Of Mice & Men’s ‘Echo’ Will Resonate With Any Of The Band’s Fans

Courtesy: SharpTone Records

Of Mice & Men has had a busy go of it this year.  The band has released three new EPs since the year opened, and now after all of that, everything the band has done will lead up to all of those records coming together Friday in the band’s new album, Echo.  The record is set for release through SharpTone Records.  That combination of the EPs all in one setting is the most important of the record’s elements, and will be discussed shortly.  The record’s production plays its own important part to the whole and will be discussed shortly.  The record’s pricing is relatively affordable, even taking shipping and handling into account.  It will also be examined later.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the record.  All things considered, they make Echo a work that any fan of OMAM will appreciate.

Of Mice & Men is closing out 2021 with a special early holiday present for its fans in the form of its new album, Echo.  The record is a presentation that any of the band’s fans will appreciate.  That is due in part to the record’s general presentation.  In regards to the general presentation, it features all three of the EPs that the band has released this year – Timeless, Bloom, and Ad Infinitum – in one complete package.  On one hand, those who already own the EPs might look at this and ask why they should own the record.  The answer is the same for those who maybe own one of the EPs or none.  It is what has been noted.  It places all of that music into one setting.  This way, audiences need not go hunting for the separate EPs when they want to listen to them, whether digitally or physically.  Rather, they can just go to one place and have all of that music in the one album.  What’s more, all of the songs from the EPs are presented here in the exact same order in which they were presented in the separate EPs.  That means whether audiences own the existing EPs in their standalone formats, all audiences will get the same music in the exact same order as in the EPs.  It is a general effect item, but overall, this general presentation makes for a strong foundation for Echo.  It is just one of the items that makes the record enjoyable.  The record’s production puts its own touch to the record that is worth noting.

The production that went into Echo is important because of the fire presented in each of its 10 total songs.  Between the intensity in front man Aaron Pauley’s screams and clean vocals, the virtual wall of sound generated through the instrumentations, and the added electronics and other nuanced musical seasoning that is peppered throughout the record, there is a lot going on.  There is a lot of energy in everything going on, too.  For all that is going on and the power in each arrangement, those responsible for bringing it all together are to be highly commended.  Everything is so well balanced throughout.  Even in the band’s cover of Crosby, Stills & Nash’s ‘Helplessly Hoping,’ the record’s lone calm moment, the production brings out the full emotion of the band’s performance and of the song itself.  All things considered, the record’s production is just one more item that makes it appealing for audiences.  The album’s pricing rounds out its most important items.

Using prices listed at Amazon and Barnes & Noble Booksellers – it was not listed through Walmart, Target, Best Buy, or even Books-A-Million at the time of this review’s posting – the album’s average price point is $18.24.  Amazon is listing the album at the less expensive price of $11.49, well below that average.  Barnes & Noble Booksellers meanwhile lists the album at $24.99, well above the noted number.  One cannot help but wonder how much the other noted retailers will list the album at when and if they finally do.  That aside, having a price through Amazon that barely breaks the $10 mark is relatively affordable.  Add in shipping and handling, and that price will come close to $15, but even then, that number will still prove relatively affordable, right on par with the average price of most albums.  It would still be less than the noted average for this record, too.  To that end, the pricing at this point proves to be quite the positive in its own right.  When this is considered along with the record’s body and the production thereof, the whole makes Echo a strong new offering from Of Mice & Men.

Of Mice & Men’s forthcoming album, Echo, is a positive new offering from the veteran metalcore band.  Its appeal comes in large part through its featured songs.  The songs are collected here from each of the EPs that the band has released this year.  It allows audiences to enjoy those songs in one setting regardless of whether they own the noted records.  That means no having to hunt down the EPs when audiences want to hear those records’ music, but simply find this album.  The songs’ production adds its own touch to the foundation formed through the record’s songs.  That is because it brings out the best in the songs from one to the next, balancing everything expertly.  The record’s pricing rounds out the most important of its elements.  Even with shipping and handling in mind, its least expensive listing likely will not even reach $20.  That affordability is certain to appeal to plenty of audiences.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of Echo’s presentation.  All things considered, they make Echo a work that is certain to resonate with fans of Of Mice & Men.

Echo is scheduled for release Friday through SharpTone Records. More information on Of Mice & Men’s new album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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