.  In the case of this song, what audiences get is a composition that is diverse within itself.  The heavy, plodding drums and cymbals and rich keyboard line that pair up in the song’s opening bars create a sound that will appeal to fans of power and symphonic rock.  That sound returns in the song’s choruses while the verses are the polar opposite, offering up a much heavier, crunching, head banging style approach and sound.  The two distinct styles are, again, unique from one another, but are balanced so well and pair just as well in this case.  The connection that this allows the song to make with listeners is just one part of what makes the song stand out.  The lyrical theme that accompanies the song’s musical content adds even more to the song’s appeal.

As the song’s title implies, the lyrical theme centers on the reminder that nobody is perfect.  This is implied especially clearly in the song’s chorus, which states, “Everybody sings/Nobody wins/What will you do when the end begins…Everyone burns/Nobody learns/What will you do when the king returns/When the angel takes away tomorrow/Everybody sins.”  The note in the second verse that the “countdown getting’ faster/Lookin’ up for a master/You’re bettin’ on a guessing game” and everything else in that and the song’s lead verse really points even more to that message.  It almost comes across as a commentary on the actions of those people who try to act like they are so much more pious and righteous than others.  It really comes across as that message that, again, we are all the same and no one group or person is perfect in comparison to others.  This is all jus this critic’s interpretation, and should not be taken as the only interpretation.  If in fact it is somewhere in the proverbial ballpark then it is one more example of why Andrew W.K.’s new album is worth hearing.  Regardless, that the song can create such discussion is in itself more proof of the album’s depth.  It shows even more even in that aspect how much the record has to offer audiences.  It is just one more way in which the album shows itself worth hearing.  ‘My Tower’ is yet another example of the album’s positives.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘My Tower’ sands out from its counterparts in this record because this song is unlike those arrangements.  In the case of this song, the arrangement leans more directly in the direction of so much 80s hair metal, but is in fact much better.  That noted influence is evidenced through the pairing of the vocals with the song’s overall instrumentation.  The whole is so unique from the rest of the album’s entries.  It does so much to make the song stand out among its “peers.”  When the emotional depth of the song’s musical arrangement is considered along with the song’s lyrical theme, the whole becomes even more accessible.

The lyrical theme featured in ‘My Tower’ is a familiar song about a broken relationship.  This is made clear right from the song’s outset.  The verse states, “I’ll never go back/And be with you/I’m not the one/You thought you knew/We’ll never see each other again/I’ll never go/Back/And try to find/The world of ours/I left behind/We’ll never see each other again/No we’ll never see each other again.”  That theme continues in the song’s second verse, stating, “There’s a feeling rising up in me/And the feeling’s telling me to leave/I won’t even try and tell you why/You’ll never see me again.”  The song continues on in similar fashion from this point on in terms of its lyrical content.  The thing is that by this point, the song’s lyrical content is clear.  It is a familiar story.  When the pained emotion exuded by the song’s musical arrangement pairs with this all too familiar lyrical theme, its impact connects even more strongly with listeners.  It makes the song in whole show even more why God Is Partying is such an interesting addition to Andrew W.K.’s catalog.  When it is considered along with the other songs examined here and with the rest of the album’s entries, the whole makes the overall presentation one more of this year’s top new rock albums.

Andrew W.K.’s forthcoming sixth album, God Is Partying is a positive addition to his catalog.  It is also a presentation that will appeal to more casual rock fans.  That is due to its musical and lyrical content.  The album’s musical arrangements show clear growth from the band overall while the lyrical themes are unique in their own right.  All three of the songs examined here serve well to support that statement, too.  When the songs examined are considered along with the rest of the album’s works, the collective makes the album in whole one of the best of this year’s new rock entries. 

God Is Partying is scheduled for release Friday through Napalm Records.  More information on the album is available along with all of Andrew W.K.’s latest news at:




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