Amon Amarth Takes Audiences To The High Seas With New Single, Video

Courtesy: Cosa Nostra PR

Amon Amarth continued its tales of Viking lore this week with a new single and video.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Put Your Back Into The Oar‘ Thursday, along with its companion video. The song and its video are the band’s first since the re-issue of its single, ‘Masters of War’ last May.

The video for Amon Amarth’s new single features a young archaeologist who discovers a skull as she investigates an ancient site. When she takes the skull into her tent and lays down for a nap, she has a dream that takes her back to the days of the Vikings. The woman enjoys a meal with the Vikings (who are played by the band members) and rows along with them as they take to the sea. She is even on hand for a battle between the Vikings and another group of men. According to the video’s credits, its story was based on a story by Lachlan Marks and Ryan Mackfall.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Put Your Back Into The Oar’ is everything that audiences have come to expect from the band. From the death metal style growls of front man Johan Hegg to the heavy, rich instrumentation, the song fully immerses listeners in its presentation.

The song’s lyrical theme is just as familiar as it tells the story of of Vikings at battle and on the sea.

In related news, Amon Amarth has released a limited edition 12-inch picture disc and merchandise bundles through Victorious Merchandise and EMP.

More information on Amon Amarth’s new single, video, and merchandise is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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