Rotten Mind Debuts New LP’s Lead Single; Announces New Live Dates

Courtesy: Lovely Records

Independent punk rock band Rotten Mind is scheduled to release its new album early next year.

The band is scheduled to release its new album, Unflavored, in early 2022 through Lovely Records. Its exact release date is under consideration. In anticipation of the record’s release, the band premiered the record’s lead single, ‘Serpent Eyes‘ Friday.

‘Serpent Eyes’ features a musical arrangement that takes audiences back to the new wave and punk sounds of the 80s. Specifically speaking, it lends itself to comparison to works from Billy Idol, what with its keyboards and guitars. Even the vocals play into that comparison in their own way.

Front man Jakob Arvidsson talked about the musical arrangement in a prepared statement.

“It [the song] was recorded by Kristofer Jönson (Jeniferever) at studio Turbinen in Uppsala,” the statement reads. “It’s a natural development of our sound, going for a darker and bigger soundscape as you could already hear a glimps of on previous songs like “Fyrisån” or “Not One of You” from the album “Rat City Dog Boy” from 2020.”

The lyrical theme featured alongside the song’s musical arrangement seems to address the feeling of alienation that so many people feel at points throughout their lives, according to Arvidsson.

”Serpent Eyes” is about feeling out of step with the world. Feeling like you’re an alien everywhere you go, and trying to see society in your own way to get by,” he said.

In other news, Rotten Mind has also announced a brief tour in support of its new music. The tour is scheduled to launch March 25 in Kiel, Germany and to run through April 9 in Berlin, Germany. The tour also features performances in cities across Europe, such as Amsterdam, Netherlands; Parma, Italy and Lyon, France.

The band’s tour schedule is noted below.

25.03.2022 – DE – Kiel

26.03.2022 – DE – Hamburg

27.03.2022 – NL – Amsterdam

28.03.2022 – DE – Münster

29.03.2022 – FR – TBA

30.04.2022 – FR – TBA

31.04.2022 – FR – TBA

01.04.2022 – FR – Lyon

02.04.2022 – IT – Parma

05.04.2022 – DE – Regensburg

06.04.2022 – DE – Dresden

07.04.2022 – CZ – Prague

08.04.2022 – DE – Leipzig

09.04.2022 – DE – Berlin

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