Turner Sports Announces Extensive Coverage Schedule For 2016 PGA Championship

Courtesy:  Turner Sports/Time Warner

Courtesy: Turner Sports/Time Warner

TNT launches its coverage of the 2016 PGA Championship this week.

Officials with Turner Sports announced today that TNT’s coverage of the 98th PGA Championship begins this Thursday, July 28th at 1pm ET. The four-day tournament runs from July 28th to 31st and will feature some of golf’s biggest names including: defending champion Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Henrik Stenson, and Phil Mickelson among so many others.

2016 marks the 26th consecutive year that Turner Sports has covered the PGA Championship and the 18th year that TNT has televised the tournament.  TNT will carry 18 hours of exclusive live action on July 28th an 29th from 1pm ET – 7pm ET.  The network will also carry coverage of the third and fourth rounds on Saturday and Sunday, July 30th and 31st from 11am ET – 2pm ET.  Ernie Johnson will anchor the broadcast alongside Brian Anderson, who will be calling his first-ever PGA Championship.  The pair will be joined by analysts Ian Baker-Finch and Billy Kratzert for additional commentary along with on-course analyst Mike Weir and Amanda Balionis, handling pre- and post-round interviews.

Along with its coverage on television, PGA.com, which is managed by Turner Sports, will offer expanded coverage of the event streaming live via PGA Championship LIVE.  That coverage is presented by Mercedes-Benz and Edward Jones.  PGA Championship LIVE will double its “Features Group” coverage this year, expanding that coverage to four featured groups each day.  That expanded coverage begins Thursday morning with defending PGA Championship winner Jason Day, Phil Mickelson, and Rory McIlroy at 8:30am ET.  Coverage of Adam Scott, Keegan Bradley, and Jamie Donaldson follows at 9:30am ET.  Coverage of the afternoon groups begins at 1:25pm ET with Jordan Spieth, Sergio Garcia, and Bubba Watson.  Danny Willet, Dustin Johnson, and Henrik Stenson follow at 1:45pm ET.  Coverage of the afternoon groups will follow all 18 holes for the noted groups.  The PGA Championship LIVE video player will be available across a number of platforms including desktop, iOS, and Android tablets, smart phones, and the PGA Championship TV App designed specifically for Samsung Smart TVs.  Brian Anderson an Brian Katrek will anchor will co-anchor PGA.com’s coverage of the PGA Championship.  They will be joined by analysts Billy Kratzert and Michael Breed.  Course reporters Brian Katrek an Annabel Rolley will be on hand for additional commentary throughout the tournament.  Viewers can watch full simulcast coverage of the tournament on PGA.com by logging in with their user names and passwords provided by their TV service providers.

Along with its extensive coverage on television and via PGA.com Turner Sports’ coverage of the PGA Championship will also extend to the network’s social media outlets, too.  Fans can follow all of the action in a variety of ways through those outlets, too.  More information on the 2016 PGA Championship is available online now at:




Website: http://www,pgachampionship.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pgachampionship

Twitter: http://twitter.com/PGAcom




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Mets, Nats Announced For Sept. 4th Edition Of ESPN’s ‘SNB’

Courtesy:  ESPN

Courtesy: ESPN

ESPN has announced the matchup for the September 4th edition of Sunday Night Baseball presented by Taco Bell.

The Washington Nationals and New York Mets go under the lights Sunday, September 4th on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball presented by Taco Bell.  Being that the game is so far out on the schedule, no rosters or pitchers have been named for the game at this time.  The game is the closer in a three-game weekend series between the NL East opponents.  Dan Shulman will have the call for the game.  He will be joined in the booth by analysts Aaron Boone and Jessica Mendoza for additional commentary.  Reporter Buster Olney will also be on hand for all of the latest in-game news and interviews.  Coverage of the game is scheduled to begin at 8pm ET.  It will be preceded by Baseball Tonight: Sunday Night Countdown presented by Chevrolet.  Karl Ravech will anchor the broadcast.  He will be joined at the desk by analyst Dallas Braden and ESPN MLB Insider Tim Kurkjian.

