Swim The Current Premieres New Single, ‘We Are Not The Same,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: Cowgirlzen Entertainment

Independent hard rock band Swim The Current has joined forces with Ill Nino front man Marcos Leal for its latest single and video.

The band, which is currently composed of Disciples of Verity bassist George Pond, Chris Moore (Ultraphonix) on drums and Joe Gareri on guitar, premiered its new single, ‘We Are Not The Same‘ and its video Friday. Greg Antine is the band’s original founder and guitarist.

The band was joined by Ill Nino front man Marcos Leal for the new heavy single whose musical arrangement immediately lends itself to comparison to vintage works from Ill Nino. It is a work that will appeal to fans of those early works from Ill Nino and to nu metal fans and metal fans alike, what with its screaming vocals, heavy crunching vocals and melodic choruses.

According to Leal, the song’s lyrical content was borne of a personal experience.

I’m incredibly honored to be a part of this amazing track with such incredible musicians. We’re not the same was written as an Angry Anthem, as a way to help me cope with the demons and frustration of my fathers’ cancer diagnosis,” Leal said. “It helped me channel a lot of the anger and aggression within me into something much more productive I am very proud of this song and want to extend thanks to George, Joe, and the rest of the members of Swim The Current For allowing me to be a part of such a masterpiece!”

Pond expanded on Leal’s comments.

“The volume of voice measures the value that the mind puts upon the thought! How we think and feel are direct reflections of our surroundings. You are a product of your environment.”

The video for Swim The Current’s new single puts the band in a studio setting with a variety of video effects thrown in to add to the presentation’s impact. Leal meanwhile records his vocals in a separate setting as the band performs its new single as the song plays over the whole.

More information on Swim The Current’s new single and video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SwimtheCurrent

Twitter: https://twitter.com/swimthecurrent

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