Bluesman’s New LP Some Of His Best Yet

Courtesy: Field of Roses Records

Guitarist Dave Fields’ new record, “Detonation”, is a good listen for any fan of the blues or just generally enjoyable music.  On his third release—due out Tuesday, September 18th–Fields has decided to branch out more from his blues roots, and try his hand at something more experimental.  That experiment has produced some very good musical fruit, so to speak.  While “Detonation” does still have elements of Fields’ previous blues heavy records, it also goes in a little more mainstream direction, showing even more of his ability and talent.  The music isn’t all that makes this album a success.  “Detonation” also succeeds because of the album’s packaging.  Rather than using the standard plastic casing, he has opted for a much easier way to contain the disc.  And making the song lyrics part of the packaging only adds to the overall success of this album, making it a release that his fans new and old will enjoy with each listen.

Fields is said to channel his “inner Hendrix” in the album’s opener, ‘Addicted To Your Fire.’  But a closer listen makes this song much more comparable to the likes of fellow guitar legend, Stevie Ray Vaughan.  That’s not to say that there isn’t at least some Hendrix influence there, too.  Regardless, the energy of the song does a good job mirroring the song’s lyrical content.  Fields sings on this song, “I’m addicted to your fire/Need to feel all your attraction/Got that 9-1-1 attraction/Your passion is like a nuclear reaction.”  That chorus conjures images of two people getting down, dancing, sweat pouring over each of them, the shared energy and feelings obvious as they dance.  That’s the clean version of course.  The music helps to enhance that image too, making it that much clearer.

‘In The Night’ is a little bit slower, but still just as funky.  It almost sort of picks up where ‘Addicted To Your Fire’ leaves off.  He sings about something a little more than a couple just meeting and feeling some sparks to say the least.  He sings, ‘Gonna make it right/and make it new/Won’t stop ‘til the sun comes up/There’s nothing that can hold back love/When angels fly on the wings of a dove.”  It’s pretty obvious what he means with this.

Fields has some really good bluesy material on this new LP.  But what makes it worth the listen isn’t just the blues songs included in the sequencing.  Fields branches out on this album.  And fans will love it, too.  He gets in a Bob Marley style song in ‘Bad Hair Day.’  The irony of the song is as much as it jams, it’s still very much a blues song.  He sings literally about a bad hair day.  He sings, “When the sun won’t shine/When I feel like I’m/Going out of my mind/There’s nothing really worse than a/Bad Hair Day/Bad Hair Day.”  Yes, it seems silly for a song topic.  But somehow he makes it work for what is one of the standout songs on “Detonation.”

“Detonation” has lots of good music for Fields’ fans throughout.  There’s a little bit of a rock feel, along with plenty of old school twelve bar blues pieces, and other styles, too.  It all combines to make for a good multi-purpose record that can be enjoyed any time of the year.  The music isn’t all that makes this a good record, though.  That each song’s lyrics would be included in the “case” itself is another positive.  Instead of making listeners have to thumb through a booklet, the lyrics are right there for listeners.  This might come across as a minor factor in the overall effect of an album.  But for those wanting the full effect of an artist’s music, this is a very good addition.  It all combines to make for an album that any true music lover will want to check out. 

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