PBS’ Vietnam War Docu-Series Is A Timeless Look At A Critical Conflict

Courtesy: PBS/Public Media Distribution

The clock is ticking on the year.  In a little more than 24 hours, 2017 will finally winding down and the world will be looking forward to 2018.  Before those final hours pass by, there’s still work to be done from Phil’s Picks in the year-ender department.  That work includes year-enders for the year’s top new box sets for grown-up audiences.  In saying grown-ups, that does not necessarily mean solely that the material is inappropriate for younger viewers, but that it might simply not appeal to younger viewers because of the issue of their ability to relate to the material in question.

PBS and Shout! Factory dominate this critic’s list this year with a rather wide array of titles with PBS’ new miniseries doc The Vietnam War taking top honors.  Whether or not one is a military or even history buff, this set is a must see.  Period.  The fourth season of PBS’ British import crime drama Endeavour is also on the list alongside new releases such as Shout! Factory’s Green AcresThe Complete SeriesThe Good PlaceSeason 1 and Ernie Kovacs retrospective Take A Good Look.  Smithsonian Channel even gets some nods with the first two seasons of Air Warriors and the first season of Sports Detectives.  Even mpi Media Group’s Gerry Anderson collection The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson is on this critic’s list.

As with every previous list from Phil’s Picks, this list features this critic’s Top 10 New Grown-Up Box Sets plus five additional honorable mention titles for a total of 15 titles.  Developing this list was anything but easy, but every title included was well deserving of its place in the list.  that being said, here for your consideration is Phil’s Picks 2017 Top 10 New Grown-Up DVD/BD Box Sets.


  1. The Vietnam WarA Film By Ken Burns and Lynn Novick
  2. EndeavourSeason 4
  3. Green AcresThe Complete Series
  4. Sports DetectivesSeason 1
  5. Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vol. XXXVIII
  6. Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vol. XXXIX
  7. Ernie KovacsTake A Good Look
  8. The Good PlaceSeason 1
  9. The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson
  10. Air WarriorsSeason 1
  11. Air WarriorsSeason 2
  12. Just Shoot MeThe Complete Series
  13. Ned & StaceyThe Complete Series
  14. IceSeason 1
  15. From Dusk Till DawnSeason 3

That’s it for this list, but still not it for this year’s new DVD and BD titles.  Still up for grabs are spots on Phil’s PIcks 2017 Top 10 New Family DVD/BD Box Sets.  That list is nearly compiled and will be posted ASAP, so stay tuned!

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PMD, Smithsonian Channel Take To The Skies With New Box Sets

Courtesy: Public Media Distribution/Smithsonian Channel

Smithsonian Channel and Public Media Distribution are taking to the skies next month with the release of two seasons of its hit series Air Warriors.

Public Media Distribution will release Air Warriors: Season One on Tuesday, May 2nd and Air Warriors: Season Two on Tuesday, May 23rd.  Much like Discovery Channel’s classic series Wings, Air Warriors focuses on some of the military’s most well-known aircraft.  That includes jets and helicopters.

Season One focuses on one of the military’s most successful warplanes in the F-15 Eagle and its most powerful chopper, the AH-64 Apache.  Season One also focuses on the V-22 Osprey, which ever since its creation, has been talked about both for good and bad reasons.

In the series’ second season, three more well-known military aircraft take center stage in the form of the A-10 Warthog, the Blackhawk, and the Prowler/Growler.  The Warrthog has been under scrutiny by military and political leaders ever since the creation of the F-35 fighter jet, but controversy over the jet has kept the Warthog a key piece of the military’s airpower to this day.

The Blackhawk has been a lightning rod of its own throughout its life.  The chopper has been a symbol of power, much like the Apache.  However, it has been the center of controversy because of the number of crashes involving the chopper throughout its existence.

The Prowler/Growler remains an integral piece of the military’s operations. The Prowler is a descendant of the A-6 Intruder, which played a key role in the Navy’s operations in Asia in the mid-20th century.  The Prowler has been used by the military since 1971. It is no longer used by the Navy, but is still in use by the United States Marine Corps.

The Growler replaced the Prowler in the Navy’s arsenal in 2015. The jet is an offshoot of the FA-18 Superhornet, and has been in operation since 2009.

Air Warriors: Season One will retail for MSRP of $29.99 and Season Two for the same price.  Both seasons can be pre-ordered online now at a reduced price of $24.99 each at PBS’ online store.  Both seasons can also be ordered together in one set at a bundled price of $44.99.

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