More information on the September 4th edition of Sunday Night Baseball presented by Taco Bell is available online now along with all of the latest MLB headlines at:




Website: http://espn.go.com/mlb

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ESPNBaseballTonight

Twitter: http://twitter.com/BBTN




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Quor Joining Elisium On “The Blue Tour”

Courtesy: O'Donnell Media Group

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Quor is hitting the road with Elisium.

The San Diego, California-based metal trio has announced that it will join Elisium for what has been dubbed the “Blue Tour” beginning Sunday, August 7th in Costa Mesa, California at the Orange County Fairgrounds.  The tour wraps Wednesday, August 24th in Toledo Ohio at Realm.  The two-week tour features a total of 11 dates that run largely throughout the Midwest.  The complete schedule for the band’s tour is noted below.




OC Fair Grounds
Costa Mesa, CA

Metro Bar
Springville, UT

Algona, IA

Fort Atkinson, WI

The Venue
Dubuque, IA

Kishwaukee Tap
Rockford, IL

The Tree
Joliet, IL

The Looney Bin
Bradley, IL

Traveler’s Bar
Le Roy, MI

Kent, OH

Toledo, OH


Courtesy: QUOR Music

Courtesy: QUOR Music

The band’s upcoming live dates are in support of its most recent recording, its 2-EP release Human Paradigm: The Deluxe Edition.  The nine-song recording was released September 10th, 2015 and features the song ‘Let’s Rise’ whose video is streaming online now via the bands official YouTube channel.  The video for the record’s title track is also available online now via the band’s official websiteHuman Paradigm: The Deluxe Edition can be ordered online now via Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and the band’s website. More information on Quor’s upcoming live schedule is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news at:




Website: http://www.quorbackstage.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/QUORMUSIC

Twitter: http://twitter.com/quormusic




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Flaw Shows It Still Has Plenty Left To Offer Audiences On Its New LP

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

There’s an old adage out there that states “you can’t keep a good man down.”  In the same vein, you also can’t keep a good woman down.  Flaw is proof of that.  The Louisville, Kentucky-based hard rock band has faced more breakups, makeups, lineup changes, and label changes than most bands that have been around as long as them.  This is regardless of whether said bands are independent or major label acts.  Now two decades after originally front man Chris Volz originally formed the band, he is trying his hand for what feels like the umpteenth time and will release the band’s fourth full-length studio recording Divided We Fall next month.  The album features the lineup Volz (vocals), Jason Daunt (guitar), Ryan Juhrs (bass), and Corey Sturgill (drums).  The album’s title is fitting considering Flaw’s history.  Listening to this new album one can only hope that this album will finally mark a new beginning for the band.  That is because the album serves as a reminder of what originally made Flaw such a well-kept secret so many years ago and that even with its rough history it still has plenty to offer audiences given the right support.

Flaw has seen over the course of its now two-decade life more ups and downs than most bands that have been around just as long both mainstream and independent alike.  For all of those ups and downs that the band has faced, its latest effort Divided We Fall shows that this band still has plenty to offer audiences and that it is still as strong as it was in its infancy way back in 1996.  One of the songs that best exhibits this is the album’s absolute powerhouse composition ‘Choices.’  It is a simple title.  But both in terms of its musical arrangement and its lyrical content it is quite the heavy, hard-hitting composition. In regards to its musical arrangement it wastes little time launching from its brooding opening bars to a full on, merciless assault on the ears.  When Volz’s screams are set against the work of his band mates, that arrangement even conjures thoughts of Dry Kill Logic.  Volz wastes just as little time making his statement.  He stars off with a quiet yet powerful whisper, stating “Sometimes we make the choices/Other times the choices make us/Say it loudly/Lift up your voices/I’ll take a bullet for the people I trust.”  That final statement in the song’s introductory bars is a telling one to say the very least.  It boasts the most fire of those bars and puts the exclamation mark on exactly what he was trying to say here.  What he was trying to say, in this critic’s view, was that because of the way that life works out, he would likely take a bullet for very few people.  That is because he likely doesn’t trust very many people, again especially considering Flaw’s past history.  From there he goes on to ask, “Why don’t you hold my head up/So that I can breathe better/Just make me open my eyes so that I can see the light/All around us bad decisions will make or break you/We’re busting these chains/Gonna fight the good fight.”  He comes across here as saying we’re going to succeed no matter what, apparently addressing those who wouldn’t help even in the most difficult times.  That, again, is just this critic’s own take and should not be taken as the only interpretation.  The picture painted by Volz’s lyrics gets even more interesting in the song’s second verse as he sings, “So I’m calling all the people who know just how to dig deep/I’m setting all the pins/And making sure it’s all set/There’s never been a time like now so get it together/There’s only one chance…”  He is seemingly saying that he is making a choice for himself rather than letting life make choices for him.  He is making the choice to deal with some issues that have been needing to be dealt with and there has not been a chance like the one at hand in which to do so.  Even with this interpretation, this is a powerful statement.  It is a statement that is made even more boldly and proudly through the use of the song’s musical arrangement.  The two elements together make the song a statement that is certain to be one of listeners’ favorites from this new record.  It is just one of the album’s most impacting statements, too.

