Tegan And Sara Debuts ‘Girls Talk’ Cover

Courtesy: ATO Records

Veteran pop rock duo Tegan and Sara premiered its cover of Dave Edmunds take of Elvis Costello’s hit single, ‘Girls Talk.’

The song is featured in the end credits of the hit Amazon Prime series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel‘s fifth and final season. Tegan and Sara’s take on Edmunds’ original stays largely true to its source material. right down to the pop-rock style and sound in the arrangement. The bass line takes a slightly more prominent role in Tegan and Sara’s take on the song than the original, but overall the two versions are relatively close in sound and style.

Audiences can listen to the soundtrack to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel now here.

More information on Tegan and Sara’s new single is available along with all of the duo’s news at:

Website: https://teganandsara.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeganandSara

Twitter: https://twitter.com/teganandsara

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PBS Distribution Announces PBS Kids Prime Video Channel November Streaming Schedule

Courtesy: PBS Distribution

PBS is adding more content to its PBS Kids Prime Video Channel.

The channel’s November programming schedule is headlined Nov. 17 with a new Arthur movie celebrating Thanksgiving. Arthur: An Arthur Thanksgiving finds Arthur’s family and friends from across Elwood coming together to help Arthur find his dog Pal. Meanwhile, D.W. and Aunt Minnie have to learn to come together to celebrate Thanksgiving.


The month’s new programming schedule opens Nov. 6 with Cyberchase Vol . 12. The hit math-based animated series’ 12th collection of episodes features five more episodes that take audiences throughout cyber space. In one of the volume’s episodes, “Missing Bats in Sensible Flats,” audiences learn about the importance of bats when Digit’s cousin Brigit is in a bind. her cactus plants are not creating any fruit because the bats that are needed to pollinate them are missing. It’s up to the CyberSquad to find out what happened to them.

“Soil Turmoil” is another of the volume’s episodes. This episode follows the CyberSquad as it works to find out what is causing problems in the soil beneath Serene Greens. the search happens after Hapo the earthworm comes to the Cybersquad for help.

“Water Woes” focuses on efforts by Buzz and Delete to give The Hacker a relaxing spa day. There is just one problem. The water supply suddenly stops flowing. This means it’s up to the CyberSquad to find out what’s happened.


PBS’s November calendar of kids’ programming continues Nov. 13 on its Prime Video Channel with another collection of Nature Cat episodes in Nature Cat: Volume 10.

This latest collection consists of four more episodes from the his nature/science-based series. One of the episodes featured in this collection is “Tally Ho! A Volcano/No Rest For The Squeeky.” The first short in this episode finds Nature Cat and his friends playing a game of lava for their volcanologist club. There’s just one problem: The group wants to step up its game, meaning the need to find a volcano. The second short teaches the importance of sleep for the mind and body as Squeaks tries to stay up all night doing things, such as skateboarding, yodeling, and doing karate.

“Amber Rocks/The Big Stink” is another of the four episodes featured in this collection. The episode’s first short follows Daisy as she discovers what could be amber as she is cleaning the beach. “The Big Stink” the friends find some stinky mushrooms in Ronald’s backyard, and learn about them.


The fifth collection of episodes from the history-based animated series Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum continues PBS Kids Prime Channel’s new content streaming on Nov. 20.

Four episodes fill out this collection.


Elinor Wonders Why is still very much a new series for PBS Kids, but it has already turned out enough episodes for a fourth volume of episodes.

The series’ fourth volume is scheduled to start streaming Nov. 27 with four more episodes. “Water You Doing?/Thinking About Blinking” is one of the volume’s featured episodes. The first short in this episode teaches a basic lesson about engineering and problem solving when Elinor and her friends try to figure out how to cross a stream. The group ends up building a bridge made out of stones. “Thinking About Blinking” takes on the timeless topic of staring contests. Ari has won a bunch of staring contests at school in the short’s base, which leads him to be named the school’s “Blinking Champion.”

“Make Music Naturally/Light The Way” is another notable episode featured in this latest collection. The episode’s first short teaches a basic lesson about music when Elinor and her friends hear that Senior Tapir is going to have a concert. They want to take part in the concert, but don’t have any instruments. The second short teaches a basic lesson about morse code and non-verbal communication when the kids go out on a camping trip with Elinor’s dad as their chaperone. When he falls asleep, they have to figure out how to talk without waking him up, leading to the lesson.

Subscription to PBS Kids’ Prime Video Channel is $4.99/month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription. More information on PBS Kids’ Prime Video Channel programming is available along with all of PBS’ latest news at:




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PBS To Launch New Amazon Prime Video Channel Next Month

Courtesy: PBS

PBS will launch a new Prime Video channel next month.

