Matt Heafy Debuts New Solo Project’s Lead Single, Video

Courtesy: Nuclear Blast Records

Trivium front man Matt Heafy gave audiences their first preview of his new solo project this week.

Heafy premiered his new single, ‘Tamashii No Houkai‘ and its video Friday. The song, which features a guest appearance from Ihsan (Emperor), is the first from Heafy’s new Ibaraki project.

The song’s musical arrangement is a heavy, intense composition. The combination of Heafy’s intense vocals and the equally powerful guitars gives audiences a touch of Heafy’s work with Trivium while also incorporating some black and death metal influences into the mix. The whole makes for quite the intriguing opus.

Heafy offered the following about the arrangement’s creation.

“‘Tamashii No Houkai’ is co-written by Ihsahn — the legend behind Emperor and a musician who has been a longtime influence and mentor to so much that I do in music. The writing of this song was the turning point for Ibaraki — it summarized everything from the past, present, and future of what I thought black metal was, is, and could be. ‘Tamashii No Houkai’ is the perfect summary and representation of everything that Ibaraki is… and will be.”

As to the song’s lyrical theme, Heafy noted the term ‘Tamashii No Houkai’ “means ‘the breaking of the soul’ or ‘soul collapse,” he said. “It’s a Japanese term that didn’t exist before, but one we forged to reflect the song’s meaning.”

The video for Heafy’s new single features images, such as the noted samurai practicing with his sword on a beach, a bird in flight and other items.

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