‘Choices’ is a clear example of just how much Flaw has left to offer audiences on its latest album.  The song’s musical intensity and its equally impacting lyrical content make it a powerful statement from the band.  It is just one of the songs that shows on this record how much the band still has left to offer audiences.  ‘Live and Breathe’ is another of the album’s examples of how much this band still has in its collective tank.  This song, musically speaking, is even more intense than ‘Choices.’  The band is balanced from one part to the next.  And the contrast of the songs rap/rock style verses to its more melodic chorus adds even more impact to the song.  The intensity in Volz’s voice as he delivers the song’s verses adds one more layer to that impact, too.  Speaking of the song’s lyrical content both in terms of the verses and choruses, it is just as important to the songs presentation as its musical makeup.  Looking at the song’s lyrical content it comes across as a proudly defiant statement against any naysayers and those who would otherwise try to cut down Volz or the band.  That can be assumed as Volz raps, “Bounce back cardiac/Whatever trouble arises I got your back/We’re taking no numbers/Just face to face/If you’ve come for no reason we’re taking your place/I Do differ from time to time/But you know I never left a good man behind/So I get by here day to day/This is something that you’ll never be taking away.”  Going back to the contrast of the song’s verses to its chorus, that contrast is immediately evident in the first refrain of the chorus as Volz and company sing, “All these fears are gone now/So many troubles have washed away/We’ve made it through this somehow/To live and breath another day.”  The confidence yet calm sense in Volz’s voice as he sings these lines serves to drive home his resolution.  It is almost like two distinct statements with the verse serving to address  a certain person/persons while the chorus is meant to come across as Volz thinking or speaking to himself.  That clear contrast continues throughout the remainder of the song with the end result being a song that hits just as hard as any of the album’s other offerings if not harder.  That impact reminds audiences why this song is just one more example of how much the album in whole shows that the band still has in its tank.  It still is not the only remaining example of that, either.  ‘My Letter,’ the album’s closer, is one more song exemplifying just how much Flaw still has in its tank.

‘Choices’ and ‘Live and Breathe’ are both key songs exemplifying just how much Flaw still has to offer audiences even twenty years or so after it first formed.  They are not the only songs presented in this record that serve to show how much the band still has to offer.  Volz’s re-worked take on ‘My Letter’—which was originally presented in the band’s 2001 debut Through The Eyes—is another example of how much the band still has left to offer audience.  It is a good way for the band to close out its new album.  That is because it is the polar opposite of every other one of the albums offerings.  It is a very reserved, piano-driven piece that is deeply introspective.  Volz sings here against the simple backdrop of a piano here, “This is my letter to you/We started following a certain description/We started simple and fair once again/Before there wasn’t any need for an answer/Things were much different then but/Now you question who I am/Who I am inside/Now there’s nothing left to hide/So here it goes/This is my letter/I hope you’re all right/It’s been rough for me/Been thinking all night/About all the places I’d be/If I maybe/Just did a little bit more/You might have let me become a man for sure/And if I might/Express one concern/It seems an issue all day at every turn/What’s the next step…what’s next for me to learn.”  At first the “letter” seems to address a former love interest.  But when Volz looks back and says, “If I maybe/Just did a little bit more/You might have let me become a man for sure,” one can’t help but think that maybe he is addressing an issue with either his father or a father figure.  That supposition grows even more in the song’s second verse as Volz sings “Engulf myself into a permanent mystery/No one day just as the next/Not for me/It’s so confusing when I look at my history/I just can’t handle that yet.”  From here he reprises the song’s chorus echoing again that same sentiment that was previously noted.  Regardless of whom Volz was addressing in this song, the song’s lyrical message hits even harder with its simpler, re-worked arrangement.  The simplicity of Volz singing those familiar lines against just a piano and nothing else gives the song so much depth.  Yet again this shows that Volz and company still have plenty of ideas likely left to share with audiences.  It is hardly the last song that exhibits this, too.  Any of the album’s remaining songs could be cited just as easily in making this statement.  All things considered Flaw has shown in this new forty-one minute record that it still has plenty left to offer provided its members remain united rather than divided.