The network is scheduled to launch its PBS Documentaries channel on Aug. 4.  The channel will featured documentaries from PBS’ series, such as FrontlineAmerican Experience and NOVA.  Audiences can view a trailer for the new channel here.

Andrea Downing, Co-President of PBS Distribution, shared her thoughts on the coming launch of the new streaming video channel in a prepared statement.

“PBS is the leader of high-quality, compelling nonfiction entertainment, and the PBS Documentaries Prime Video Channel is a natural addition to our current streaming offering on Prime Video Channels—PBS Masterpiece, PBS Living AND PBS Kids.,” she said.  “This channel will not only help bring engaging stories about life in all corners of our country to a new audience, it will provide needed revenues to sustain public broadcasting’s public-private partnership model for the benefit of all stations and the communities they serve,”

Documentarian Ken Burns, who most recently helmed the PBS documentary Country Music, and who has also helmed other PBS documentaries, such as JazzThe Vietnam War and Baseball said in his own comments that he was anticipating the channel’s launch,

“We had long hoped to be able to have all of our films available in one place so the public would have access to the body of work,” said Burns. “We’re thrilled that this is now possible thanks to the efforts of PBS Distribution and Amazon to launch the PBS Documentaries Prime Video Channel and also through PBS’s Passport initiative that allows viewers to support their public television stations. Both will also contribute to the larger mission of PBS.”

PBS Documentaries is expected to have almost 1,000 hours of content available for audiences upon its launch.  Burns’ documentaries will be among that content, as well as Stanley Nelson’s documentary The Black PanthersVanguard of the Revolution.

Nelson shared his pleasure at the announcement of the channel’s launch through his own comments.

“I’m thrilled to see that my work will find a new home on this channel,” said Nelson. “PBS has become a premier destination for documentary programming in the U.S. and has been hugely invested in giving films by diverse storytellers and emerging filmmakers much-needed national exposure. I’m so glad that my film on the Black Panther Party, which can inform communities in our current historical moment, will be able to reach different audiences on this new service.”

Subscription to PBS Documentaries will cost $3.99/month with an Amazon Prime or Prim Video subscription.  It will only be available in the United States.

PBS Documentaries is just one of the ways in which audiences can view PBS’ documentary programs.  PBS also offers its own streaming service called Passport.  It allows people to pay a given fee to watch the network’s programs through its own website.

More information on PBS Documentaries is available along with all of PBS’ latest news at:


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Gene Autry Movie, TV Archives Coming To Shout! Factory TV

Photo Credit: Autry Qualified Interest Trust and The Autry Foundation
Gene Autry from Rovin’ Tumbleweeds (1939)

Shout! Factory TV will take audiences back to the old west next month.

The company will stream Gene Autry’s TV and movie archive beginning May 1. The resurrection of the archives marks the first time ever that the properties have been available to stream by any company.

Shout! Factory TV worked closely with Gene Autry Entertainment to curate the titles. The first group of Gene Autry titles to stream (May 1) are his feature films, South of the Border, Gaucho Serenade, Melody Ranch, The Strawberry Roan and Blue Canadian Rockies.  The second round of content — Public Cowboy No. 1, In Old Monterey, RovinTumbleweeds, RidinOn A Rainbow and Sioux City Sue will start streaming June 1.

Autry’s TV and film collection will be available to stream on all Shout! Factor TV platforms: Shout!FactoryTV.com, Shout! Factory TV’s Roku Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Android apps.  It will also be available on Shout! Factory TV-branded channels, such as Tubi, Amazon Prime Video Direct, Amazon Channels and Roku Channel.  Each of Autry’s films will stream on the noted channels on the last Wednesday of each month, too.

The synopsis of each of Autry’s movies is noted below.


