‘NOVA: Looking For Life On Mars’ Will Leave Viewers Looking Excitedly To The Future Of Space Travel

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Distribution/WGBH

NASA has made a lot of headlines in recent weeks thanks to its latest mission to Mars.  The agency’s Perseverance rover and its companion “helicopter,” Ingenuity have kept the agency in the news as they search for any signs of past life on the “Red Planet.”  While the machines’ main goal is to find any evidence of ancient life, that search is just part of their mission.  As is pointed out in PBS’ brand new DVD, NOVA: Looking for Life on Mars, NASA officials are hoping to eventually return that evidence to Earth with yet another mission to Mars when and if it is discovered.  The new DVD in question was released Tuesday, less than three months after the then latest episode of NOVA made its initial airing is another interesting episode of PBS’ long-running science-based series.  The noted story of Perseverance’s mission is at the heart of the episode, and it is a good   starting point for the program.  It will be discussed shortly.  The interviews that are featured within the bigger story add their own interest to the presentation.  They will be discussed a little later.  The program’s collective editing and pacing round out its most important elements.  They will also be discussed later.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the presentation of NOVA: Looking for Life on Mars.  All things considered, they make this latest episode of NOVA another engaging and entertaining edition of PBS’ hit science-based series.

PBS’ newly released DVD presentation of NOVA: Looking for Life on Mars will appeal widely to NOVA’s longtime science-based series and to anyone with any interest in space science and even science fiction.  The episode’s appeal comes primarily through the episode’s central story.  Audiences will be interested to learn that the episode’s story is about more than just finding signs of ancient life on Mars, but about looking for ways in which life on Earth can survive on Mars.  The story opens with Perseverance’s landing on Mars back in February following months and years of preparation.  From there, the story turns to Perseverance’s mission, which is to find any traces of ancient microbial life on Mars.  It is pointed out (thankfully) that there is no expectation of finding any signs of more humanoid (*intelligent*) life.  That keeps the episode’s story fully grounded.  Audiences will be interested to learn as the episode progresses, that Mars did in fact once have water.  What’s more it is also revealed that the main components needed for life (CHNOPS – Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, and Sulfur) were all eventually found in Mars’ soil by Pereverance’s equipment, too.  As the program continues, it is revealed that gathering samples from Mars’ surface is only part of NASA’s latest mission to Earth’s “sister planet.”  One interviewee reveals that NASA also plans to send a rocket to Mars to retrieve the samples collected by Perseverance and then return them to Earth.  That is certain to be an interesting mission in itself.  This and other interviews incorporated into the program will be addressed shortly.  Getting back onto the topic at hand, along with finding evidence of life on Mars, NASA is also researching how to sustain human life on Mars.  This leads to the discussion on ways to convert Mars’ carbon dioxide rich atmosphere into breathable oxygen.  Filtration company Lydall is working with NASA on that project, and even placed a filter on Perseverance.  That discussion in itself adds even more engagement and entertainment to the story.  The whole story rounds out with a discussion on how the Perseverance program started and where it is going today.  All things considered, the story ensures viewers’ engagement and entertainment, in turn creating a solid foundation for the episode’s presentation.

The story featured in NOVA: Looking for Life on Mars makes for a positive starting point for the episode.  Building on the foundation that it forms are the collective interviews that accompany the story.  One of the most notable of the interviews comes in the discussion on Perseverance’s “companion,” the Ingenuity.  A couple of people on the Ingenuity team come right out during this discussion and openly talk about how the very idea was laughed down.  That is because the atmosphere on Mars is so thin that no one thought there would be enough air to get the Ingenuity off the planet’s surface.  Of course as news outlets nationwide reported recently, those doubts were silenced when the mini-“helicopter” did in fact go airborne.

This examination already noted that one of the interviewees featured in this documentary noted early on that Perseverance and Ingenuity were looking for signs of ancient microbial life.  This is important to note because the woman in question stresses that they are not looking for any signs of “alien” life.  This provides for far more credibility and ensures any conspiracy theory types will be silenced early on.  It is a brief statement from  one of the many interviews featured throughout the hour-long program, but is so important because it means officials involved in the project did not want anyone misconstruing what was going on.

Another interesting discussion featured through the episode’s interviews is that of the one-time existence of water on Mars.  The interviewees talk about the reality that at one point, a flowing river once made its way into the crater in which Perseverance landed.  The group talks about smooth rocks in the channel in question prove water once flowed through and into the crater.  Along with that discussion, there is also the discussion on what may or may not have happened to cause the water to evaporate, though no definitive   answer is provided.  Between these discussions, the others noted here and so many others provided through the episode’s interviews, the whole enhances the episode’s presentation even more.  The result is that the interviews prove just as important to the episode as the story.  The interviews and story are just part of what makes this new episode of NOVA so engaging and entertaining.  The episode’s collective pacing and editing round out its most important elements.