Flaw has endured so much strike and turmoil over the course of its now twenty year life.  From breakups to makeups, lineup changes and label changes, this band has been there and seemingly done it all.  And now on its fourth full-length studio recording the band has shown that even despite everything that it has faced, it still has plenty left to offer audiences.  That is evident in the proudly defiant ‘Live and Breathe,’ the equally powerful ‘Choices’ and the deeply moving re-worked take of ‘My Letter.’  All three songs show in their own way that this band still has plenty left to offer audiences provided it can remain united rather than divided.  The same can be said of the rest of the songs that make up the body of the eleven-song record.  All in all this record shows that if Flaw can remain united it could finally stand tall and gain the fame that it so rightly deserves.  Divided We Fall will be released in stores and online on Friday, August 19th via Pavement Entertainment.  The band also has a tour scheduled in support alongside Dope in support of Divided We Fall.  More information on the band’s new album and tour is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news at:




Website: http://flawband.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FLAWBAND

Twitter: http://twitter.com/officialflaw




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Alter Bridge Announces Title, Release Date For New LP

Courtesy: Caroline Records/Napalm Records

Courtesy: Caroline Records/Napalm Records

Alter Bridge has a new album on the way this fall.

The Last Hero will be released Friday, October 7th in stores and online.  Pre-orders for the album are open now via iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay.  The album can be ordered in a number of bundle packages online via Alter Bridge’s online store.  Those that pre-order the album now will get the album’s lead single ‘Show Me A Leader’ instantly.  For everyone else, the band has debuted the song’s lyric video, which can be viewed online now here.  The song is also streaming online via Spotify.  The song originally premiered Tuesday on Sirius/XMs Octane.  Front man Myles Kennedy discussed the song in a recent interview noting its socially conscious message.  “Lyrically, it reflects the frustrations that a lot of people are feeling with the current state of the world,” he said.  “The world is looking for trustworthy effective leadership and not this undignified dog and pony show that’s really made a mockery of our system.”  Guitarist Mark Tremonti expanded on the song, noting in short its creation.  “It’s indicative of our process,” he said.  “Myles had this guitar intro that I loved, and I had the chorus. We put them together. The words call out for a proper leader.”

The Last Hero is the band’s fifth full-length studio recording.  It will be released via Caroline Records in the United States and Canada and via Napalm Records throughout the rest of the world.  It was produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Slash, Tremonti, Trivium, etc.).  Its full track-listing is noted below.


                   The Last Hero Track Listing


1)     Show Me A Leader

2)     The Writing On The Wall

3)     The Other Side

4)     My Champion

5)     Poison In Your Veins

6)     Cradle To The Grave

7)     Losing Patience

8)     This Side Of Fate

9)     You Will Be Remembered

10)   Crows On A Wire

11)   Twilight

12)   Island Of Fools

13)   The Last Hero


A tour in support of The Last Hero has been announced along with the premiere of the band’s new single.  The tour launches September 22n in Destin, Florida and includes performances in San Antonio, Texas, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lincoln, Nebraska, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Nashville, Tennessee among others.  Those dates are in addition to the band’s current live schedule which includes a performance tonight in Detroit, Michigan.  The band’s full tour schedule is noted below.