List of Films and Synopses
Available May 1, 2020
South of the Border (1939)
On the eve of World War II, Federal agents Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette are sent South of the Border to help foil the plans of foreign spies attempting to gain control of Mexican oil fields. Full of action, humor and music, this 1939 release introduced both the title song and teen performer Mary Lee to movie audiences.
Gaucho Serenade (1940)
A case of mistaken identity sends Gene and Frog (Smiley Burnette), two down-and-out ex-rodeo stars, on a rip-roaring, cross-country trek as they help a little boy evade the gangsters responsible for the false imprisonment of his father. This “road picture,” originally released in 1940, features Duncan Renaldo, TV’s popular Cisco Kid, and counts “A Song at Sunset” among its classic tunes.
Melody Ranch (1940)
Lawlessness runs rampant in Gene’s hometown of Torpedo until the movie and radio cowboy returns as Honorary Sheriff for a Frontier Days celebration and cleans up the town. Showcasing classics like “We Never Dream the Same Dream Twice” and its title song, and featuring Jimmy Durante and Ann Miller, this musical was Gene’s biggest theatrical production when it was released November 15, 1940. Melody Ranch was selected by the Library of Congress for the National Film Registry in 2002.
The Strawberry Roan (1948)
In Gene Autry’s first color picture, Champion stars in the title role as a wild stallion who becomes a legend of the West. More exciting than any manhunt is the furious pursuit of an outlaw stallion, branded a killer, and the two-fisted cowboy who fights off a gun-crazed posse to win justice for the noble animal. Filmed in vibrantly hued Cinecolor against the beauty of Arizona landscapes, The Strawberry Roan combines thrill-filled action with a tender story of loyalty and includes five great Western songs, including the title song and “The Angel Song.”
Blue Canadian Rockies (1952)
Gene Autry and Champion crash through a maze of murder and mayhem on a dude ranch deep in the heart of the tall timber country. Montana rancher Cyrus Higbee sends Gene, his foreman, to Canada to stop the marriage of his daughter Sandra to Todd Markley, whom he suspects is a fortune hunter. Gene soon discovers that Sandra has turned the place into a dude ranch with entertainers Carolina Cotton and the Cass County Boys. When a mountie is murdered and lumberjacks threaten to take over, Gene and Pat Buttram must find the real murderer and bring peace to the Blue Canadian Rockies. Features the title song and the humorous tune “Mama Don’t Like Music.”
Available June 1, 2020
Public Cowboy No. 1 (1937)
Gene Autry’s tried and true crime fighting methods are put to the test when cattle rustlers employ modern technology – including refrigerated trucks, planes and two-way radios – in Public Cowboy No. 1. Things get worse when the local newspaper gal’s scathing editorials bash Gene’s old-fashioned methods and demand the locals call in “progressive” big city detectives. It’s up to Gene and his horse Champion, along with pal Frog Millhouse, to prove that the Western straight-shooting methods of dealing with crime still hold true! Features the classic tune “The West Ain’t What It Used to Be.”
In Old Monterey (1939)
Sergeant Gene Autry, formerly a rancher, pretends to quit the Army to persuade stubborn farmers to sell their land for a military proving ground. Gene soon discovers that unscrupulous mine owners are keeping the ranchers stirred up in hopes that the government will grow weary of the dealings and pay a higher price for their land. Smiley Burnette and June Storey join Gene in this wartime Western. Features the classic song “Tumbling Tumbleweeds.”
Rovin’ Tumbleweeds (1939)
Rancher Autry takes a job singing on the radio to aid farmers and ranchers whose lands were destroyed by raging floods. Blaming crooked politicians, he goes to Washington and tries to put through a flood control bill and finds he has a lot to learn. In this classic release, Gene introduces his immortal theme song,“Back in the Saddle Again,” which has gone on to become a piece of American history.
Ridin’ On A Rainbow (1941)
Assisting in the search for murderous bank robbers, rancher Gene Autry goes undercover as a showboat entertainer to capture the crooks and recover the money. Key to their investigation is the young singer Patsy, played by Mary Lee. Action-packed from ship to shore, the film’s showstopping musical numbers include Gene’s performance of “Be Honest with Me,” nominated for an Academy Award® for Best Song of 1941.
Sioux City Sue (1946)
Gene trades in his wings for a pair of spurs in his first movie after returning from World War II. To get his ranch out of dire financial straits, Gene reluctantly goes to Hollywood to make a movie. But his real troubles begin on his return when everyone finds out he’s the voice of Ding Dong the animated singing donkey, and his nemesis tries to drive him to ruin. Released November 21, 1946, this classic features Sterling Holloway and the hit “Oklahoma Hills.”


More information on Shout! Factory TV’s upcoming Gene Autry presentations is available online along with all of the latest Shout! Factory news at:


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Amazon Prime Video Channel Streaming New Collection Of ‘Dinosaur Train’ Episodes; ‘Molly Of Denali,’ ‘Arthur’ Episodes Coming

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Kids/Amazon

PBS Kids is streaming more episodes of Dinosaur Train on the PBS Kids Amazon Prime Video Channel.

Dinosaur TrainVolume 10 started streaming Friday. The five-episode collection features the episodes ‘The Tiny-Saur Train/How Many Horns,’ ‘Don’s Hole-iday’/’We’re Not All Dinosaurs,’ ‘Gilbert The Conductor’/A Clubhouse of Their Own,’ ‘Mom Was A Kid Once (Parts 1 & 2)’ and ‘A Brand New Species (Parts 1 & 2).’

