Dead By Wednesday Announces New Record Deal, Album Details

Courtesy: Salt of the Earth Records/Mindsnap Music

Dead By Wednesday is back in the headlines again with a new record deal and album on the way.

The band announced Monday, it has signed a new record deal with Salt of the Earth Records. The deal also includes a partnership with independent record label Mindsnap Music.

The deal will see Dead By Wednesday release its next album, Capital Conspiracy, through the label July 24 domestically and on Aug. 26 in Europe. A teaser trailer for the new album is streaming here. It will release on vinyl, CD, and through all digital platforms.

Salt of the Earth Records CFO Scott Harrington said he was happy about adding Dead By Wednesday to the label’s roster.

“Our plan from day one has been to work with a broad spectrum of artists,” Harrington said. “Many different shades of heavy. So your gonna see our roster grow to reflect that. The time is right. Signing DEAD BY WEDNESDAY and working together with Mindsnap Music is a great step forward. DEAD BY WEDNESDAY have a work ethic, second to none. And this album is blistering. It’s loud. It’s aggressive, and I fucking love it!”

Dead By Wednesday drummer Opus (a.k.a. Christian F. Lawrence) said he was just as happy about the new partnership.

“I’m super excited to be working with one of my longtime friends in the business Scott Harrington,” Lawrence said. “If anyone knows how to make stuff happen, it’s this guy! So with our crazy work ethic and his drive with his label, Salt Of The  Earth Records, our union will be nothing short of epic! Merging Mindsnap Music with Salt Of The  Earth Records and coming together for the release of our new Dead By Wednesday album “Capital Conspiracy” will be a complete powerhouse!”

Dead By Wednesday released its latest singles, ‘Mars in Exile‘ and ‘S.O.S.‘ last year.

More information on Dead By Wednesday’s new record deal and album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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