The pacing and editing of this NOVA episode are important to note because the episode’s topic is so specific.  It means the show’s creative heads had to make sure that it flowed fluidly and kept everything together solidly.  Viewers will note that it does just that.  The episode opens with the Perseverance’s landing, moves to the search for that ancient microbial life, and closes with the story of the Perseverance’s creation, launch, and landing.  Throughout all three of those segments, the discussions on the related topics and the video are solid in their connections.  Each segment ensures through that editing that viewers are never left feeling left behind or even that the episode drags at any point.  It   brings everything together, completing the episode’s presentation.  When it is considered along with the interest ensured by the episode’s story and its interviews, the whole makes this episode another enjoyable offering from PBS.

PBS’s recently premiered episode of NOVA, Looking for Life on Mars is an enjoyable addition to the long-running series.  The episode’s interest comes in part through its story which follows NASA’s work on its Perseverance rover project.  The story is so interesting in that it is straight forward.  It is the next step in NASA’s exploration of our solar system.  The interviews that are presented throughout the story add their own interest.  That is because of the extra insight that they give into everything that went into and is still ongoing in the project.  The collective editing and pacing that went into the episode rounds out its most important elements.  It ensures viewers’ maintained engagement and entertainment as it brings everything together and keeps the episode moving fluidly.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the episode.  All things considered, they make NOVA: Looking for Life on Mars a presentation that will appeal to a wide range of audiences.  It is available now.

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‘Garbage Guts’ Is Among The Most Unique Of 2021’s New Family Music Records

Courtesy: 8 Pound Gorilla Records

Family music act Formidable Vegetable is scheduled to release its new EP Garbage Guts Friday through 8 Pound Gorilla Records.  The six-song EP is quite the interesting addition to this year’s field of new family music records.  Running approximately 16 minutes, the EP stands out in part because of its featured musical arrangements.  They will be discussed shortly.  The record’s lyrical themes also play into its interest.  It will be discussed a little later.  The record’s sequencing puts the finishing touch to its presentation.  Each item noted here plays its own important part to the album’s overall presentation.  When they come together, they make the EP in whole an enjoyable offering for any young listener.

Formidable Vegetable’s forthcoming EP, Garbage Guts is an interesting addition to this year’s field of new EPs.  It will appeal just as much to younger listeners as to grown-ups.  That is proven in part through its featured musical arrangements.  The arrangements in question are varied throughout the record’s nearly 20-minute run.  The EP opens and closes on a Dixieland note in ‘We’re All Friends’ and ‘Our Street’ respectively.  Along the way, listeners are treated to a bit of hip-hop and EDM together in the EP’s lead single, ‘Get a Goat.’  The act’s familiar Dixieland gets an electronic update in ‘No Such Thing as Waste’.  The use of the keyboard, strings and electronics gives the song an infectious new style that even adults will enjoy.  It is a great sound that easily lends itself to thoughts of works from the likes of Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and Squirrel Nut Zippers.  ‘Fonky Food’ meanwhile changes things up again by taking listeners back to the 1970s with its funk-based arrangement.  To a point, this arrangement lends itself to a comparison to works from Formidable Vegetable’s fellow family music act Secret Agent 23 Skidoo.  Between this arrangement and all of the others noted here, the whole of Garbage Guts’ musical presentation ensures listeners’ engagement and entertainment in its own way.  It is just one part of what makes the EP notable.  The record’s lyrical content adds to its interest, too.

The lyrical content featured in Garbage Guts is just as diverse as the EP’s musical arrangements.  ‘We’re All Friends’ promotes and celebrates unity and friendship.  The song even notes that in order to keep friends, people should be treated equally and fairly.  It even stresses that family can be friends and “unexpected places.”  Something truly   interesting here is the subtle way in which the song reminds young listeners that real friends are better than “friends” they might have online.  This simple line can lead to a much bigger discussion on internet safety. Of course that is a latent function of the song’s lyrical content, but it is there.  

“Get a Goat’ changes things up lyrically by presenting a message that promotes environmental awareness.  It does this so simply by just telling young listeners to…well…get a goat.  For those who might not know, goats are natural lawn mowers.  They eat grass and lots of it, so to that end, many people actually incorporate the use of goats for their lawn care.  That is because the only gas involved with them is the gas they give off.  Yes, that was a terrible joke.  The waste that they give off can even be potentially used for fertilizer, so they are, again, ecologically safe.  Now while the song’s lyrical content does not come right out and make this clear, the understanding of goats’ usefulness is mostly commonplace, so that makes this song’s lyrical theme still notable in its own right despite its overly simplistic nature.

