Breathing Theory Debuts New Single, ‘Replicas,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: Wake Up! Music Rocks

Breathing Theory premiered its latest single this week along with the song’s companion video.

The band premiered its new song, ‘Replicas‘ and its companion video Thursday. The pair’s premiere comes approximately a month after the premiere of the band’s then latest single, ‘Collapse.’ The song was co-written and produced by Ra front man Sahaj Ticotin.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Replicas’ is a melodic hard rock presentation. The synthetic string arrangement that accompanies the central melody adds its own unique touch to the whole. The gritty sound from the guitars, bass, and drums makes easy, comparisons to works from the likes of Starset, Wage War, and Falling in Reverse. The Starset comparison should come as no surprise since Ticotin has himself also worked with Starset.

No information was provided as to the lyrical theme featured in ‘Replicas.’ Examining the song’s lyrics leads to a seemingly existential contemplation.

The one hint that is given as to the song’s lyrical theme comes as front man Cory Britt talked about the work of the director for the song’s video, Wombat Fire (Five Finger Death Punch, A Killer’s Confession, Hellyeah).

“Working with Wombat Fire was amazing,” said Britt. “He took every idea I had to convey the story of ‘Replicas’ and found a way to bring it to life. He captured not only the futuristic vibes but kept it simple and yet, still tied in the mystery of, ‘could this all be some kind of matrix at play.’ We had a blast shooting the video with him and his team, and we look forward to working with them again soon!”

The ‘Replicas’ video features the band performing its new single on a sound stage with a variety of digital effects meant to help translate that seeming message about our existence in relation to the rise of digital technology.

In other news, Breathing Theory is scheduled to take part in this weekend’s Blue Ridge Rock Festival.

More information on Breathing Theory’s new single, video, and performance is available at:



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