Robert Lamm Songs gives new birth to great classics

The weather’s getting warmer.  Schools and colleges across the country are holding graduation ceremonies, and schools are also now in prom season.  That means lots and lots of people are making plans for road trips and weekend get togethers.  And what goes better with road trips and parties than some fun music?  Enter Chicago vocalist Robert Lamm and producer John Van Eps.  The pair have teamed up for an album of remixes of classic songs from both Lamm and Chicago titled, “Robert Lamm Songs:  The JVE ReMixes.

“Robert Lamm Songs:  The JVE ReMixes” hits stores June 1st.  The album takes a collection of songs from Chicago and from Lamm himself and completely re-invents them.  It’s highlighted by the remixes of Chicago’s ’25 or 6 to 4′ and Lamm’s own hit, ‘You’re My Sunshine Everyday.’  Van Eps’ remix of ’25 or 6 to 4′ is a great samba style remake that makes for a great dance moment at any party or prom.  The additional remix that closes the album is just as fun.  The first remix is dubbed the “dance” mix, and the second the “latin” mix.  But both are great dance mixes.  Van Eps’ take on Lamm’s ‘You’re My Sunshine Everyday’ is just as impressive.  It’s one of those songs that is great both for parties and road trips.

When asked about the collection of remixes, Van Eps said of it, “It’s supposed to be quirky and fun.”  He added that he was at least a little concerned about response to this collection, saying, “My fear is that the Chicago website is going to be rife with complaints about what I’ve done!”  But the reality of this compilation is that neither Van Eps nor Lamm himself have anything about which to be concerned.    Every song throughout this release has its own identity.  Even the remix of Chicago’s ‘Beginnings’, which opens the album, gets a great rebirth of sort on this compilation.  Lamm himself put it best in saying of these songs, “They are more than remixes:  They arenewcompositions based on my songs, using ‘stems’ from various recordings.”  The songs really are new songs all the way around.  It could even be argued that this set of songs is more original pieces set against a backdrop of songs from Chicago and Lamm that were sliced, diced and re-assembled specifically to fit each new creation than Chicago songs that have simply been re-imagined.

Considering how interesting a listen this collection of songs is, one can’t help but wonder why exactly the remaining members of Chicago passed on having any direct connection to the project.  Regardless, it definitely turned out to be one of those pieces that stands out because of its originality and creativity.  Not only has it re-introduced some classic songs to older audiences, but it has also successfully found a way to introduce these classics to a whole new generation of audiences.  Audiences can buy the album online at, and if they can’t find it in stores.  It will also be available via iTunes, and all other digital outlets.

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