‘Shoogieman’ continues to exhibit the diversity in the EP’s lyrical content by addressing the importance of good dental hygiene.  As with so many other songs, it does this by personifying the bacteria and germs that can and do damage a person’s teeth.  Even more interesting is that older audiences might catch the use of KC and the Sunshine Band’s timeless song ‘I’m Your Boogie Man’ for the basis for this work.  There is obviously a clear stylistic difference between the songs in the musical arrangements, but those lines when the “shoogieman” sings, “I’m your shoogie man,” the re-imagining is just as evident.  When all of this is considered along with the other noted lyrical themes and those not directly addressed here, the whole of the EP’s lyrical content proves overall, it is just as important to the record’s presentation as its musical content.  The overall content pairs with the EP’s sequencing to put the final touch to the record.

Listeners will note through the EP’s sequencing that it keeps things changed up from one song to the next.  This applies, as noted, to the musical and lyrical content. The upbeat vibe that the songs create is the one thing that stays constant since the arrangements’ energies remain so upbeat.  The most that the record lets up comes in its finale, ‘Our Street.’  Even in that case, the record doesn’t let up too much.

The lyrical content that is featured throughout the record play into the EP’s sequencing because while they do generally follow one overarching theme – that of promoting environmental awareness – the manner in which it does this does change from one song  to the next.  As noted ‘Get a Goat’ promotes the use of goats for lawn care instead of lawn mowers and other machines that require the use of oil and gas.  ‘No Such Thing as Waste’ promotes environmental awareness by promoting recycling.  ‘Fonky Food’ goes in yet another unique direction by promoting the use of fermentation to make food, such as sourdough bread and sauerkraut.  It serves as a reminder that while yes, some food is not safe to eat when it ferments, there is some fermented food that is good.  To this end, the song is a starting point for discussions on avoiding food waste, which is an ecological problem in its own right.  Staying on the topic of food, the EP also takes on the topic of locally sourced foods in the EP’s closer.  Relying on locally-sourced resources reduced gasoline and oil usage, leading to reduction in carbon footprints (and potentially costs to consumers), so here again is an ecologically-minded song even here.  Looking back through all of this, it becomes clear, again, that while the songs featured here do largely follow one central theme, they change from one to the next in how that lyrical theme is approached.  What’s more, the addition of the two non-ecologically-based songs breaks things up even more, making for even more interest.   Keeping everything in mind, it keeps clear why the record’s sequencing is so important to the EP’s presentation.  Together with the EP’s songs and lyrical content, the sequencing finalizes the EP’s presentation and proves one last time why this record will appeal to any family.

Formidable Vegetable’s new forthcoming EP, Garbage Guts is an interesting addition to this year’s field of new family music offerings.  Part of its appeal comes from its featured musical arrangements.  The arrangements show a variety of styles from one to the next.  The record’s lyrical content is diverse in its own right.  It largely follows the central theme of environmental awareness while presenting that message in various fashions.  The sequencing of all of that content completes the picture painted by the noted content.  It ensures that the different topics keep changing just enough from one to the next, putting the final touch to the presentation.  When it is considered along with the rest of the EP’s content, that whole makes the record in whole a work that is among the more unique of this year’s new family music records.  Garbage Guts is scheduled for release Friday.

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Heavy Feather’s Sophomore LP Will Have Listeners Saying, “Sweet”

Courtesy: The Sign Records

As 2021 progresses and efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic continue, music fans are slowly but surely starting to see more music acts announce tentative new live dates around the world.  That is a hopeful sign about where the world stands today in the ongoing battle against the pandemic.  One of the many acts out there that has announced some new tentative dates is the neo-classic rock band, Heavy Feather.  The band has tentative live dates scheduled right now, in July and September.  Those dates are in support of the band’s forthcoming sophomore album, Mountain of Sugar.  Scheduled for release Friday through The Sign Records, the 11-song record is among the best of this year’s new releases in the neo-classic rock realm.  That is proven through the album’s musical and lyrical content from beginning to end.  One of the songs that best exemplifies how that combined content makes the record so appealing comes early in the album in the form of ‘Love Will Come Easy.’  It will be discussed shortly.  ‘Sometimes I Feel,’ which comes much later in the record’s 37-minute run time is another prime example of what makes Heavy Feather’s new album stand out.  It will be discussed a little later.  ‘Let It Shine,’ which serves as the album’s midpoint, is one more example of what makes the album stand out.  It will also be discussed later.  All three songs noted here are important in their own way to the whole of this new offering from Heavy Feather.  When they are considered with the rest of the album’s entries, it is possible to say that the album is not perfect (there is some redundancy in some of the arrangements), but is still a positive new offering from the band that shows promise for the band’s future.

