‘Super Wiggles’ Is A Super Addition To This Year’s Field Of New Family Music Albums

Courtesy: ABC/Universal

Veteran family entertainment act The Wiggles released its latest album this spring in the form of Super Wiggles.  Released April 1 through ABC/Universal, the 22-song record is the act’s 57th (yes, 57th) studio recording and comes more than 30 years after the release of the band’s self-titled debut in 1991.  It is another addition to the group’s expansive catalog that families will find entertaining, too.  Its success comes in part through its featured musical arrangements, which will be discussed shortly.  The lyrical themes that accompany that musical content is of its own import and will be discussed a little later.  The record’s sequencing rounds out its most important elements and will also be examined later.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the album’s presentation.  All things considered they make the album another of the best of this year’s new family music offerings.

 Super Wiggles, the latest studio offering from The Wiggles, is another record that the whole family will find entertaining.  Its appeal comes in part through its musical arrangements.  From beginning to end, the arrangements are diverse in their sounds and styles.  ‘The Friendship Song,’ for instance, presents a sort of kindie-ska sound and style.  That is evidenced through the use of the horns and drums.  That instrumentation pairs with the more familiar kindie vocal styling from the group to make this song’s arrangement overall something that is truly unique from its counterparts in the album.  ‘Land of the Missing Socks,’ which comes late in the album’s run, is the polar opposite of ‘The Friendship Song.’  This is a full-on kindie arrangement.  The almost Renaissance style and sound here does well to compliment the silly, sort of fairy tale lyrical content featured here about…well…the land of missing socks.  ‘Big Strong John,’ on yet another note, is its own unique composition, too.  The use of the muted trumpet alongside the piano and the children’s xylophone makes the whole sound like something that one might expect to have heard on Sesame Street early on in the show’s history.  That is meant in the most honorable way, too.  Such musical content is a big part of what made the show so beloved back in those days.  It is just one more way in which the album’s musical content shows its diversity and in turn makes it so engaging and entertaining.

Building on the content itself, the arrangements’ run times are relatively short from beginning to end, too.  The longest song in this 42-minute presentation clocks in at two minutes, 55 seconds.  It comes more than halfway through the album in the form of the nautical-themed song, ‘Put Your Life Vest On.’  The pirate-style vocal delivery here pairs with the ‘Beach Blanket Bingo’-esque musical arrangement to make for even more engagement and entertainment.  The record’s shortest song comes even later in the record’s nearly 45-minute run time in the form of the aforementioned ‘Land of the Missing Socks.’  The song clocks in at a “hefty” 56 seconds.  In other words, what audiences get in the record’s musical arrangement is an expansive collection of music that is diverse and that ensures listeners’ attention because of the songs’ run times.  All things considered the musical content featured here creates a solid foundation for the album.

As much as the album’s musical content does for its presentation, it is just part of what makes the record appealing to the whole family.  The lyrical themes that accompany the record’s musical content make for their own interest.  The lyrical themes featured throughout the album are just as diverse as their musical counterparts.  From beginning to end, they vary from the serious to the silly.  The very early entry, ‘Sing Together’ is one of those more serious lyrical presentations.  It is a song that addresses the matter of accepting and appreciating our differences.  It is done in a fashion that makes it fully accessible to young listeners, too.  The theme is presented clearly in the statement that “Some people like to run around/Some people jump up and down/Other people like to go for a swim/Everyone together/Let’s all sing/Some people like to sweep the floor/Some people like to mow their lawn/Some people like vacuuming/Everyone together, let’s sing.”  This is a simple statement that again points out we are all different, but even with those differences, we can all come together.  It is a message that will never get old and is just as certain to appeal to grown-ups as children. 

As the album progresses, the group pays tribute to the world’s teachers in the equally simple ‘Hooray for Teachers.’  The song only runs one minute, 21 seconds, but in that short time, the group outright celebrates teachers, signing about their happy smiles as children come into the classroom and the safety that they provide on the playground.  Considering everything going on around the world in schools, the teaching profession has become somewhat maligned.  Teachers are leaving the profession in droves around the world.  To that end, reminding listeners of all ages what makes teachers so beloved will hopefully make listeners appreciate teachers, and in turn motivate teachers to stay in their jobs.  Again, this message is presented in such simple, accessible fashion.  It is yet another example of what makes the record’s lyrical content so important.

The silly comes in the form of ‘Land of the Missing Socks.’  Again, it clocks in at less than a minute, but in that time, the silliness of the theme here will have the whole family laughing.  Everyone knows the jokes about socks going missing in the laundry, so one can’t help but wonder if in fact there is a land of missing socks.  It’s fantastical, sure, but is still just funny and fully entertaining.  When this hilarious concept is considered along with the other themes examined here and with the rest of the record’s lyrical content, the whole makes clear why the album’s overall lyrical content is just as important as its musical content.

The overall content featured throughout Super Wiggles does plenty to keep audiences engaged and entertained.  It is just part of what makes the record successful.  The sequencing of said content puts the finishing touch to the whole.  From the record’s opener to its end, the sequencing ensures the energy remains stable even as the sounds and styles change in the songs, and as the lyrical content changes.  At the same time, the sequencing also shows that plenty of time and thought was put into the content itself in terms of changing it up throughout.  That time and thought resulted in just as much success as in the stability in the record’s energy.  To that end, the sequencing proves even more important to the album’s presentation.  When it is considered along with the album’s overall content, the whole makes Super Wiggles a super addition to this year’s field of new family music albums.

Super Wiggles, the latest studio offering from The Wiggles, is a presentation that the group’s established audiences will appreciate just as much as family music fans in general.  That is due in large part to the album’s musical content, which provides plenty of diversity throughout.  The record’s lyrical themes are just as varied from one to the next, ranging from the silly to the serious.  They are presented in a fashion that makes each theme fully accessible to young listeners, too.  The sequencing of that content shows that plenty of time and thought was put into that aspect, too.  That is because it makes the record’s energy stable from beginning to end and ensures the content remains diverse throughout.  Each item examined is important in its own way to the whole of the album’s presentation.  All things considered they make Super Wiggles a welcome addition to this year’s field of new family music albums. 

Super Wiggles is available now through ABC/Universal. More information on The Wiggles’ new album is available along with all of the group’s latest news and more at:




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