New Allman Brothers Band Live Recording To Release For Record Store Day

Courtesy: Allman Brothers Band Recording Company

The Allman Brothers Band has announced it will release a new live recording for Record Store Day.

Syria Mosque: Pittsburg, PA January 17, 1971 will release on a special 2-LP vinyl set on Record Store Day, April 22 through the Allman Brothers Band Recording Company. The special release will be limited to 10,000 copies nationwide on a “Pittsburgh Steel Grey” vinyl pressing. At the time of the band’s performance, it has been in existence less than two years (22 months to be exact). The concert presented in the new recording was captured at the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh, PA. It marked the first time ever that The Allman Brothers Band had performed in “The Steel City.”

Despite being called Syria Mosque, the concert venue was not a mosque, but a concert hall. The 3,700-seat facility was home to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in 1916. Other bands, such as Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Yes, and The Who had also performed at the theater.

The audio presented in the recording was pulled straight from the soundboard and has been restored and remastered for its new presentation.

The track listing for the forthcoming Record Store Day presentation is noted below:

Track Listing for Syria Mosque (2-LP package on “Pittsburgh Steel Grey”):

SIDE 1 (12 mins)

  1. Introduction
  2. Statesboro Blues
  3. Trouble No More
  4. Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’

SIDE 2 (18 mins)

  1. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed 
  2. Midnight Rider

SIDE 3 (15 mins)

  1. You Don’t Love Me

SIDE 4 (20 mins)

  1. Whipping Post

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Rick Monroe And The Hitmen Debut New Single, ‘Looking’

Courtesy: The Label Group

Independent southern rock band Rick Monroe and the Hitmen is set to release its new album, Lead Burns Red later this year through The Label Group.

In anticipation of the record’s pending release, the band premiered the album’s new single, ‘Looking‘ Friday. The song is a composition that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. That is due to the balance of its bluegrass, southern rock and country leanings. While some have likened the work to those from the likes of Eagles, The Allman Brothers Band, and even Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the balance of the banjo and guitar here honestly likens the arrangement more closely to the likes of Steep Canyon Rangers and a hint of Reckless Kelly to this critic’s ears.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the news release announcing the single’s release and no lyrics are provided with the song through the band’s YouTube channel. From what can be inferred through the lyrics, it comes across as centering on the all too familiar theme of someone who is looking for love and maybe in all the wrong places.

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The Jorgensens’ ‘Americana Soul’ Is One Of This Year’s Sleeper Successes

Courtesy: Paramour Records

Early this month, independent music duo The Jorgensens released its latest album, Americana Soul through Paramour Records, which is distributed by none other than MVD Entertainment Group. The couple’s new, 33-minute album, is a joy from beginning to end. That is thanks to its diverse musical sounds and styles, and lyrical themes, each of which will be discussed in its own moment here. The sequencing of said content adds even more to the album’s overall appeal and will also be discussed later. Each item noted is important in its own right to this record. All things considered they make Americana Soul easily one of this year’s top new independent albums and potentially overall albums.

Americana Soul, the latest album from independent music duo The Jorgensens, is a record that will appeal to a wide range of audiences from the beginning of its 10-song run. The record’s appeal is due in no small part to the diversity in its musical arrangements. While the album’s title is Americana Soul, the arrangements present so much more than just Americana. Right from the album’s outset, ‘Old Black Crow,’ listeners get a simple arrangement that immediately lends itself to comparison to the blues rock stylings of the Allman Brothers Band, Derek Trucks Band, and others of that ilk, what with the guitar riffs and horns. ‘Miles,’ which immediately follows changes things up slightly with a touch of country blues. There is something about the horns and the arrangement’s overall swagger that also gives it a little bit of a soul touch, too. The whole makes it another Allman Brothers Band/Derek Trucks Band style work, but still holds its own identity separate from those acts’ work. ‘Boom Boom Boom,’ the album’s third entry, takes the album in a more distinctly blues/soul direction, conjuring thoughts of so much great Chicago style blues of days gone by while also giving the arrangement a nice modern touch in its subtlety. As the album continues to progress, things change again with the modern country blues tune, ‘Shake It.’ The use of the mandolin, cello, violin and drums makes this song its own engaging and entertaining composition. ‘Out Of My Mind,’ which immediately follows that song, conjures thoughts of so many great works from the likes of Carlos Santana and The Doobie Brothers. It is another great change of pace here that again is sure to keep listeners engaged and entertained. When all of this and the rest of the varied arrangements featured throughout the album are considered together, the whole makes for plenty of enjoyment for so many listeners.