Heavy Feather’s sophomore album, Mountain of Sugar, is a presentation that stoner rock and neo-classic rock fans alike will agree is worth hearing at least once.  That is proven from beginning to end of the 37-minute album through its musical and lyrical content alike.  It is not a perfect album, but does boast its own share of engaging and entertaining content.  One of the most notable of the album’s songs comes early in the album in the form of ‘Love Will Come Easy.’  The song’s musical arrangement immediately lends itself to comparisons to some of the greatest of Janis Joplin’s works.  That is proven through the bluesy, fuzzed guitar line at the song’s center and through the sound of singer Lisa Lystam’s voice.  Her vocal delivery, both in sound and style, is so much like that of Joplin, and in the best way possible.  There is even something in the rich, raw sound from the drums and bass that enhances the song’s presentation even more.  The whole makes the arrangement in whole such a pleasant work.  The lyrical content that accompanies the song’s musical arrangement creates its own engagement and entertainment.

The lyrical theme featured in ‘Love Will Come Easy’ is a direct mirror image of its title.  It is a song about someone looking for love.  That is made relatively clear early on as Lystam sings, “I’m surrounded by folks/Thinking, am I good enough?/I’m pouring my heart out to get your smile…Why don’t you love me/Just tell me why.”  Thanks to the record’s production and Lystam’s unique vocal delivery style and sound, some of that lead verse is difficult to decipher sans lyrics to reference.  That aside, enough of the song is still understandable to the point that the noted theme is made relatively clear.  That final statement, asking, “Why don’t you love me/Just tell me why” is that pleading, showing that soon that this is just someone who is desperate to be loved.  Lystam continues in the song’s chorus, adding, “I know/Love will come easy.”  So again, that theme is certified even more.  The song continues in similar fashion in the song’s second verse, so there is no reason to continue from here.  The point being that this is a song that is, again, simple.  It is a person who is going through the thoughts and emotions of someone who just wants to have that special someone.  It is a fully accessible lyrical presentation that when paired with the energy in the song’s musical arrangement makes the song overall that much more appealing.  The two elements do well together here and make the song just one example of what makes the song and album stand out.  ‘Sometimes I Feel,’ which comes later in the album’s run, is another example of the record’s strength.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Sometimes I Feel’ immediately lends itself to comparisons to the best works of The Allman Brothers Band right from its outset.  That is made clear through the specific twang in the guitar line, the use of the keyboards, and the rich, raw sound of the drums.  Guitarist Mate Gustaffson takes over vocal duties here, sounding just as rough and welcome as the late, great Duane Allman.  The whole makes obvious why this song was released in February as one more of the album’s singles.  It is a composition in whole that is just as good as anything from The Allman Brothers Band and any compositions from any of Heavy Feather’s contemporaries within the roots rock/neo-classic realm.  When that content is paired with the song’s lyrical content, the song gains even more traction.

While not all of the song’s lyrical content is clear without a lyrics sheet to reference, what can be inferred from the understandable content, the song’s lyrical content would seem to focus on someone reflecting on a relationship with another.  That comes as Gustaffson sings, “Sometimes I feel/Like you belong/Sometimes I feel like I’m standing here alone/Sometimes I feel/Like something went wrong/Like all the memories we shared are just gone.”  This is all taken from the song’s chorus.  The second verse opens with Gustaffson’s subject making note of a woman rolling her eyes at the man during a discussion between the pair, adding, “I need something safe to depend on.”  Again when this is set alongside the content in the song’s chorus, it can be relatively easily inferred, again.  When one considers the mood set through the song’s musical arrangement, it makes for even more reason to believe that this song is, again, a story of someone who is looking back on perhaps a broken relationship, which is itself an all too familiar lyrical topic.  That means the song’s lyrical content is just as accessible to audiences as the song’s musical content.  What’s more, the two elements together make the song another clear example of why Heavy Feather’s noted audiences will appreciate this song and the album in whole.  Keeping all of this in mind, ‘Sometimes I Feel’ is just one more example of why roots rock and neo-classic rock fans will find Heavy Feather’s new album appealing.  ‘Let It Shine’ is yet another example of what makes the record successful.

‘Let It Shine’ is the most contemplative song featured Heavy Feather’s new album.  Lystam’s vocal delivery and the reserved guitar performance makes this song so controlled and subtle in its performance.  Audiences do not even need the song’s equally brooding lyrical content to be impacted.  That is how strong the song’s musical arrangement proves in the long run.  Speaking of that noted lyrical content, it will resonate with listeners just as much as the song’s musical arrangement.

