Amon Amarth Announces New Album, Tour Dates, Specs; Debuts New Video

Courtesy: Metal Blade Records

Amon Amarth returns this May, and the veteran viking metal band is building anticipation for the record’s release with the video for the album’s first single.

The band announced on Wednesday that it will release its new album Beserker on May 3 through Metal Blade Records.  The band debuted the video for the album’s lead single ‘Raven’s Flight’ Wednesday at its official website and YouTube.

Directed by Roboshobo, the video crosses footage of the band performing its new single on stage at a club-like setting with a pair of ancient vikings facing a horde of their enemies.  It is the first in a trio of videos that will come from Beserker, and features guest appearances by former UFC star Josh Barnett and WWE Superstar Eric Rowan.



Courtesy: Metal Blade Records

Beserker will be available on a variety of platforms, all of which are noted below. To pre-order Berserker, please visit – where the album is available in the following formats:
–deluxe box set [digipak-CD, shield (~12″x12″), patch (~4″x4″) – limited to 500 copies in US]
–opaque white w/ black splatter vinyl (limited to 1200 copies)
–opaque white w/ silver haze vinyl (retail exclusive – limited to 1300 copies)
–clear w/ red splatter vinyl (webstore exclusive – limited to 750 copies)
–black w/ red haze vinyl (webstore exclusive – limited to 750 copies)

Beserker was recorded in Los Angeles, with Jay Ruston (Anthrax/Stone Sour) helming the project.  Front man Johann Hegg offered positive remarks about Beserker in a recent interview.

“For me, this is Amon Amarth 2.0,” Hegg said.  “I think what we’ve done here is given ourselves the spcae to explore other parts of our musicality and who we are as a band.  If you’re content with where you’re at, what’s the point in continuing?  We always want to come up with new ideas and find new ways and doing things, and to create bigger and better shows, and really try to improve every aspect of what the band is.  We want to try to keep growing and to do this for as long as we have the possibility to do so, because this is the best fucking job in the world.”

Beserker‘s full track listing is noted below.

Berserker track-listing
1. Fafner’s Gold
2. Crack the Sky
3. Mjölner, Hammer of Thor
4. Shield Wall
5. Valkyria
6. Raven’s Flight
7. Ironside
8. The Berserker at Stamford Bridge
9. When Once Again We Can Set Our Sails
10. Skoll and Hati
11. Wings of Eagles
12. Into the Dark

Amon Amarth will join Slayer, Lamb of God and Cannibal Corpse on the road in May for an almost month-long tour to help say farewell to Slayer while also promoting Beserker.  The band’s run is scheduled to start May 2 and run through May 25, and to feature performances in cities, such as Huntington, WV; Tampa, Fla and Phoenix, AZ.  the tour’s current schedule is noted below.

Slayer “Leg Five: North America” tour dates
w/Lamb of God, Amon Amarth, Cannibal Corpse

May 2 – Ak-Chin Amphitheatre – Phoenix, AZ
May 3 – Isleta Amphitheatre – Albuquerque, NM
May 5 – UTEP/Don Haskins Center – El Paso, TX
May 7 – Bert Ogden Arena – Edinburg, TX
May 8 – The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory – Dallas, TX
May 10 – MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre – Tampa, FL
May 11 – Coral Sky Amphitheatre – West Palm Beach, FL
May 13 – Big Sandy Superstore Arena – Huntington, WV
May 14 – Merriweasther Post Pavilion – Columbia, MD
May 16 – Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center – Noblesville, IN
May 17 – Providence Medical Center Amphitheatre – Bonner Springs, KS
May 19 – DTE Energy Music Center – Clarkston, MI
May 20 – Covel Centre – Youngstown, OH
May 22 – Canadian Tire Centre – Ottawa, ON
May 24 – BB&T Pavilion – Camdel, NJ
May 25 – Xfinity Center – Mansfield, MA

More information on Amon Amarth’s upcoming tour, album and video is available online now at:






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Downing, Billington’s New LP Is A Rollicking Regional Musical Treat For The Whole Family

Courtesy: Wiggle Worm Records

Late last month, family entertainer Johnette Downing released her latest full-length studio recording Swamp Romp in stores and online.  Her 10th overall recording, the 16-song, 442-minute record is an enjoyable tribute to the music and culture of her home city and state.  As an added bonus, Downing’s husband Scott Billington joined her for the record, which listeners of all ages will enjoy, thanks in part to its varied musical arrangements.  Those arrangements are just part of what makes the album stand out.  Its lyrical topics are just as varied as its musical arrangements.  The companion booklet that comes with the album adds its own interest to the album’s presentation, too.  Each element plays its own important part to the whole of Swamp Romp.  All things considered, they make Swamp Romp a one of this year’s top new family music albums.

Johnette Downing and Scott Billington’s recently released album Swamp Romp is an enjoyable musical romp for the whole family, and is one of this year’s top new family music records.  That is proven in part through the album’s collective musical arrangements.  As the companion booklet that comes with the album notes of the songs, the arrangements that make up the album’s body, are a tribute to the varied musical styles of New Orleans and Louisiana in whole.  ‘Mudbug Boogie’ gives listeners a taste of the region’s beloved zydeco style while ‘Bamboula Rhythm’ introduces listeners to a musical style that is the root of so much New Orleans jazz.  ‘Crawfish Etouffe’ presents the musical style known as jure, which – noting the album’s companion booklet again – is believed to be the root of the region’s zydeco sound.  As if the musical styles already noted here are not enough, listeners also get plenty of R&B, gospel and island (yes, island) music throughout the course of the album.  Between those noted styles, the Dixieland style presented in ‘Who Got The Baby in the King Cake,’ the mambo style of ‘It Wasn’t Me (Possum Song)’ and the French Cajun style presented in the traditional ‘I Saw The Wolf, the Fox and the Weasel,’ the overall musical lesson which Downing and Billington present throughout the course of this album is an offering that will entertain and educate not just younger listeners, but older audiences, too.  It is just one part of what makes Swamp Romp stand out.  The lyrical topics presented throughout the record add to its enjoyment just as much as the musical arrangements.

The lyrical content presented throughout Swamp Romp celebrates the richness of New Orleans just as much as the record’s musical arrangements, in that it focuses on the actual culture of the city.  ‘Crawfish Etouffee’ for instance, is a celebration of the famed Louisiana seafood stew, whose base is in fact crawfish (yes, those little inland water lobsters).  The dish is served over a bed of rice, and for those who have never tried to regional specialty, it is quite delectable.  Staying on the topic of food, ‘How To Dress A Po’ Boy’ celebrates another famed New Orleans treat, the famed Po’ Boy sandwich, which is just as tasty.  ‘Who Got The Baby in the King Cake’ is yet another food-centric song.  It focuses on the absolutely delicious sweet treat that is King Cake.  Food is not the only aspect of New Orleans and Louisiana culture that is celebrated throughout Swamp Romp.  ‘Bamboula Rhythm’ focuses on the noted rhythm, which is the basis of so much of today’s New Orleans jazz.  ‘Your Best Pair of Shoes’ centers on the matter of finding the right pair of shoes for a specific style of music, while ‘Our Oxcarts’ tells the story of the Spanish Canary Island residents who founded Louisiana and their ability to allegedly train their oxen so well that the beasts could make the trip to New Orleans on their own while their owners slept on the wagons that they pulled.  Yet again, here is an intriguing piece of New Orleans (and Louisiana) history and culture that without this record, audiences likely would not have known.  It certainly is not the end of the overall culture and history lessons presented through the record.  There are mentions of Jerry Lee Lewis, whose roots are in New Orleans, the plant life that grows in New Orleans and the Mississippi River featured in the album, too.  Between these noted lessons and others featured in the album, it becomes obvious why Swamp Romp’s lyrical content is just as important to its presentation as its musical arrangements.  The two elements together, make Swamp Romp a record that certainly doesn’t get bogged (yes that awful pun was intended) down in itself at any point.  The album’s companion booklet puts the final touch to its presentation.