The musical content featured throughout Americana Soul is just one part of what makes this latest offering from The Jorgensens so engaging and entertaining to so many listeners. The lyrical content that accompanies the record’s musical arrangements makes for its own enjoyment. ‘Dark Road’ is just one of the songs featured in this record that shows the importance of the album’s lyrical themes. Vocalist Kurt Jorgensen sings in this song of not letting himself go down a metaphorical dark road, in other words, the wrong path. The mention of falling to his knees and making sure he won’t travel this dark road no more makes that clear. It is a straight forward message in a lyrical theme that is all too familiar in the blues realm. Early on, Jorgensen even mentions hearing the devil behind him and getting lost along the way. It is a serious topic presented in a fully accessible fashion. The addition of the fun, infectious musical arrangement makes the theme all the more accessible.

On another note, ‘Boom Boom Boom’ is just as accessible in a totally different way. In the case of this song, the theme is a man celebrating his woman because of the positive effect that she has on him. He says he may not have fancy things like a big penthouse apartment or flashy car, but he has his woman and she enjoys something as simple as the music. It is a great tribute that any man can make for his woman, especially if she accepts him despite being a simple man.

‘State Line,’ which closes the album and is really the only song in this record that is pure Americana in sound and style, is also an interesting contemplative piece in terms of its lyrical theme. Brianna Jorgensen sings against the gentle, flowing string arrangement, about the past. “There was a time/When we got it right/It’s expired/Like candlelight,” she sings. That the song’s subject is driving along, thinking so introspectively gives the song so much depth and enriches the emotion in the lyrics so much. The combination of the moving, introspective lyrical theme (and its delivery therein) alongside the equally simple, moving arrangement makes the song in whole yet another work whose lyrics will connect with so many audiences. When it and the other themes are considered alongside the rest of the album’s lyrical content, the whole shows clearly why the record’s overall lyrical content is just as important to its presentation as the musical content that accompanies the lyrics.

There is no denying that the overall musical and lyrical content featured in Americana Soul touches on so many levels in the best way possible. The sequencing of that content brings the content together and finalizes the record’s presentation. From beginning to end of the record, the songs’ energies change just enough to keep things interesting, the whole beginning on an up note in ‘Old Black Crow.’ ‘Hey Baby,’ which comes just before the album’s midpoint, changes things noticeably but still keeps the record’s swagger moving in the almost ‘Fever’ type approach. Even as the songs progress and styles change, the energy remains stable throughout, giving audiences so much more to appreciate. The result of the thought and time put into the sequencing is a positive general effect that puts the album a welcome final touch. All things considered Americana Soul proves to be a welcome addition to this year’s field of new independent albums.

Americana Soul, the latest offering from independent music duo The Jorgensens, is a fully engaging and entertaining new release from the married couple that is also a welcome addition to this year’s field of new independent albums. The album’s appeal comes in part through its diverse musical arrangements. The arrangements, at times, lend themselves to comparison to works from the likes of the Allman Brothers Band and Derek Trucks Band. At others, there is some pure blues, and at others, more of a country music vibe. That diversity gives audiences reason enough to hear the album. The lyrical themes that accompany the record’s musical arrangements are accessible in their own right. That is because of their familiarity in terms of their content. The sequencing of all of that content rounds out the most important of the album’s elements. That is because it keeps the album’s energy stable from start to end as the album progresses from one song to the next. Each item examined is important in its own way to the whole of Americana Soul. All things considered they make Americana Soul one more of the year’s top new independent albums.

Americana Soul is available now through Paramour Records. More information on Americana Soul is available along with all of The Jorgensen’s latest news at:



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Magnolia Bayou Debuts New LP’s Latest Single, ‘Sweet Magnolia’

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

Independent southern rock band Magnolia Bayou debuted its latest single last week.