The lyrical theme featured in ‘Let It Shine’ is certain to engage listeners because it is not as clear in its language as much of the album’s other lyrical content.  Lystam sings here of a person shining “over us.”  From that one line, it has to be inferred that the song is meant as a tribute to someone no longer here.  It would also make the line noting how the person was “like a bird who flew away/but didn’t find its way.” She even adds that “still you fly over us.”  So yet again, the song seems to be a eulogy of sorts for someone close to either her or the band in whole.  The metaphorical language that Lystam uses here is similar to that of language in other songs about someone who has died, so if in fact that is the topic at the song’s heart, then such language along with the song’s topic will certainly  connect with listeners and tug at their heart strings, creating a deep emotional impact on listeners.  That impact is increased when the moving message is paired with the noted musical arrangement.  The two items together make this song even clearer in regards to what makes Mountain of Sugar.  When this song and the others examined here are considered along with the rest of the album’s entries, the record in whole proves to be a presentation that while not perfect, does still show some promise for Heavy Feather’s future within the neo-classic/roots rock and rock communities overall.

Heavy Feather’s sophomore album Mountain of Sugar is an overall enjoyable new presentation from the up-and-coming roots/neo-classic rock band.  It is a presentation that will appeal to the band’s target audiences, which includes its established audience base, as well as those who already are fans of the noted rock subgenres.  That is proven collectively through the record’s musical and lyrical content.  All three of the songs examined here serve to support the noted statements.  When they are considered with the rest of the album’s songs, the whole makes the album in whole proof that Heavy Feather has a promising future.  Mountain of Sugar is scheduled for release Friday through The Sign Records.  More information on Mountain of Sugar is available along with all of Heavy Feather’s latest news at:

Website: https://heavyfeatherofficial.bandcamp.com


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Get Better Records Debuts Another New Single From Its Forthcoming Split

Courtesy: Get Better Records

Get Better Records debuted the sixth single from its forthcoming split Sunday, Someday this week.

The label premiered the record’s new single, ‘To Carry (On and On)‘ Wednesday. The premiere of the song, performed by Koji, follows that of the record’s other singles, ‘Between The Lines,’ ‘Mountains,’ ‘Let Go,’ ‘Masc 4 Masc,’ and ‘Burn It Down, Grow a Garden.’

SundaySomeday is scheduled for release March 26 through Get Better Records. Pre-orders are open now.

‘To Carry (On and On)’ was recorded by Koji, and is the act’s second song featured in the record. The song’s musical arrangement is a catchy mid-tempo composition. That is thanks in part to its steady, simple time keeping and subtle guitar line paired with its equally subtle vocals.

Speaking of the lyrics, no comment is provided about the song’s lyrical theme featured in the news release announcing the single’s premiere.

Sunday, Someday‘s full track listing is noted below.

Sunday, Someday’ Tracklisting:

1. Nervus (ft. Erik Garlington from Proper.) – Between The Lines

2. Nervus – Love Thy Neighbour

3. Potty Mouth – Let Go

4. Potty Mouth – Saroce & Smokes

5. Full On Mone’t – Masc 4 Masc

6. Full On Mone’t – Swimming Lessons

7. Solstice Rey – Mountains

8. Solstice Rey – Phoenix

9. KOJI – To Carry (On and On)

10. KOJI – Burn it Down, Grow a Garden

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The Nomadic Debuts New Single, ‘Skaterpark’

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Alt-rock act The Nomadic debuted its new single this week.

The act, founded by Robert Gaylard, debuted the single ‘Skaterpark‘ Friday. The song is the latest single from the act’s forthcoming album Beyond Blue. The album, who release date is under consideration, has also produced the singles, ‘Manhattan View,’ ‘Beyond Blue,’ ‘Waiting,’ and ‘Drifting.’

Gaylard talked about the creation of ‘Skaterpark’ during a recent interview.

“It’s a little different from the songs we have released so far!,” he said. “For a start, it is co-written by my brilliant Nephew Guy Stonor, who at 17 years old is already an incredibly talented bass player, song writer, and producer! We were rooming together on a family holiday in Australia in Dec 2018, and he turned to me and said “Hey Rob, let’s write a song!”; at first I was a little doubtful, skeptical even, because I have always written my own songs! However very quickly I realized we would work very easily together! Guy is such a natural- kids these days!! He was like “let’s try this lyric? Why don’t you come in a little earlier on the vocals there? Etc etc. a born producer/ songwriter I would say!”

Gaylard added that his nephew is just one of his talented family members.

“There really is so much talent in that family!,’ said Gaylard. “I keep telling them they should be forming a band! My brother in law Pete is a great lead guitarist, my sister Pep is extremely creative, younger nephew Alex is brilliant at anything he turns his hand to (including being an amazing soccer player!) and niece Libby at 11 years old is already writing and producing her own songs! The dog Cookie might need a bit of musical training, but she’s also very enthusiastic!! I can’t wait to get them all over to NY post COVID-19 to work on some new material!”

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Skatepark’ is a light, guitar-driven work. Its airy guitar line pairs with Gaylard’s vocals to generate a sound and stylistic approach that lends the work — albeit slightly — to comparison to works from Tom Petty. At the same time, listeners can also make a comparison to works from the likes of Gin Blossoms.