This latest collection of episodes takes the Pteranodon kids off to China for one episode.  In yet another episode, the kids meet a new friend who happens to be a small mammal named Adele Alphadon.  ‘A Treehouse of their Own’ finds the Pteranodon kids wanting a place of their own to hang out that is separate from that of the neighbors.  The kids eventually find the right materials to build their treehouse, thanks to help from their mom.

Courtesy: PBS Kids/PBS/Amazon

The Dinosaur Train episodes that are streaming now via the PBS Kids Amazon Prime Video Channel will help audiences pass the time until the premiere of Molly of Denali Volume Four and the new Arthur special, ‘The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur.’  The prior is scheduled to start streaming Jan. 17 and will feature five episodes from the fledgling series while the latter is scheduled to start streaming Jan. 21.

Molly of Denali Volume Four will feature the episodes ‘Northern Lights/Fiddlesticks,’ ‘Mollyball/Visit Qyah,’ ‘The Night Manager/Not So Permafrost,’ ‘Tooth or Consequences’/Qyah Spy’ and ‘Ice Scuplture/Tale of the Totem.’

‘Northern Lights’ presents Molly working to introduce her friend Trini to the famed Northern Lights after Trini confesses she has never seen them in person.  Molly and her friends make up their own game called ‘Mollyball’ in the aptly-named episode after wet cements ruins plans by Molly and her friends to play a game of basketball.

Courtesy: PBS Kids/PBS/Amazon

In Arthur‘s new movie ‘The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur,’ Arthur learns an important lesson about family and about music, culture and history when he and his family take a trip to visit his Great-Grand Uncle Theo.  Theo is celebrating his 85th birthday, and as the family celebrates, Arthur leans that life in the country is dramatically different from life in the city.

‘The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur’ runs one hour.

More information on these collections and the latest news from PBS Kids is available online at:


Website: http://www.pbskids.org

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PBS Distribution Adding More Content To Its Prime Streaming Channel

Courtesy: PBS Distribution

PBS Distribution is adding more PBS Kids content to its streaming service next month.

Pinkalicious & PeterifficA Pinkaperfect Birthday and Let’s Go LunaVolume 3 will be added to the company’s PBS Kids Prime Video Channel.  In the new Pinkalicious & Peteriffic special, it’s Pinkalicious’ birthday, and she gets her birthday wish — everything turns pink.  The problem is that not everyone is as enthusiastic about everything being pink as she is, so she and her friends take a trip to Fairyland to find the Birthday Fairy to undo her wish.

Let’s Go LunaVolume 3 continues Luna’s adventures around the world with her friends, the group learning more lessons about different cultures and peoples. This latest collection picks up where Let’s Go LunaVolume 2 left off, featuring episodes 11-15.

The first short in episode 11 is titled “Guitar To Sitar.”  The strings on Carmen’s guitar need replacement as she is writing a song for her mother’s birthday, leading to the a bazaar where she searches for new strings.  This leads her to the discovery of a sitar.  The episode’s second segment, “Spring Has Not Sprung” continue the group’s adventures in India.  Andy wants to get some photos of Delhi’s springtime settings, but the gray clouds cause some problems for him.

Episode 14 finds Luna and company down under in Australia.  The first half of this episode, “Boomin’ Boomerang,” finds Carmen being asked to take part in a boomerang competition, but she is struggling with her self-confidence.  It’s up to her and her friends to make her believe she has what it takes to compete.  The episode’s second short, “House Music” takes the gang to the famed Sydney Opera House as Andy wants to hear the band Syd and the Sydneys.

Luna herself takes center stage in Episode 15’s first half, “You Can’t Move The Moon.”  Luna has to take the place of Salami Strong in a sumo wrestler match in this episode after Salami is injured ahead of the match.  The episode’s second short, “Lizardzilla!,” reveals the magic of the movie industry and reminds young viewers that movies are just that, movies.  This is done as Leo admits he is too afraid to watch the movie Lizardzilla.

These episodes are just a portion of what audiences can expect in Let’s Go Luna!Volume 3.  Episodes 13 and 12 are also featured in the new volume.

Families can subscribe to PBS Kids’ Prime Video Channel for $4.99/month. Full episodes of Pinkalicious & Peterific and Let’s Go Luna! are also available for free on PBS Kids/ 24/7 channel on television and online at each show’s official website.

Pinkalicious & Peterific‘s official websites are located at:


Website: http://www.thinkpinalicious.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pinkalicious


Let’s Go Luna!‘s official websites are located at:


Website: http://pbskids.org/luna

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LetsGoLunaHQ


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