Project 86 Debuts New Album’s Second Single, Video

Courtesy: Atom Splitter PR

Project 86 will release the first half of its new album, Omni this spring, and in anticipation of its release, debuted another single and video from the forthcoming record.

The band debuted its new single, ‘0>1‘ and its companion video Friday. The song and its video are the second from the band, behind the album’s lead single, ‘Metatropolis.’

The musical arrangement featured in ‘0>1’ is, like its predecessor, some of the heaviest material that Project 86 has ever composed. Right off the bat, it is comparable to works from the likes of the band’s fellow Christian metal bands Demon Hunter and Zao.

Lyrically, the song continues the overall science fiction story presented in Omni. The story is that of a scientist whose company has essentially taken over the world by using technology to overcome plague and even death itself, according to front man Andrew Schwab.

“The song channels the disturbing rants of a ‘fictitious’ character named Alexander Ophis, who is the founder of a tech company called OMNI (which is also the name of the forthcoming double album),” Schwab said. “I imagine Ophis as an amalgam of many of the major elite players in global politics and power at the present; He is one part Elon Musk, one part Klaus Schwab, one part Bill Gates, and yet more sadistic, twisted and corrupted than all of them combined. Nineteen years into the future, in this song, Ophis reveals how his company conquered the world on the back of plague and famine, using technology to silence and manipulate the masses (as well as world governments, the media, and big medicine) into submission.”

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