The song’s lyrical theme is meant to deliver a positive message, according to Gaylard.

“For the story behind the song- I would encourage all listeners to think back to childhood, adolescence and/or early adulthood!,” he said. “Can you think back to your earliest, best friend? Perhaps reminisce on the times you spent together, the fun you had, the memories you shared! Are you still in contact today? if not, would you consider reaching out to see how they are doing?!”

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Gentlemen Rogues Debuts ‘Do The Resurrection’ Video

Courtesy: Snappy Little Numbers

Independent rock band Gentlemen Rogues debuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band debuted the video for its single ‘Do The Resurrection‘ Tuesday. The video’s debut comes more than two months after the band debuted the single by itself. The song is featured in the band’s new 7″, which was released in December.

The video for ‘Do The Resurrection’ features the band performing its new single against a pair of backdrops — a living room and a cityscape beneath a series of bridges. Also incorporated into the video is footage of front man/guitarist Danny Dunlap and guitarist John Christoffel performing their respective guitar parts to the song.

‘Do The Resurrection’ is the A-side to the band’s new 7″. The song’s musical arrangement mixes elements of Green Day with some light country rock for an intriguing new whole that will engage and entertain listeners. The b-side for the 7″, ‘Bloody Rudderless,’ features a musical arrangement that mixes elements of The Lemonheads, Destination Ursa Major, and My Bloody Valentine for its own unique composition.

The band talked about its new song in a prepared statement.

“Do the Resurrection! is a fuzzed-out blast of power-pop that playfully tackles love and loss, life and death, dying and undying devotion, rinsing and repeating,” the statement reads. “It also has a dueling guitar solo, that gives White Reaper a run for their money.”

‘Do The Resurrection’ has gained much traction since its debut in November. Stevie Van Zant, who heads Wicked Cool Records, and who has his own show on Sirius XM Radio, Little Steven’s Underground Garage, has hand picked the band’s song on his show as “The Coolest Song in the World.”

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Clutch’s New Compilation Record Will Appeal To The Band’s Most Devoted Fans

Courtesy: Weathermaker Music

Veteran rock band Clutch has been quite busy in recent months.  The band recently released a new vinyl box set featuring all of the records that it has released under the Weathermaker Music label.  Additionally, the band has released a handful of re-worked songs and covers.  The release of those re-worked songs will culminate Friday with the release of Clutch’s new compilation record The Weathermaker Vault Series: Volume 1.  Clutch started releasing the songs for its new 10-song compilation last year as exclusive digital-only tracks.  Now audiences can finally have them together in one setting thanks to the band.  What audiences must keep in mind in listening to this record is that it is actually the band’s fifth (yes, fifth) compilation record.  That is in fact the most important aspect of this presentation and will be discussed shortly.  Considering that much of the record’s content is re-worked versions of previously released Clutch songs alongside some covers, the record’s production clearly deserves its own attention, and will a little later.  The 38-minute recording’s sequencing rounds out its most important elements and will also be examined later.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of the record.  All things considered, they make the compilation a presentation that will appeal to Clutch’s established fan base, as well as newer audiences.

Clutch’s latest compilation record The Weathermaker Vault Series: Volume 1 is an interesting new collection from the veteran rock band.  The band’s fifth compilation record (and second this year, following the release of Monsters, Machines, & Mythological Beasts), it stands out in part because of its track listing.  The only songs featured in this compilation that are repeats are ‘Passive Restraints,’ which originally appeared as part of the band’s 2005 compilation Pitchfork & Lost Needles, and ‘Willie Nelson,’ which featured in the band’s debut compilation, 2003’s Slow Hole To China.  Other than those two songs, what audiences get here is a largely new collection of re-worked songs and covers.  In regards to the re-worked originals, it should be noted that this compilation takes audiences back to Clutch’s earliest days, in 1992 and its sophomore EP Passive Restraints.  That record preceded the band’s debut album, Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes, & Undeniable Truths.  It comes up as recently as he band’s 2014 7” split with Lionize, which itself is a rarity.  The covers of songs from John Fogerty, ZZ Top, and Monster Magnet add even more variety to the presentation.  What’s more, that the band’s most recent compilation was a presentation whose songs focused on songs that were about…well…the fantasy realm, and that this record largely avoids repeating previous songs from its past compilations makes for a solid foundation for its presentation.  It is just one aspect of the compilation that makes it stand out.  The production of the record’s featured songs builds on that foundation and makes the compilation that much more appealing. 

