Etta James Live At Montreux 1993 Another Fitting Tribute To Late Blues Legend

Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

Etta James Live at Montreux 1993 is a wonderful companion to the recently released single disc compilation, chronicling her performances from 1975 – 1993.  While the audio portion of this collection was a fitting posthumous tribute to Etta, this new video portion is that much more of a tribute.

On the surface, what makes this new DVD and blu-ray release even better than the CD is that it expands on the CD’s presentation.  It boasts the same songs from the CD.  It also features a whole bevy of extra songs that weren’t included on the CD.  Included among those extra songs are instrumental takes on ‘Funky Good Times’ and ‘Hold On, I’m Coming’ just to name a couple.  There are far more extra songs for fans to enjoy, too.  It’s fitting that this whole chronicle opens with ‘Funky Good Time.’  Fans new and old alike will know from both the title and the…well…funky good music (Yes, that bad joke was intended) that they’re in for quite the experience.

Quite the experience is exactly what audiences get in this performance.  It’s one more live recording that epitomizes the importance of live shows.  It’s one thing to hear an artist’s studio albums and live shows on CD and/or mp3.  But it’s the actual seeing a performance that brings it all together.  An artist’s stage performance helps to bring everything together.  An artist’s stage performance really helps to capture the emotion of a song even better than a studio recording.  And Ms. James did that and more in these compiled performances.

Audiences see with this compilation of performances so much emotion from her.  That’s especially the case in ‘A Lover is Forever.’  There’s a certain gentility in her voice and her stage presence that adds that much more feeling to this song.  The same thing applies to her performance in the bonus song, ‘Hard To Handle.’  Seeing her really get into the song, feeling it, will get audiences into it, too.  Both with these songs and every other performance included in the new DVD and blu-ray, fans get a performance that’s a fitting tribute to this music legend.  Etta James Live at Montreux 1993 is available now in stores and online.  It can be ordered direct via Eagle Rock Entertainment’s website,

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New Live Release An Excellent Tribute To An Excellent Singer

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Records/Montreux Sounds

The world lost one of the greatest singers of all time earlier this year when Etta James passed away.  Thanks to the continued partnership between Eagle Rock Entertainment and Montreux Sounds though, her voice will never be gone, nor will the memory of the vocal titan.  That is thanks to the brand new live release, “Etta James:  Live at Montreux 1975 – 1993.”

The brand new release, “Etta James:  Live at Montreux 1975 – 1993 is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful singer.  She really was a singer among singers.  This compilation of her performances from the famed Montreux Jazz Festival is proof of that, as if she really needed proof.  It’s one more collection that will help keep her memory and her voice alive for many more generations.  The performances culled for this compilation show just how versatile she was as a vocalist.  She showed she was a powerhouse vocalist at times.  And at others, she was as soft and gentle as perhaps Billie Holiday.  It all combines to make an excellent tribute to an excellent singer.

Some of the best examples of James’ powerhouse abilities are in the likes of ‘How Strong is a Woman’, ‘W.O.M.A.N.’ and the compilation’s opener, ‘I Just Wanna Make Love To You.’  The way that she sings in the opener and in ‘W.O.M.A.N.’ gives the songs a gritty, naughty vibe, for lack of better wording.  Her style perfectly catches the sensuality of the songs, making them favorites for any happy couple.  And the power in her voice as she sings, “A woman is strong as a mule/for the man she loves.”  The way that the band drives the song gives it even more of an oomph, especially in the live setting.  It makes for one of the compilation’s highest of points.

James showed how powerful and bombastic her voice was during her performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival.  For all the power in her pipes, James also showed that she could be gentle and delicate, too.  One of the prime examples of this is in ‘A Lover is Forever.’  Again, the mix of her vocal prowess and the music makes for another amazing piece that expertly captures the emotion of the song.  this effect is also heard in the medley of ‘At Last’/’Trust in Me’/’A Sunday Kind of Love.’  She proved on all of these songs that she understood and respected her craft.  She was able to interpret the songs in a way that would translate them with ease to her audiences.  The same thing applies to her more powerful songs, too.

When it’s all said and done, “Etta James Live at Montreux 1975 – 1993” shows to be a fitting tribute to a woman who was a strong woman and an equally strong singer.  It is available in stores and online now.  It can be ordered directly through Eagle Rock Entertainment’s website at  The companion DVD and blu-ray to this release will be released later this month via Eagle Rock Entertainment.

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