As previously noted, the companion booklet that is included with Swamp Romp offers a brief history of the musical style that is jure in its discussion on ‘Crawfish Etouffee.’  The notes on the song state that jure is commonplace in Southwest Louisiana, and is an a capella style sound that involves people using just their voices, clapping and foot stomping.  The simple approach was used, as those who originally performed said style did not have access to musical instruments.  It’s just one of the items in the booklet that will engage and entertain audiences.  The background information on ‘Get Ready, Get Set, Let’s Groove’ reveals that famed pianist Jerry Lee Lewis – one of the great names in rock ‘n’ roll – was originally from Ferriday, Louisiana.  This is important because, as the notes state, so many people tend to associate rock ‘n’ roll’s roots with Memphis.  This revelation would seem to paint a slightly alternate picture.  ‘Who Got The Baby in the King Cake’ is, on the surface, a food-related song.  However, as the booklet’s liner notes, the king cake is part of the more well-known festival that is Mardi Gras.  Audiences learn in the song’s liner notes, about the roots of Mardi Gras and the tradition that is tied into king cake.  It’s just one more intriguing piece of information shared in the album’s booklet that makes the booklet engaging and entertaining in its own right.  Along with that and the other noted information, listeners also learn about some of the famed guest musicians who appear on this record.  Musicians and performers, such as Irma Thomas – the Soul Queen of New Orleans – guests on ‘Poor Worry Anna’ while Lee Allen Zeno (ex-Buckwheat Zydeco) joins a group of other studio musicians for ‘Mudbug Boogie.’  Dirty Dozen Brass Band members Roger Lewis and Kevin Harris offered their talents on ‘Your Best Pair of Shoes’ while Kevin Clark (The Dukes of Dixieland) performed on ‘Who Got The Baby in The King Cake.’  Herein is just one more intriguing note of the well-known figures who took part in the creation of Swamp Romp.  When the overall background information of the performers and history presented in Swamp Romp’s booklet is considered along with the album’s equally entertaining and engaging musical and lyrical content, the album in whole proves to be a presentation that will appeal to listeners of all ages from start to end.

Johnette Downing and Scott Billington’s recently released album Swamp Romp is a rollicking new offering from the husband and wife duo that is certain to have listeners of all ages dancing, playing and singing together.  As noted already, that is due in part to the rich variety of musical styles that are displayed throughout the album.  Each style is distinct to New Orleans (and Louisiana).  The lyrical content is just as varied as the record’s musical content, and just as interesting.  The companion booklet that comes with the album brings the album’s musical and lyrical content together with its brief but concise history lessons and liner notes.  Each item is important in its own way to the whole of Swamp Romp.  All things considered, they make Swamp Romp one of this year’s top new family music albums.  More information on Swamp Romp is available online now along with all of Johnette Downing’s latest news at:










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ZFG Announces New Live Dates

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Independent rock band ZFG is hitting the road next month.

The band, which features the lineup of Trev Lukather (son of founding Toto member Steve Lukather), Sam Porcaro (son of original Toto bassist Jeff Porcaro), Josh Devine (One Direction) and vocalist Jules Galli, will join Adelitas Way and The Winery Dogs for a series of live dates running from April 17 – May 31.

The tour is in support of the band’s new self-titled EP. The band debuted the lyric video for the EP’s latest single, ‘Special‘ last month.  The video places the lyrics for the song in various places and situations throughout the backdrop of a busy city.  The song’s musical arrangement is a composition that will appeal largely to fans of rock from the late 80s and early 90s.

The first portion of the tour runs from April 17 to May 12, and features performances scheduled in cities, such as  Joliet, IL; Denver, CO and Heath, OH. Once the band wraps that schedule, its members will take some time off to rest and recharge before heading back out on May 25 with The Winery Dogs.