The production of Clutch’s latest compilation is important to note because of it is more than just e-mastering in the case of these songs.  So many of the songs featured here sound so much fuller and richer than the original works thanks to the production.  That is evident right from the record’s outset.  The re-worked take of ‘Passive Restraints’ boasts a sound that is so much fuller and richer than its source material.  That original work presents more of a garage/punk style approach while the new, updated version is more in line with Clutch’s more familiar stoner rock sound.  The addition of Lamb of God front man Randy Blythe to the mix makes for even more punch to the song’s updated presentation.

The production that went into the update of ‘Spacegrass’ is another way in which the record’s production proves its importance.  In the case of this song’s update, the production makes the arrangement in whole sound so much clearer than in its original take.  The whole sounds so much fuller.  The original just had more of that noted garage/DIY style sound and style while the updated take clearly took full advantage of the current recording technology to flesh out the arrangement’s sound so much more.  It takes the original arrangement’s approach and basically takes it to a new, even more enjoyable level.

On a completely different note, the band’s cover of John Fogerty’s timeless hit ‘Fortunate Son’ is another example of the importance of the record’s production.  This “new” song takes Fogerty’s classic – which has been covered countless times by so many acts across the musical universe – and stays true to the original while giving that original the band’s own unique kick in the pants.  It is another full, rich, aggressive song that fully translates the frustration in the song’s lyrical content just as much as the original and so many of the existing covers.  When this is taken into consideration with the production put into the other examined songs and the rest of the compilation’s featured works, the whole leaves no doubt as to the importance of the record’s production and the positive result of that work.  Keeping that in mind, the production is just one more of the important elements of Clutch’s new compilation record.  Its sequencing rounds out its most important elements.

The sequencing of Clutch’s new compilation is important to address because of its role in keeping audiences engaged and entertained.  The whole starts off on an energetic note in ‘Passive Restraints’ and only pulls back slightly as it makes its way into ‘Run, John Barleycorn, Run.’  The record’s energy picks right back up in ‘Evil (Is Going On)’ and stays high until the album reaches the updated take of ‘Spacegrass.’  ;Precious Grace’ maintains the record’s laid back energy before things pick back up again in ‘Smoke Banshee.’  That record continues on through the album’s closer, the updated take of ‘Willie Nelson.’  Simply put, the energy rises and falls just enough throughout the course of the album, ensuring even more, listeners’ engagement and entertainment.  When this aspect is considered along with the record’s production and is featured songs, the whole of the record proves to be another positive compilation from Clutch.

Clutch’s fifth compilation record The Weathermaker Vault Series: Volume 1 is an interesting new offering from the veteran stoner/fuzz rock band.  That is due in part to its featured songs.  Only two of the record’s 10 total songs are repeats from any of the band’s past compilation records.  The rest of the songs are first-time entries and covers.  The production that went into the featured songs adds to the record’s appeal even more.  The sequencing of the featured songs does its own part to the whole of the compilation.  That is because it balances the record’s energy expertly from start to end.  Each item examined here is key in its own way to the whole of this record.  All things considered, they make the presentation a work that despite being just a compilation, is still such that it will be welcomed by Clutch’s most devoted fans.  It is scheduled for release Friday.

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ESPN To Air Special Edition Of College GameDay To Celebrate The Masters Tournament

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ESPN will air a special edition of College GameDay Built by The Home Depot Nov. 14.

The special edition of ESPN’s CGD will air live from Augusta National Golf Club. The broadcast will preview The PGA’s Masters Golf Tournament and will come specifically from the Par 3 course, the site of the Masters Par 3 Contest. The Masters Gold Tournament was postponed from its normal date in April to Saturday, Nov. 14 as a result of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jimmy Pitaro, Chairman, ESPN and Sports Content, commented on this weekend’s broadcast in a prepared statement.

“Anytime College GameDay travels to a new destination it’s special, and the opportunity to be on the grounds of Augusta National Golf Club during the Masters is extraordinary,” said Pitaro.  “As this iconic event coincides with the college football season for the first time, we look forward to getting fans ready for a football Saturday, while also showcasing the Masters and the greatest golfers in the world.”

A “virtual pit’ will allow fans to take part in the broadcast from the safety of their own homes. Fans who want to take part in the ‘virtual pit’ can register for a chance for inclusion in the event here.

Rece Davis will anchor the broadcast. Five-time Emmy Award-winning analyst Kirk Herbstreit, Heisman Trophy winner and NFL MVP Desmond Howard, College Football Hall of Fame inductee and former Georgia All-American Georgia undergrad and MBA alum Maria Taylor, and Tom Rinaldi will join Davis for the broadcast. Additionally, Lee Corso will contribute remotely from his home.

Other contributors expected to appear on Saturday’s edition of College GameDay Built by The Home Depot are: Jen Lada, Pat McAfee, and Gene Wojciechowski. Along with appearing on Saturday’s broadcast, Rinaldi will also repot on The Masters for his 13th consecutive year.