2016 Tour Dates


Jul 26th * Detroit, MI DTE Energy Amphitheater
Jul 27th * Cincinnati, OH Riverbend Music Center
Jul 29th * Scranton, PA The Pavilion at Montage Mountain
Jul 30th * Wantagh, NY Nikon at Jones Beach
Jul 31st * Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center
Aug 2nd * Virginia Beach, VA Farm Bureau Live
Aug 4th * Gilford, NH Bank of NH Pavilion
Aug 6th Bangor, ME Rise Above Festival
Aug 7th Montreal, QC Heavy MTL Festival
Aug 8th * Toronto, ON Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
Aug 11th * Oklahoma City, OK Zoo Amphitheatre
Aug 12th * Dallas, TX Gexa Energy Amphitheater
Aug 13th * Houston, TX Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Aug 15th * Denver, CO Red Rocks Amphitheater
Aug 17th * Albuquerque, NM Isleta Amphitheater
Aug 19th * Concord, CA Concord Pavilion
Aug 21st Seattle, WA Pain In The Grass – White River Amphitheater
Aug 23rd # Portland, OR Roseland Theater
Aug 24th * Post Falls, ID Greyhound Park
Sep 22nd # Destin, FL Club LA
Sep 24th Houston, TX Houston Open Air Festival
Sep 25th # San Antonio, TX Aztec Theater
Sep 28th # Minneapolis, MN Skyway Theatre
Sep 29th # Lincoln, NE Bourbon Theatre
Oct 1st Janesville, WI Sonic Boom
Oct 2nd Louisville, KY Louder Than Life
Oct 4th # Charlotte, NC Fillmore
Oct 5th # Nashville, TN War Memorial Auditorium
Oct 8th Tulsa, OK Tulsa State Fair – Oklahoma Stage



* playing with Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Saint Asonia

# Headline show


More information on Alter Bridge’s new album, tour and more is available online now at:




Website: http://www.alterbridge.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/alterbridge

Twitter: http://twitter.com/alterbridge




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‘Endgame’ Makes Plenty Of Smart Moves

Courtesy: Shout! Factory

Courtesy: Shout! Factory

The underdog story is one of the most overly story types in the movie industry today.  From Rudy to Rocky to Remember The Titans and beyond Hollywood loves visiting the underdog arena.  In all honesty, it is the view of this critic that Hollywood loves the underdog arena way too much.  That is because of the genre’s overall lack of creativity and originality. It seems that nine out of every ten underdog stories offered to audiences today present roughly the same story just in a different setting.  While that is a somewhat disheartening number to consider, it does at least mean that every now and then there is one underdog story that makes up for the other nine that are otherwise forgettable.  Earlier this month Shout! Factory released one of those standout offerings in the form of the indie underdog story Endgame.  The movie, originally released nationwide on September 25th, 2015, was released earlier this month on DVD and Blu-ray by Shout! Factory.  While it might not be the most memorable movie of its kind to ever be released it is still a worthwhile alternative to all of the other run-of-the-mill stories within that arena.  That is especially true in considering the movie’s story, which is just one of its key elements.  The work of the movie’s cast is just as important to note here.  That will be discussed later.  The bonus material that is included with the movie’s new home release rounds out the most important of its elements.  It completes the movie’s presentation in its new home release and shows once more why this indie underdog story is just as inspirational and moving as its more well-known counterparts and in turn, is worth at least one watch.

Endgame is hardly the first underdog story to ever be presented to audiences in cinematic history.  It is however, an underdog story that is just as inspirational as its more well-known counterparts.  In turn it is an underdog story that is worth at least one watch as is evidenced in the movie’s central story.  The story follows a young Latino boy named Jose (Rico Rodriguez—Modern Family, The Muppets, Epic Movie) who happens to be quite the talented chess player.  Growing up in the poor community of Brownsville, Texas, chess is the only thing that brings him any joy in life other than his grandmother (Ivonne Coll—Jane The Virgin, Lean on Me, The Godfather: Part II).  That is because he is living in the shadow of his older brother Miguel (Xavier Gonzalez—Between Us, Walk Away, Stories of the Paranormal).  Miguel is a rising soccer star and everybody knows and loves him.  They expect Jose to be just like Miguel.  But when Miguel is killed in a late night car crash, life changes for everyone, including Jose and his divorcee mother.  Chess becomes even more Jose’s escape and his source of strength.  The story eventually sees Jose and his team mates in his school’s chess team inspire each other and their entire community as they make their way to the state chess championships.  Even Jose’s mother and grandmother are inspired and moved in their own way.  What is most interesting of the whole story is that while the story does end at least somewhat as expected there is a surprise of sorts in the end, too.  That unexpected ending element is actually a pleasant surprise.  It won’t be revealed here for the sake of those who haven’t yet seen the movie.  But it is nice to see that writer/director Carmen Marron didn’t let the story remain formulaic even in its end.  Staying on that train of thought, Marron’s approach to her adaptation of the real life events on which this movie are based is to be just as commendable as the story itself.

