Voltagehawk Releases New Album; Debuts Album’s Latest Single, Video

Courtesy: INgrooves/The Label Group

Independent rock band Voltagehawk released its debut album, Electric Thunder, this month.

The band released the album Jan. 21 through The Label Group/INgrooves. In celebration of the record’s release, the band premiered the video for the record’s latest single, ‘The Cosmic Hangman.’ The video features the band in what looks like a unique recording studio setting, complete with lights and mirrors that make it look like a club.

The song’s musical arrangement is a driving, up-tempo composition. Its combination of stoner and neo-classic rock influences makes it unique in its own right. Comparisons can be made just as much to works from the likes of Clutch and Queens of the Stone Age as to South of Eden throughout the song. The balance in that duality ensures audiences’ engagement and entertainment.

Front man Dan Fenton talked about the commentary in the song’s lyrical theme in a prepared statement.

“On 10/17/17 I was dead. I had drank myself into oblivion,” he said. “Years of depression, abuse, and confusion as a child had finally caught up with me. As I lay unconscious, I was at perfect peace; no pain, no ringing in my ears, just floating for 9 minutes as the paramedics brought me back. I heard a voice inside my mind ask if I wanted to stay in the cosmic womb or if I would stop drinking. Those were my only options. I chose to give up the bottle, accept help for the first time in my life, and enter a treatment program. It changed everything.

“My moment of peace in the cosmic womb let me know that there was something after this life, but not what they had taught me as a child. The reception of my new found life was mixed. As I went on a journey of amends, I was embraced by some and rejected by others. I was told that without religion I couldn’t possibly have changed. They were wrong, I had changed.”

Added Fenton, “The rule of the papacy has long cast judgment on those seeking change outside the constructs of religion or faith. This song is an anthem for the undamned, unfallen, and unredeemed. Rebirth is not a battle between heaven and hell, but a battle between mind and body.”

‘The Cosmic Hangman’ is just one of the singles produced from Voltagehawk’s new album. The record has also produced the single, ‘Recrimination.‘

More information on Voltagehawk’s new single, video, and album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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