In The A.M. Delivers Message Of Self Confidence In New Single

Courtesy: Cowgirlzen Entertainment/The Label Group

Independent hard rock band In The A.M. wants audiences to take more pride and confidence in themselves.

That is the message delivered in the band’s new single, ‘Save Yourself.’ The band premiered the song and its companion lyric video Friday through The song’s musical arrangement is a melodic hard rock composition whose heavy guitars, electronics and occasional rapping easily likens it to works from Linkin Park.

According to vocalist Alex Shimp, the song’s lyrical theme is meant to encourage audiences to not give in to what others think of them.

“This song is about people in your life trying to force you to be whom they think you should be because they think they know better for you than you do for yourself,” said Shimp. “Throughout my life, I’ve had to deal with a lot of b******* people telling me who and what to be. People who lied to me mistreated me, never respected me, and constantly took away from the amazing heart that I had as a kid. People who tried their best to manipulate me into something I didn’t want to be. And this song is me writing some of that pain out on paper and putting it into art through riffs and melodies.”

Added Shimp, “For the kids who may be going through the same experience. For the adults who may be going through a hard time in life. For everyone who gets their therapy through music.”

The song’s lyric video is a simple presentation. It features the song’s lyrics over various background settings, all of which are associated with the design of the single’s artwork.

More information on In The A.M.’s new single is available along with the band’s latest news at:



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