Established Acts, Up-And-Comers Alike Offered Hard Rock, Metal Fans So Much To Enjoy In 2021

Courtesy: Nuclear Blast Records

And then there were two.  Phil’s Picks is officially down to two year-ender lists on the music side as the countdown to the year’s end itself continues.  The first of this year’s last two music year-ender lists comes today in the form of the year’s top new hard rock and metal albums. 

This year’s list is packed with content from so many established and new acts.  From up-and-coming hard rock act Antisaint to veteran thrash band Exodus to guitar virtuosos Gus G. and John 5 and more, this year has seen so many great hard rock and metal records.  Suffice it to say there has been so much great hard rock and metal this year that it has been extremely difficult to compile this list, but it was created. 

As with every list from Phil’s Picks, this collection features the year’s top 10 new releases and five additional honorable mention titles for a total of 15.  Those honorable mention titles are just as deserving of applause as the other featured works.  Without any further ado, here for your consideration is Phil’s Picks’ 2021 Top 10 New Hard Rock & Metal Albums list.


1. Accept – Too Mean To Die

2. Atreyu – Baptize

3. Exodus – Persona Non Grata

4. Michael Schenker Group – Immortal

5. U.D.O. – Game Over

6. Artillery – X

7. Gus G. – Quantum Leap

8. John 5 – Sinner

  1. The Three Tremors – Guardians of the Void
  1. Antisaint – Vaticinate
  1. Bullet For My Valentine – Bullet For My Valentine
  1. A Killer’s Confession – Remember
  1. The CEO – Redemption
  1. Tremonti – Marching in Time
  1. Skarlett Riot – Invicta

That’s it for this year’s hard rock and metal albums.  While even the hard rock and metal community has wrapped things for this year, things are already gearing up for 2022, with new releases already coming from the likes of up-and-coming hard rock act Bloodywood, veteran acts Hammerfall and Annihilator, and even from Saxon and Stabbing Westward.  That’s all just in the first quarter of 2022, too. 

In other words, the first half of the new year is already gearing up to be very exciting for all the hard rock and metal fans out there.  Until then though, there’s still one more music year-ender list from Phil’s Picks this year before the attention turns over to the best of this year’s new TV and movie releases.  Stay tuned!

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