Fuel Premieres New Album’s Third Single; Confirms Album’s Release Date

Courtesy: e2 PR

Fuel is giving audiences another preview of its new album.

The band premiered its new single, ‘I’m Gone‘ Friday. The song is the third from the band’s forthcoming album, Anomaly, which is scheduled for release Oct. 22. The band premiered the album’s then latest single,  ‘Don’t Say I‘ last month. Its premiere was preceded by that of the album’s lead single, ‘Hard.‘

‘I’m Gone’ is the heaviest song yet to feature in Fuel’s new album. The heavy guitars, rich sounds from the bass and drums, and gritty vocals give the composition an accessible sound and stylistic approach that makes it an easy fit for any modern rock radio station’s play list. By comparison, ‘Hard’ is more of a melodic rock type composition while ‘Don’t Say I’ is more of a rock ballad type opus.

founding member Carl Bell talked about the creation of the song’s musical arrangement in a prepared statement.

“As a songwriter, the brain becomes hypersensitive to any input and songs can come from anywhere at any time,” said Bell. “For ‘I’m Gone,’ I was working on another song entirely and I was just checking to make sure the guitar was getting sound through the channel. I absentmindedly just played a riff, and instantly I stopped and thought, ‘What was that? That was kind of interesting.’ I had just played the opening guitar riff to ‘I’m Gone.’ I stopped everything I was doing and just started developing the song. Got it to a good place, then recorded it into my phone, and came back later and worked it all out. I thought it was really cool how those guitars just jump right out at you.”

No information was provided about the lyrical theme featured in ‘I’m Gone’ in the press release announcing the song’s debut. Listening to the song though, the lyrics seem to infer a message of letting go of the past and moving on with life. That is just this critic’s interpretation.

More information on Fuel’s new single and album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:



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