Ryo Okumoto Debuts ‘The Watchmaker’ Lyric Video

Courtesy: InsideOut Music

Spock’s Beard keyboardist Ryo Okumoto debuted the video for his latest single this week.

Okumoto premiered the lyric video for his new single, ‘The Watchmaker’ Thursday. The single is featured in his forthcoming solo album, The Myth of Mostrophus, which is scheduled for release July 29 through InsideOut Music. Pre-orders are open.

The video features the song’s lyrics over a variety of semi-psychedelic imagery, such as a bunch of clocks, Earth as a clock face, and random laser lights. The song plays over the visualization as the whole progresses.

The song’s musical arrangement is everything that audiences have come to expect from Okumoto and his Spock’s Beard band mates past and present. It has all of the trademarks of so many Spock’s Beard songs, what with the distinct sound and style from the keyboard and equally familiar guitar lines.

Okumoto said the lyrical content featured in the song tells a concept story of sorts.

“Immerse yourself in the tale of “The Watchmaker”, wherein our eponymous character sets off on an odyssey through past, present and future,” he said. “Time is literally on his side, as the watch on his workbench allows him the opportunity to try his hand at setting things right again.” 

The album’s track listing is noted below.


1.Mirror Mirror (9:27)
2.Turning Point (6:53)
3.The Watchmaker (Time On His Side) (6:25)
4.Maximum Velocity (8:11)
5.Chrysalis (7:35)
6.The Myth Of The Mostrophus (22:14)

Okumoto’s new album will come more than 20 years after the release of his then latest solo album, 2002’s Coming Home.

More information on Okumoto’s new album is available along with all of his latest news at:




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