Phil’s Picks offers all the latest news and reviews from around the entertainment world.  It covers music, movies, television, dvd’s and more.  It even includes the occasional book review, too.

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  1. Thank You / Chris Wallace Album Release Week

    Thanks so much for your support of Chris Wallace. The feature that you did for us really worked out well! I wanted to reach out to you because Chris’ album, Push Rewind, comes out today and his single “Remember When (Push Rewind)” is a free download on iTunes this week. It would be really cool if you could send out a tweet today for us including @ChrisWallace101, mentioning that his single is free on iTunes + the album is available now, and this link takes them to both the free single and the album download: http://bit.ly/pushrewind

    Thanks so much for your support and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future!

    Kerry Lee

    Kerry Lee
    ThinkSay Records

  2. Phil!! Thanks so much for the FANTASTIC review of “Bear Hunt!” The write-up was a total joy to read, it made our day.

    Where are you based out of?? We’ll get you on the list if we’re ever in town!

    Warmest, Patrick

  3. THANK YOU for the great review of MIMESIS Phil. I agree with you and hope that your blog can help bring the film to an even broader audience or motivate others to help promote it. Cheers!

  4. Phil, thank you SO much for the amazing review of “In a Hearbeat!” Maybe I will do an album of jazz standards for kids someday. So glad you dig the record. These songs are near and dear to me. My drummer and bass player are well-versed in jazz! Paper Moon is a song I first learned in 7th grade chorus and then later learned on guitar in college. It’s always been a fave. Cool that your a drummer! Thanks again and if I’m ever in NC for a show, I’ll keep you posted!–Laura

  5. Hey Phil. Thank you very much for the brilliant review on ‘Ethereal Ash’. You have beautifully noticed so many aspects of the song that it makes us feel proud today…:) We will be ready with a new track by Mid – Feb 2015 and definitely will be sent to you.
    Keep up this great work and have a killer week ahead.
    Best Regards
    Symphony Novel [ Rachit Sachdeva , Vivek Khati , Gauri Aayeer, Suvarna Tiwari ]

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