ZFG’s tour with The Winery Dogs is currently scheduled to run from May 25 to May 31 and features performances in cities, such as Anaheim, CA; Las Vegas, NV and Beverly Hills, CA.

ZFG’s current tour schedule is noted below.

ZFG w/ Adeltias Way “What it Takes” Tour Dates:

4/17 Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
4/19 Austin, TX @ Come and Take it Live
4/20 Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey
4/24 Heath, OH @ Muddy Creek Saloon
4/26 Tucson, AZ @ Pima County Fair
4/27 Easton, PA @ One Centre Square
4/28 Buffalo, NY @ Iron Works
5/1 Pittsburgh, PA @ Crafthouse
5/2 Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
5/3 Battle Creek, MI @ Music Factory
5/4 Joliet, IL @ The Forge
5/5 Madison, WI @ Majestic Theater
5/8 Chippewa Falls, WI @ Every Buddys
5/9 Minneapolis, MN @ Fine Line
5/10 Lincoln, NE @ Bourbon Theatre
5/11 Denver, CO @ Marquis
5/12 Colorado Springs, CO @ Black Sheep

ZFG w/ The Winery Dogs “Who Let The Dogs Out” Tour:

5/25 Las Vegas, NV – Vamp’d
5/28 Sacramento, CA – Crest Theater
5/29 Santa Cruz, CA – Rio Theater
5/30 Anaheim, CA – The Grove
5/31 Beverly Hills, CA – Saban Theatre

More information on ZFG’s upcoming tour schedule is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:






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Plain White T’s Debut ‘Low’ Video

Courtesy: Fearless Records

Plain White T’s debuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band debuted the video for the song ‘Low‘ on Friday.  The video features a man in classic Joker makeup as he distributes his “medicine” to people who are feeling depressed alongside what are supposed to be really bad commercials featuring people selling the substance against a hypnotizing back drop.  The song is taken from the band’s most recent album, Parallel Universe, which was released last August through Fearless Records.

Front man Tom Higgensen talked about the video’s concept as it related to the song’s lyrical theme in a recent interview.

“Everybody, at times, can feel a little bit depressed, inadequate or not good enough,” Higgensen said.  “Often, we search for something outside ourselves to fill that void and to make us feel better; more wanted, more confident, more beautiful.  We turn to drugs, alcohol, medication for a temporary fix to make us feel a little better, but these can obviously just lead to more problems and become a need or a dependency.”

Higgensen added, “This video makes a commentary towards that by introducing the imaginary magical elixir called ‘Low,’ which is presented as the fix for all of life’s problems.  It’s a creepy infomercial that promises the consumer instant results, but as the viewer we can see that things aren’t quite as they seem.”

Along with debuting its new video, the band also launched a new series of live dates on Friday.  The band’s latest live schedule features a performance April 25 in Oklahoma City, OK and a group of dates in the UK in May.  The band’s current live schedule is noted below.

3/15 — Rosemont, IL — Joe’s Live
4/25 — Oklahoma City, OK — Tower Theatre
5/23 — Bristol, UK — The Fleece
5/24 — Perranporth, UK — Tunes In The Dunes Festival
5/25 — Hatfield, UK — Slam Dunk Festival
5/26 — Hatfield, UK — Slam Dunk Festival
5/27 — Brighton, UK — The Haunt

More information on Plain White T’s’ new video, live dates and more is available online now at:






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TTB’s New Album Is A Positive “Sign” For The Band

Courtesy: Fantasy Records

Tedeschi Trucks band is coming to North Carolina this summer.  The band’s stops in “The Old North State” are in support if its latest full-length studio recording, Signs.  Released Feb. 15 through Fantasy Records, the 11-song record is a change of pace for the band in comparison to its previous album, 2016’s Let Me Get By.  Even with the change of pace that is notable throughout the course of the album’s 46 minute run time, it is still a positive effort from the group, which is fronted by its namesakes, the husband and wife team of Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks.  This is proven right from the album’s outset in its opener, ‘Signs, High Times.’  It will be addressed shortly.  ‘Still Your Mind,’ which comes a little later in the album’s run, is another of the album’s additions that proves the record to be a positive new effort from the band.  It is hardly the last of the songs that shows Signs’ strengths.  ‘All The World’ is yet another work featured in Signs that shows the record’s strength.  When it is considered along with the other two songs noted here and the records eight remaining songs, the whole of Signs proves to be another successful offering from Tedeschi Trucks Band.

