Ventruss Premieres New Album’s Final Single, Video

Courtesy: CowgirlZen Entertainment

Independent hard rock band Ventruss gave audiences what its members said is the last preview of its new album late last month.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Serpent’ and its companion video Oct. 29. The title track from the band’s forthcoming EP, which is expected for release in 2022 (its release date is under consideration) and the record’s third single. The EP has also produced the singles, ‘Sentiment‘ and ‘Talladega.’

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Serpent’ is an intense composition. Its heavy guitars, its blend of screams and clean vocals, tight time keeping and thick bass line come together to make the composition comparable to works from the likes of Dry Kill Logic and Trivium.

The song’s lyrical theme is heavy in its own right. The band discussed that topic in a prepared statement.

“Every story has a villain and unfortunately, the way they become the villain is by gaining power,” the statement reads. “The title “Serpent” refers to a snake slithering in the grass searching for prey and once you’re bitten, the wound is hard to heal. They put on an act to disguise their true intentions. And worst of all, they love to watch you suffer. But don’t worry, the quicker they rise, the faster they fall.”

The video for Serpent is its own interesting presentation. It features the band in what looks like an asylum, performing its new single. Front man Ben Jewell is draped in a straight jacket as he performs his part. Various video effects are used throughout the video to add to the overall impact of the song and its visual companion.

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