This year is the first that ESPN’s College GameDay Built by The Home Depot has aired from Augusta. However, the program has previously welcomed some well-known college golf athletes. PGA golfer Ricky Fowler (former Oklahoma State golfer), and fellow PGA star Justin Thomas (former Alabama golfer) have appeared on the program.

ESPN will air the first and second rounds of The Masters tournament from 1 – 5:30 p.m. ET on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 12-13. ESPN will offer expanded PGA coverage this year from Nov. 9-15 on ESPN+, including exclusive practice round coverage on Nov. 10-11, and coverage of Holes 4,5, and 6 on all four days of the tournament. Additionally, SportsCenter will have special coverage from The Masters throughout the week of the tournament.

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Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons Debuts New Single, ‘Bite My Tongue,’ Companion Lyric Video

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Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons did not wait long to release its latest single and video.

The band debuted its new single ‘Bite My Tongue’ and its companion lyric video Friday. The song and its video are the third from the band’s forthcoming album We Are The Bastards, which is scheduled for release Nov. 13 through Nuclear Blast Records. The premiere comes one week after the band debuted the album’s second single, ‘We’re The Bastards’ and its video, and more than a month after the group debuted the album’s lead single ‘Son of a Gun’ and its video.

The lyric video for ‘Bite My Tongue’ places the song’s lyrics against a montage of footage that features, imagery, such as a person shouting and pointing a finger, a person shouting through a megaphone while his mouth is covered in tape, and a person typing way at a keyboard. The imagery is used to help illustrate the message in the song’s lyrical theme, which “encourages” people to think before they just spout off at the mouth.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Bite My Tongue’ is a heavy, driving, up-tempo modern rock style composition. Its stylistic approach and sound will appeal to fans of Stone Sour among other similar acts.

Guitarist Todd Campbell said of the band’s latest single, “Because ‘We’re The Bastards’ said the word “Bastard” too many bastard times in it we decided to release ‘Bite my Tongue’ too for your listening pleasure. It never says the word ‘bastard’ in it, but we threw in a few ‘shits’ for good measure!”

Courtesy: Nuclear Blast Records

In other news, Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons have launched a new apparel line. Specifically speaking, the band has launched a new line of t-shirts to help pay its road crew since live performances are all but nonexistent right now.

Said the band about the new shirts, “We’ve just released a We’re the Bastards crew t-shirt where all the profits will go towards our amazing and extremely hard-working road crew during this tough time with no live touring.”

In more related news, drummer Dane Campbell has launched his own podcast called “Drum For The Song.” the podcast is available to stream through Spotify and YouTube.

We’re The Bastards will release on CD; limited edition digi-pack with four bonus tracks; and 2LP vinyl.  The 2LP set will feature four different color patterns: black, orange/black splatter, gold, and sparkle.  Additionally, it will release as a digital album.  Digital pre-saves are open now.

The album’s track listing is noted below.

The tracklist reads as follows:
1. We’re The Bastards
2. Son Of A Gun
3. Promises Are Poison
4. Born To Roam
5. Animals
6. Bite My Tongue
7. Desert Song
8. Keep Your Jacket On
9. Lie To Me
10. Riding Straight To Hell
11. Hate Machine
12. Destroyed
13. Waves

Bonus tracks [limited digipak]:
14. Big Mouth (Live)
15. Freak Show (Live)
16. Dark Days (Live)
17. Rock ‘n’ Roll (Live)

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Karma Kids Debuts ‘Chemical Drugs’ Lyric Video; Streaming EP Now

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Pop punk band Karma Kids debuted the lyric video for its latest single this week.

The band debuted the lyric video for its new single ‘Chemical Drugs’ Tuesday. The song’s video treatment places the song’s lyrics over a beating heart. the shot moves aroudn throughout the song, but the background stays the same.

The musical arrangement featured in the band’s new single is a composition that will appeal to a wide range of similar acts, such as New Found Glory, Blink-182, and others of that ilk. The song’s lyrical content is accessible in its own right, as it touches on the topic of relationships in different fashions.

Front man Jon Benjamin discussed the song’s lyrical theme in a recent interview.

“’Chemical Drugs’ is the story of thinking back on a relationship,” he said. “Sexual Drugs” and “Chemical Drugs” really sum the record up as showing both the infatuation at the beginning and then how to deal with it.”

In related news to that of the debut of the band’s new single and video, Karma Kids is now streaming its new EP Chemical Drugs online. The record is available to stream and download through Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Its track listing is noted below.

Track Listing:

1. Sexual Drugs

2. Lightning

3. Chemical Drugs

4. Skeletons

5. Wasting Away

6. Jersey

More information on Karma Kids’ new single, video and EP is available along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:

Website: http://www.karmakidsin.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/karmakidsin

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