Junction 28 Takes On Mental Health Theme In New Single, Video

Courtesy: UAC Management

Independent rock band Junction 28 debuted its latest single and video over the weekend.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Edge of Hatred‘ and the song’s lyric video Friday. The song is the third single from the band’s EP, Before You Drown. The five-song record has also produced the singles, ‘Suffocate‘ and ‘Don’t Say.’

‘Edge of Hatred’ stands out from the noted singles clearly in its musical arrangement just as much as they each hold their own identity separate from one another. Where ‘Suffocate’ presents a blend of hard rock and aggro-rock and where ‘Don’t Say’ blends elements of that aggro-rock influence with a clear EDM leaning, ‘Edge of Hatred’ is more of a melodic hard rock style song.

The song’s arrangement is a deeply emotive and contemplative presentation that is led by its vocals. The pairing of the keyboards and drums work with the vocals throughout to make the song even more engaging and entertaining.

According to a prepared statement from the band, the song’s lyrical theme addresses the thoughts and feelings that people go through in some of their darkest moments.

“Telling a tale both deeply personal and broadly universal, “Edge Of Hatred” delves into the ways trauma shapes and contorts our perceptions, the titular refrain refiring to a boundary that can never be uncrossed, our darker personas that tempt even the best of us in our worst moments,” the statement reads. “In the end the song gives no clear resolution, as with the characters portrayed within the lyrics, we all have to make our own choices  for better or for worse.”

The ‘Edge of Hatred’ video works well to try and translate the emotion in the song’s musical and lyrical content. It features the song’s lyrics in a bold, white font over an otherwise black background that shows nothing more than the faces of the band members.

More information on Junction 28’s new single, video, and EP is available along with all of the band’s latest news at https://www.facebook.com/Juction28band.

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