Tedeschi Trucks Band’s fourth full-length studio recording Signs is another welcome new offering from the band, which is made up of a number of veteran musicians and performers.  While maybe not the band’s best work to date, it is still a good effort from the band.  That is proven right from the album’s outset in ‘Signs, High Times.’  The song’s funky, bluesy southern rock musical arrangement instantly conjures thoughts of The Allman Brothers Band, with whom Trucks also records and performs.  The keyboards, guitars, percussion and choral elements create a wonderful, welcome vintage vibe that is certain to appeal to a wide range of listeners.  That upbeat arrangement couples with the song’s seeming social commentary for a whole that is certain to engage and entertain audiences.

The seeming social commentary comes as Tedeschi, who has been the lead voice of TTB since its inception nine years ago, sings in the song’s second verse, “Might ain’t right…Everything’s in black and white.”  She goes on from there to sing in the song’s third verse, “Just realized there’s hatred in their eyes/can’t fool around with darkness for fun/Something tells me/Some people just ain’t worth saving/Got turned around/Following the sound/Of a heartbeat that’s been getting heavy/We’ve been here before/We were just getting ready.”  The seeming commentary is illustrated even more as she sings later in the song, “Better make up your mind/’Cause we gotta get it right this time/So much good at stake/Don’t give into the lies they make/Oh lord, how did we get here again?”  Yet again, here we have an example of what would certainly seem to be a specific statement from Tedeschi and company.  That is especially the case as she sings in the song’s final moments, “People, how long till your hand’s called?”  It’s as if she’s saying throughout that we as a people need to make sure that we know which side of the line we are on before our time is up.  That is of course just this critic’s own interpretation of these lyrics.  It could be completely wrong.  Hopefully it is somewhere in the proverbial ballpark, though.  If it is, then when it is considered alongside the feeling established through the song’s musical arrangement, the song in whole becomes a strong start for the album and a standout addition to the album.  It is just one of the album’s most notable entries.  ‘Still Your Mind’ is another of the record’s most notable works.

‘Still Your Mind’ stands out in the bigger picture of Signs in part because of its musical arrangement.  The song opens simply in its first few bars, with a gentle, flowing piano line that one can argue presents a light jazz feel, and even a certain modern classical element.  From there, the song takes a decidedly modern turn that actually, one could argue bears a mix of both modern and old school rock.  That mix is well-balanced throughout the course of the song’s almost five-minute run time.  Adding to the song’s interest is the song’s lyrical content, which couples very nicely with the gentility in the song’s arrangement.

The lyrical content presented in ‘Still Your Mind’ centers on the issue of self-pride and confidence.  Little doubt is left about that, as Tedeschi sings in the song’s lead verse, “Some days are grey for us all/Don’t wanna live or stay here for long/I say ain’t it good to know/That you’re not alone/So many people feel that low/But I’ll help you grow.”  She goes on from here to sing in the song’s chorus, “Still your mind and breathe/Close your eyes and see/Fill your hands and drink with me/Be here now/Lay your troubles down.”  This all comes across as a certain sort of reassurance for listeners who maybe are going through difficult situations.  That sense of reassurance continues as she sings, “Before the growth, the leaves have to fall/And I’ll lit you up so you can tear down the wall/Don’t let the darkness of the world enter your soul/You know the light of your smile is what makes me whole.”  Once again, here listeners have a subject who is sharing some very comforting words.  What is really interesting here is that when the lyrics and music are coupled, they really come across as a sort of lullaby.  It sounds odd, yes, but one could argue that sense when listening closely to the song.  That in itself justifiably makes this work another one of Signs’ most notable additions.  It is not the last of the album’s most notable entries, however.  ‘All The World’ is yet another of the LP’s strongest songs.

