Indie Folk Punk Duo Debuts New Album’s Second Single

Courtesy: Thousand Islands Records

Acoustic folk duo Steve and Ginie Jackson gave audiences another preview of the pair’s new album this week.

The duo premiered its new single, ‘Tear My Voice‘ Monday. The song is the second single from the band’s forthcoming album, Colder Than The Sea, which is scheduled for release May 26 through Thousand Islands Records. Its debut Monday follows that of the album’s lead single, ‘7 Billion People,’ which the duo debuted April 3.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Tear My Voice’ is a stark contrast to that of the album’s lead single. Where ‘7 Billion People’ is a happy, upbeat composition, ‘Tear My Voice’ is more melancholy in its sound and style. The neo-folk sound and approach here is also more evident than in the song’s predecessor. That song did present some folk leaning, but had more of a punk leaning along with that influence.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the press release announcing the single’s release. No lyrics are available with the song, either. A close listen leads one on one side to interpret the song as a socially conscious composition. On another hand, one could argue that the song centers on a person’s mental health in connection to seeing the world in a certain way. Again, this is all just this critic’s interpretation, not having an explanation to reference.

Along with planning the release of its new album (its second and third overall studio recording following its 2017 debut LP, Leaving For Today and its follow-up, the 2019 EP, Dance Away), the Jacksons are also planning a tour in support of its new album. Details for the tour are under consideration.

More information on the Jacksons’ new album, single, and tour is available along with all of the duo’s latest news at:



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