The band debuted its new single ‘Sweet Magnolia‘ Aug. 13.  The song is the third single from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album Strange Place, which is scheduled for release Sept. 24.  Its debut last week follows the premiere of the album’s lead single ‘Tupelo‘ and its follow-up ‘Thieves.’

The musical  arrangement at the center of ‘Sweet Magnolia’ is a gentle, flowing acoustic composition that combines influences of The Allman Brothers Band with Zac Brown Band and other similar acts.  The arrangement stands out through the juxtaposition of its more melancholy verses and slightly lighter chorus.  The pairing works to translate the message in the song’s lyrical content.

The lyrical theme in question comes across as a man who is expressing his misery at being alone in the verses.  The chorus sections are lighter, expressing the happiness that the “sweet magnolia” brings him.

‘Sweet Magnolia’ is available to stream and download here.

More information on ‘Sweet Magnolia’ is available along with all of Magnolia Bayou’s latest news and more at:






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Allman Brothers Band Announces 50th Anniversary Show

Courtesy: Reckoning Public Relations

The Allman Brothers will celebrate its 50tth anniversary in March.

The band will mark the anniversary with a musical celebration March 10 at Madison Square Garden.  Pre-sales for the once-in-a-lifetime event start Jan. 7. Public sales start Jan. 10 through Ticketmaster.

Produced by LiveNation, the Allman Brothers’ anniversary concert will unite Jaimo, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Oteil Burbridge, Marc Quinones, Duane Trucks and Reese Wynans with special guest Chuck Leavell.  The concert will mark the first time in more than five years that the musicians have performed live together.

Haynes made note of that span of time having passed in a recent interview.

“Hard to believe it’s been five years since our final show at the Beacon,” he said.   “We had all talked about doing a final show at Madison Square Garden, which never came to fruition.  What a great way to honor 50 years of great music and fulfill that wish at the same time.”

Burbridge echoed Haynes’ comments with his own statement.

“I’m so glad to get the chance to pay tribute to 50 years of the enduring music of The Allman Brothers Band,” he said.  “I’m blessed to have been part of their story.  It’s gonna be a night to remember.”

Derek Trucks expanded on the comments made by his fellow musicians with his own statement.

“From the Fillmore East to the Beacon, NYC has always been a spiritual home for the Allman Brothers,” he said.  “So it only feels natural to honor uncle Butch, Gregg, Berry, Duane and all the other brothers and sisters we have lost along the way here at MSG.  I’m excited to get to play these songs with Jaimoe and the Brothers one last time to celebrate 50 years of this music.”

Portions of the proceeds from the upcoming concert will benefit The Big House in Macon, GA.  which is the band’s official museum.  The facility previously was the band’s home from 1970-73.

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Allman Brothers Band Announces Dates For Annual NYC Residency


Courtesy: MSO PR

The Allman Brothers Band is coming back to New York.  The band is returning to the Beacon Theatre for its annual March residency beginning March 1st.  The band will hold ten performances at the Beacon Theatre from March 1st – 16th.  This year’s annual residency marks its twenty-third year of performing at the famed theatre. The band has sold out its shows some two-hundred and ten times since it started performing at the theatre in 1989.  Founding member Gregg Allman discussed the upcoming annual stint.  “Yes, it’s that time”, he said.  “The Beacon run is always magical.  The room sounds great, lots of familiar faces and the band really stretches out.  After Macon, New York is really our second home.  There’s just something about it, and our fans know it.”

Tickets for the band’s Beacon Theatre performances go on sale beginning next Friday, January 11th at 10am ET.  They can be purchased at and  They can also be ordered by phone toll free at 1-800-744-3000.  Fans in New York can also purchase them in person at the Beacon Theatre box office beginning next Saturday, January 12th.

 Along with its annual stay at the Beacon Theatre, the band has also been invited by fellow music vet Eric Clapton to perform at his annual “Crossroads” benefit show on March 12th and 13th.  Those performances will be at New York’s equally famed Madison Square Gardens.  The band will also headline a pair of dates at the annual Wanee Festival on April 19th and 20th in Live Oak, FL.  To check out the full listing of The Allman Brothers Band performance dates, fans can go online to,, and

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