Dee Snider Debuts ‘Stand’ Video

Courtesy: Napalm Records

Veteran rocker Dee Snider debuted the video for his latest single this week.

Snider premiered the video for his new single, ‘Stand’ Friday. The song is the closer for Snider’s latest album, Leave A Scar, which was released last year through Napalm Records.

The song is being used in the soundtrack to the new documentary, America’s Deadliest Rock Concert: The Guest List. The documentary, which focuses on the fire that happened Feb. 20, 2003 at The Station nightclub in West Warwick, RI, was produced and directed by David Bellino.

Authorities’ investigation found the fire that claimed 100 lives and wounded 230 others was caused when pyrotechnics that the band was using in its performance lit the ceiling and walls around the stage on fire. Many of the survivors ended up suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

“While I didn’t write ‘Stand’ for the Station nightclub fire documentary ‘America’s Deadliest Rock Concert: The Guest List’, it is a perfect fit,” Snider said of the song’s theme. “The full tragedy of that horrific night was the despicable lack of support shown for a community in desperate need. ‘Stand’ speaks to the importance for us all to recognize these moments of desperation and do something about them. ‘Don’t leave your mark… leave a scar!'”

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Stand’ is a deeply moving rock ballad. The emotion in Snider’s voice as he sings is clear while the instrumentation provides its own engagement and entertainment to the song.

The video features Snider performing the single on a sound stage as footage of the fire and its aftermath plays behind him.

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