‘All The World,’ like ‘Signs, High Times,’ comes across as another contemplative social statement.  The difference between the two songs is that the prior song’s musical arrangement is more upbeat than that of this composition.  This work is a deeply contemplative piece, even in its musical arrangement.  It flows so gently, with its keyboard and guitar lines serving as its collective backbone.  The noted approach to the song’s musical arrangement makes the song’s almost three-and-a-half-minute run time feel longer, but in a positive fashion.  It also serves to help illustrate quite well, the emotion in the song’s lyrical content.

Speaking of the song’s lyrical content, Tedeschi sings here, “So many times I lay here thinking/We may never stand up and rise again/Then I hear the voices singing/Everything must burn before hope can live again/All the world is bleeding/I can feel it/And I’ve seen it/But while our hearts are beating/We can heal it/If we mean it.”  There is such a melancholy about this verse, that carries on through the song’s second verse.  Tedeschi sings in that second verse, “So many places I have gone/But the song remains the same/So if we could please listen to what they say/The walls could crumble and wash away.”  Again, there is such a bittersweet emotion here.  That feeling is enhanced even more as Tedeschi returns to the chorus along with the equally bittersweet emotion in the song’s arrangement.  When that emotion is coupled with the emotion exuded in Tedeschi’s words and vocal delivery, the whole therein creates a powerful impact for listeners.  In turn, the song proves without doubt why it is another important addition to Signs.  When it is considered along with ‘Signs, High Times,’ ‘Still Your Mind’ and the eight other songs not directly noted here, the end result is a record that in whole is another welcome new offering from Tedeschi Trucks Band.

Tedeschi Trucks Band’s fourth full-length studio recording Signs is a positive new offering from the collective of veteran musicians and performers.  That is evidenced musically and lyrically throughout the course of the almost 50-minute record.  The songs’ musical and lyrical content make that obvious from the record’s opening to its end.  Between the lullaby-esque work that is ‘Still Your Mind’ to the celebratory ‘Walk Through This Life,’ which is an upbeat song about the power of love, to the personal, introspective ‘Shame’ to the contemplative ‘All The World’ and beyond, this record offers plenty for audiences to appreciate.  All things considered, the musical and lyrical content presented throughout the record makes it the year’s first great overall album.  Audiences in North Carolina will get to hear plenty of songs from Signs on July 7 and 9 in Charlotte and Raleigh respectively.  Fans can purchase tickets for those and the rest of the band’s current tour dates online now while also getting updates on the band’s latest news at:










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Overkill Debuts “Welcome To The Garden State” Docu-Series Finale

Courtesy: Nuclear Blast Records

Overkill finished off its “Welcome to the Garden State” video docu-series this week.

The band debuted the last video in the series on Monday.  In the series’ finale, the band’s members discuss the defining moments that have shaped each man through the band’s evolution.

Front man Bobby Blitz offered his thoughts on those moments in a recent interview.

“Those defining moments make us what we are today,” Blitz said.  “So to say you are proud of yourself this many years later, you go back and say that’s because of those defining moments.  That’s because it made me the person I am today, or it made us the team we are whatever; through the lean times, rich times, good times or bad times. I think we always had the same ideas.  I think we always had the same ideas, but we had the same preparation.”

Overkill has released seven other videos previously in the series, with each video covering a variety of topics.  The whole list of videos and topics is noted below.

Part I: Band Origin & Name
Part IIEarly influences the Genre  
Part IIIEast Coast vs. West Coast
Part IV: Old School Venues & Social Media!
Part V“Hello From The Gutter” music video, & the origins of their symbol: the bat skull (Chaly)
Part VI: Album Out Tomorrow
Part VII: Rise Of The Internet And The Evolution Of Digital Audio And Social Media

The premiere of Overkill’s latest addition to its “Welcome to the Garden State” discussion comes a little more than a week after the debut of the seventh entry in the series and a little more than two weeks after the band debuted the music video for its latest single, ‘Welcome to the Garden State.’

