Artifas Debuts ‘Safe’ Video

Courtesy: Imagen Records/Warner Music Group

Artifas debuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band premiered the video for its single, ‘Safe‘ Thursday. Its premiere comes more than a month after the band premiered the single by itself. The song is features in the band’s new album, Reflections, which is scheduled for release Jan. 14 through Imagen Records/Warner Music Group.

Reflections has also produced the singles, ‘Leave Me For Dead‘ and ‘Cut Me Out.‘ Each single has also produced its own companion video.

The video for ‘Safe’ features the band on a sound stage performing its new single and crosses that with footage of the band in an asylum. In some of the scenes, front man Scottie Somerville is seen trying to escape a wheelchair and another binding situation. Meanwhile, another band member is restrained in a chair, staring blankly at static-filled screens. In still other scenes, other members of the band are restrained in strait jackets and sitting in a central room, playing Jenga and other games like something from a scene in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest or even K-Pax.

The musical arrangement featured in Artifas’ new single is a familiar aggro-rock style composition. The harmonies that work into the overall composition give the song a subtle metalcore edge, too. The pairing of those influences makes the arrangement in whole a work that will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

According to a statement released by the band when the single debuted by itself, the song’s lyrical theme is meant to deliver a positive message.

“‘Safe’ is about working to overcome obstacles in pursuit of a goal,” the statement reads. “For us the target of this song manifested itself as our career as a band, but it’s core meaning is just about climbing that proverbial mountain and overcoming anything in your path to success…”

In other news, Artifas has added new dates to its “2021 Tour Part 1.” The tour is scheduled to run from Dec. 10 in Biloxi, MS to Dec. 19 in Memphis, TN. Also included in the tour are stops in Houston, TX on Dec. 16 and Arlington, TX on Dec. 18.

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