The story at the center of Endgame is in itself worth at least one watch.  That is because it isn’t just another underdog story centered on a boxer, football player (or team), or sports team in whole.  Rather it focuses on one community’s banding together behind an unsuspecting middle school chess team in one of Americas most underprivileged school districts.  While the story’s “nothing to something” story line is ultimately not that original the story is still original in its own right since few if any underdog stories have ever centered on such subjects.  That is just part of what makes the story stand out.  Writer/director Carmen Marron’s approach to the story is just as important to note in considering the story as the story itself.  That is because unlike other screenwriters, Marron didn’t try to make Endgame into yet another run-of-the-mill, over-the-top epic underdog stories of which audiences are all too familiar.  Rather she made sure that the story maintained a certain sense of humility throughout instead of letting it become one of those almost pompous presentations that are so common among its more well-known counterparts.  At the same time, being a Dove Foundation approved movie it also didn’t have that overly cheesy vibe of so many other movies given the okay by the Christian-based film rating organization.  Rather it has more the feel of a general independent movie than one of its over-the-top big brothers or one of its cheesier indie counterparts.  In other words, it boasts its own approach, and in turn identity thanks to Marron’s approach.  When this is taken into consideration along with the story itself the two elements combine to show why Endgame’s story makes its worth at least one watch.

The story at the center of Endgame and the approach taken in creating the movie are both important pieces of the movie’s presentation.  Both by themselves and together, they make the movie worth at least one watch.  They are not the only important elements to note in examining the movie’s presentation.  The work of the movie’s cast is just as important to note as that of Marron in developing the story.  Rodriguez, Coll, and Justina Machado are among the most notable of the cast members in considering the cast’s work.  Whether alone or together, each actor puts forth an admirable performance throughout the movie.  Thanks to Rodriguez’s performance, so many younger audiences will be able to relate to Jose regardless of nationality.  Even older audiences may find themselves being able to relate to Jose.  That is because so many people have faced the same sibling issues that Jose faced and the related frustrations.  It makes Jose’s frustrations completely understandable.  Rodriguez’s handling of those emotions is just as relatable to many viewers.  Given, probably not every has broken a sibling’s trophy out of anger, but they have likely broken something belonging to a sibling out of anger towards said figure.  In the same breath, likely fewer people have ever had to deal with the death of a sibling (or even a child) at such a young age.  But there sadly are those few that have dealt with it.  Being that there are those who have, they will appreciate the pure emotion exhibited by all three actors.  It would have been so easy for each to go over the top in their portrayal of their respective characters’ sadness of Miguel’s death.  In a much bigger budgeted film, that might have even happened.  That’s especially the case since this has in fact happened in said movies.  But none of the trio went to that length.  It makes each individual’s performance all the more believable and engaging.  On a different note, the relationship between Jose and his grandmother is just as enjoyable to see.  Coll and Rodriguez have such wonderful chemistry when they are on screen together.  It is clear in watching them that thy really enjoyed working together.  Because they had so much fun together audiences will enjoy their performances just as much.  There are so many other performances that could be cited here in explaining why the cast’s work is just as important to the movie’s presentation as its story.  They include that of Rodriguez’s cast mate Alina Herrera (Marrying God, The Little Samaritan, Caribe Road) as Jose’s frien Dani, Efran Ramirez’s (Crank, Napoleon Dynamite, Eastbound & Down) take on Jose’s teacher Mr. Alvarado, and Jon Gries’ (Napoleon Dynamite, Taken, Men in Black) take on Principal Thomas.  Each actor puts forth his (or her) impressive performance throughout the movie.  Their performances couple with those of Rodriguez, Coll, and Machado to show even more clearly why the work of the movie’s cast is just as important to its presentation as that of Marron in crafting the story.  They are not the movie’s only important elements, though.  The bonus material that is included in the movie’s home release is just as important to note as its story and the work of its cast.