‘Welcome to the Garden State’ is the third single to be released from Overkill’s new album The Wings of War.  It follows the release of ‘Head of a Pin‘ and ‘Last Man Standing,’ both of which have had their own companion videos crafted.


Courtesy: Nuclear Blast Records

Overkill will launch a tour in support of The Wings of War on April 25 alongside Death Angel and Act of Defiance.  The two-week-plus tour is scheduled to start in Baltimore, MD and wind down May 11 in Boston, MA.  It also features performances scheduled in Nashville, TN; Detroit, MI and Milwaukee, WI.

The tour’s current schedule is noted below.

Confirmed dates for the OVERKILL Wings Over The USA 2019 Tour with DEATH ANGEL & ACT OF DEFIANCE are:
4/25/2019  Sound Stage/ Rams Head  – Baltimore, MD
4/26/2019  Theater of the Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA 
4/27/2019  Rex Theater –  Pittsburgh, PA 
4/28/2019  House of Blues  – Cleveland, OH
4/29/2019  Mercury Ballroom  – Louisville, KY
4/30/2019  St Andrews Hall  – Detroit, MI 
5/01/2019  Intersection  – Grand Rapids, MI 
5/02/2019  House of Blues – Chicago, IL 
5/03/2019  Varsity Theater –  Minneapolis, MN
5/04/2019  The Rave –  Milwaukee, WI         
5/05/2019  Delmar Hall  – St Louis, MO
5/06/2019  The Cannery Ballroom  – Nashville, TN      
5/08/2019  Bogarts  – Cincinnati, OH  
5/09/2019  Anthology  – Rochester, NY  
5/10/2019  PlayStation Theater – New York, NY **w/ Life Of Agony
5/11/2019  Paradise – Boston, MA

The Wings of War is available on a variety of platforms, all of which are noted below.

The Wings Of War will be available for purchase in the following formats:

  • CD Digipak
  • CD Digi + T-Shirt + Poster Bundle
  • Green Cassette
  • Grey Vinyl (limited to 1,500)
  • Green with Yellow Splatter vinyl (limited to 500)
Please note that imported items will ship

The full track listing for The Wings of War is noted below.

Below is the track listing for The Wings Of War
1              Last Man Standing
2              Believe In The Fight
3              Head Of A Pin
4              Bat Shit Crazy
5              Distortion
6              A Mother’s Prayer
7              Welcome To The Garden State
8              Where Few Dare To Walk
9              Out On The Road-Kill
10           Hole In My Soul

More information on The Wings of War is available online now along with all of Overkill’s latest news and more at:




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Stone Leaders Debuts ‘Box Of Time’ Lyric Video

Courtesy: Vanity Music Group

Prog-metal band Stone Leaders debuted the video for its new single this week.

The band debuted the lyric video for the song ‘Box Of Time’ at Brutal Planet’s official website.  The video presents a variety of images, such as a clock on top of the moon, promotional photos of the band’s members and what looks to be New York City.

In terms of its musical content, the song’s arrangement can be compared to early works from the band’s American counterpart, Dream Theater.  In regards to its lyrical content, drummer John Macaluso (who has recorded with Dream Theater front man James LaBrie), said the song centers on the influence that our minds and memories have on us.

“You know, one day you’re doing fine until soon you’re walking down a street, and a voice or a scent — or even a song — pulls you right back to where you were before,” Macaluso said.  “Ultimately, the song is about the power of the mind, because sometimes, survival depends upon this deleting mechanism in the brain.”

‘Box Of Time’ is taken from Stone Leaders’ self-titled debut album, which was released March 15 by Vanity Music Group.  More information on ‘Box Of Time,’ Stone Leaders and Stone Leaders’ latest news is available online now at

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