Joe Satriani Gets Funky In His Latest Single

Courtesy: earMusic

Joe Satriani premiered the latest single from his forthcoming album this weekend.

Satriani debuted his new single, ‘Pumpin’‘ Friday. The song is the third single from his forthcoming album, The Elephants of Mars, which is scheduled for release April 8 through a partnership between Satriani’s own new independent label and earMusic. Pre-orders are open. The album has also produced the singles, ‘Faceless‘ and ‘Sahara.’

‘Pumpin” is as unlike the album’s existing singles as they are from one another and from ‘Pumpin”. This single takes Satriani in a funky direction. The use of the keyboard line alongside Satriani’s performance on the guitar gives the song something of a disco approach and a touch of funk, taking listeners back to the 70s. The work on the drums adds even more to that sense of vintage funk. It is a song that will engage and entertain audiences just as much as the album’s other singles.

The track listing for The Elephants of Mars is noted below.

1.         Sahara                                                  8. E 104th St NYC
2.         The Elephants of Mars                          9. Pumpin’
3.         Faceless                                              10. Dance of the Spores
4.         Blue Foot Groovy                                 11. Night Scene
5.         Tension and Release                           12. Through a Mother’s Day Darkly
6.         Sailing the Seas of Ganymede            13. 22 Memory Lane
7.         Doors of Perception                             14. Desolation

The Elephants of Mars will be Satriani’s 19th album and will come less than two years after the release of his most recent album, Shapeshifting, which was released April 10, 2020 through Sony Music.

Joe Satriani released the third issue of his limited edition graphic novel, Crystal Planet in August. The graphic novel series is based on his 1998 album by the same name.

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