Writer/director Carmen Marron’s work in developing Endgame’s story and the work of the movie’s cast in interpreting Marron’s scripts are both important in their own right to the movie’s presentation.  Each element makes the movie worth at least one watch.  They are not the movie’s only important elements, though.  The bonus material that is included with the movie in its new home release is just as important to the movie’s presentation as its writing and acting.  The most notable of those bonus materials is the movie’s bonus behind-the-scenes featurette.  This is important to note because it is rare for a behind-the-scenes featurette to add any real value to a movie’s presentation.  More often than not they are little more than space fillers regardless of the studio.  But in the case of this movie it actually adds quite a bit to the movie’s presentation.  Audiences learn in watching this featurette that lead star Rico Rodriguez actually came into the movie with at least some knowledge of chess.  He openly admitted that he was hardly a professional.  But he did have at least a certain amount of knowledge and understanding of the game.  So being involved in the movie, he states in his interviews that has in fact served to strengthen his interest in the centuries-old board game.  That is quite the statement.  On a related note, audiences will be just as interested to learn in this feature that the movie was recorded in just 19 days, many of which couldn’t even be full, eight-hour days.  That is due to labor laws preventing minors from working eight hours in a single day.  Most of the 19 days in question turned out to be about 6 hour days because of those labor laws.  All of this is so notable because of how the movie turned out in the long run.  Again, it boasts its very own identity both within the underdog arena and within the Dove-nominated field.  It stands out in both fields both in terms of its look and its feel.  This is the case even with the movie having been recorded in just 19 days.  That is truly extraordinary especially for an independent movie.  Just as interesting to note is the fact that the movie was filmed completely on-site in Brownsville, Texas.  That adds even more to the movie’s believability.  By direct connection the revelation of the community’s welcoming nature towards the movie’s cast and crew is just as interesting to learn.  It echoes the togetherness exhibited by the community in the movie.  This shows once more the importance of the movies bonus material in regards to the movie’s overall presentation.  Even Marron’s own audio commentary throughout the movie adds its own interest to the movie.  When that engaging bonus material is set alongside the movie’s story and the work of the movie’s cast, the presentation in whole proves why it is, again, worth at least one watch.

Endgame is not the first underdog story to ever be presented to audiences either independently or on a major scale.  It is however, just as inspiring and moving as its more well-known counterparts past and present.  That is due to its largely original story and the approach taken in presenting the story.  The work of the movie’s cast plays its own part in making the movie worth seeing.  The same can be said of the bonus material included in the movie’s recent home release.  Each element plays its own important part in the movie’s overall presentation.  All things considered they make the movie more than just another underdog story.  They make it an underdog story that is worth at least one watch.  It is available in stores and online now and can be ordered online direct via Shout! Factory’s online store at https://www.shoutfactory.com/film/film-drama/endgame. More information on this and other titles from Shout! Factory is available online now at:




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Set It Free Announces First Live Show In Five Years

Courtesy:  Breathing Blue/Set It Free/Wicked Hollow/River Rock Restaurant and Marina Bar

Courtesy: Breathing Blue/Set It Free/Wicked Hollow/River Rock Restaurant and Marina Bar

Set It Free has announced a new live performance.

The band will perform next month at what is being dubbed the “Rock For Landon Cancer Benefit Concert.”  The concert will be held Thursday, August 18th at River Rock Restaurant and Marina Bar in Brick Township, New Jersey.  It will mark the first time in five years that the band has performed live together.  Admission is $15 at the door.  All proceeds will go to help pay the medical bills for 18 month-old Landon Moellman.  He is currently undergoing treatments for Retinoblastoma cancer at a hospital in Philadelphia.  In layman’s terms Retinoblastoma cancer is just one form of cancer that originates in the eyes.  If left untreated it can eventually lead to glaucoma and loss of sight.  In rarer and worse cases it can even potentially spread to other parts of the body, which can make a patients outlook even worse.  The problem with Landon’s case is that the hospital where he is receiving treatment is not accepting his parents’ insurance, making the situation more difficult both for him and his family, which is, again, the purpose of the concert.  Also on the bill are Breathing Blue and Wicked Hollow.

More information on the upcoming benefit show is available online now at Set It Free’s official Facebook page and that of Breathing Blue.  Audiences can also help contribute to Moellman’s treatments via his parents’ GoFundMe page.

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