Jeremiah Moon Premieres Lead Single, Video From Hus Debut EP

Courtesy: ENCI Records

Jeremiah Moon is giving audiences their first preview of his forthcoming debut EP.

The preview came Tuesday in the form of his new single, ‘Kinds of Light‘ and its companion video. The video made its premiere Monday through Week in Pop. The release date for Moon’s new EP was not announced in the press release announcing the premiere of the record’s new single and video.

The musical arrangement featured in Moon’s new single puts his talents on the cello front and center. His performance on the cello pairs with the equally subtle time keeping, guitar, and vocals to make the song appealing for fans of similar acts, such as Elliot Smith, Father John Misty, and Sufjan Stevens.

According to statements from Moon, the lyrical theme that accompanies the song’s musical arrangement is a deeply introspective existential type statement.

“‘Kinds of Light’ is about opposing selves, the way relationships with other people compel us to reckon with our own identity, the way our stories gradually become histories, and the things we choose – or don’t choose – to carry with us,” he said. “The underlying thread, like all 5 songs on the EP, is connection between people – the ways that we try to understand each other, and the ways we change each others’ orbits.”

The video for Moon’s new single features Moon inside a vacant building as the green of nature stands outside. He slowly makes his way to the building’s exit until finally he sits outside that door at the song’s finale.

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