Steve Hackett Debuts ‘Scorched Earth’ Video

Courtesy: InsideOut Music

Steve Hackett opened the new week by premiering the video for his latest single.

Hackett debuted the video for his single, ‘Scorched Earth’ Monday. ‘Scorched Earth’ is the fourth single from Hackett’s new album, Surrender of Silence, which released Friday through InsideOut Music. Hackett premiered the video for the album’s then latest single, ‘Natalia’ late last month. Its premiere was preceded by that of the songs, ‘Fox’s Tango‘ and ‘Wingbeats.’

The ‘Scorched Earth’ video features a variety of contrasting footage that is mean to help translate the song’s message of the damage that humans are doing to Earth. The footage in question includes horses running free in sunlit fields opposite oil refineries, their smokestacks blowing plumes as they work. Fires burning forests contrast a woman running through a sunlit field in her sundress, too.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Scorched Earth’ is a mournful, subdued presentation. Hackett’s vocals form the arrangement’s foundation, with its so sad presentation. The gentle, flowing piano line that accompanies Hackett’s vocals add even more depth and emotion to the song, as does the choral effect that accompanies the pairing. The whole gives the song a sort of progressive rock sense to its presentation.

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