Florencia Andrada Debuts Socially Conscious New Single, ‘Duenos Del Terror,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: Mi Grito Industries

Up-and-coming singer Florencia Andrada is opening the weekend with a socially conscious song centered on the COVID-19 pandemic and certain groups’ reactions to the event.

Andrada took on the topic in her new single, ‘Duenos Del Terror‘ and its companion video Friday. Translated, the song’s title means ‘Owners of Terror,’ she said in a statement about the song’s lyrical theme.

“I wrote this song during the 2020 strict quarantine,” said Andrada. “It’s called ‘Dueños del Terror’ or ‘Owners of Terror.’ Here in Buenos Aires some of the richest people started to complain about the restrictions. The song talks about how even in the darkest times some people are unable to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, to have some empathy. Teachers, doctors, the homeless, the people that live in the poorest neighborhoods where the most affected as always but the ones complaining were the rich ones, that always blame the poorest for all the problems in the world while they continue stacking their millions.

Andrada added, “I’m a little bit angry and disappointed as I sing the song. It’s a very special song for me because it’s the last one I recorded with my dearest friend and sound engineer Ariel Feder who died in April 2021 due to Covid-19, so this adds an additional meaning to the song.”

The musical arrangement featured in the Andrada’s new single is a funky composition. Its bass, beats, and string arrangements partner with her vocals and with the horns to immediately take audiences back to the 1960s and 70s while also giving the song a modern hip-hop sense. It will engage any listener, even with the lyrics being sung in Spanish.

The video for ‘Duenos Del Terror’ is a simple presentation. It features Andrada singing her new single as she walks down a street of what is assumed to be her home town of Bueno Aires.

Andrada’s new single is the second that she has released so far this year. She released the single, ‘El Imperio‘ earlier this year. Andrada is also working on a new album that she hopes to release later this year through Mi Grito Industries.

More information on Florencia Andrada’s new single is available along with all of her latest news at https://www.facebook.com/FlorenciaAndradaOficial.

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