ESPN To Close 2017 MLB Regular Season Schedule With “Western” Showdown

Courtesy: ESPN

ESPN will close out its coverage of Major League Baseball’s 2017 regular season later this month with a modern day “Western” showdown.

The Dodgers and Astros will face off Sept. 24 live in ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball presented by Taco Bell.  Los Angeles currently leads the NL West at 92 – 51, 11 games ahead of the division’s second-place team, the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Houston leads the AL West at 86 – 57, 13 games ahead of the second place Angels.

Neither team has announced its starting lineup for the game, which will be the closer for the teams’ three-game series.  The game is currently scheduled for an 8:05 p.m. start time according to the league’s official website.

Dan Shulman will have the call for the game.  He will be joined in the booth by analysts Jessica Mendoza and Aaron Boone for additional commentary.  Reporter Buster Olney will have all of the game’s latest news and interviews.

Jon Sciambi and Chris Singleton will have the game’s call on ESPN Radio.

More information on ESPN’s coverage of the team’s Sept. 24 game is available online now along with all of the latest Major League Baseball headlines at

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ESPN Reveals First Slate Of MLB 2016 Postseason Broadcasts

Courtesy:  ESPN

Courtesy: ESPN

ESPN is carrying its audiences into Major League Baseball’s 2016 post season.

The worldwide leader in sports has announced that it will cover a handful of games in Major League Baseball’s 2016 post season beginning with an NL West showdown between longtime rivals the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants on Tuesday.

The NL West opponents will face off live on ESPN2 beginning at 10pm ET.  The Dodgers currently lead the division while the Giants are five and a half games back.

On Friday, ESPN will carry coverage of the Cubs and Cardinals beginning at 2pm ET.  The Cubs have already clinched the National League Central title and sit atop the MLB standings.

The AL Central-leading Indians will be on the road against the Tigers in one more of ESPN’s post season games on Sept. 29.  Coverage of that game is expected to begin at 1pm ET.  The Tigers currently sit more than seven games back from the Indians in the AL Central race.

More MLB Postseason Impact Games on ESPN will be announced soon.  Each game will be streamed online live via WatchESPN along with their coverage on television.

More information on the ESPN networks’ MLB postseason coverage is available online now along with all of the latest MLB headlines at:










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Giants, Yankees Close Out Weekend Cross-Conference Series Sunday On TBS

Courtesy: Turner Sports

Courtesy: Turner Sports

TBS continues its annual Sunday MLB on TBS broadcast schedule this Sunday live from New York with a cross-conference showdown between the Giants and the Yankees.

Sunday’s game is the closer in the teams’ three-game weekend series.  It opens the day’s MLB action, too with first pitch expected for 1:05pm ET.  Nathan Eovaldi (8 – 6) is currently expected to get the start for the Yankees.  He hasn’t had much time to rest up for Sunday’s game.  That is because he last got some time on the mound this past Wednesday, July 19th when the Yankees took on the Orioles.  He was credited with the win in the game as New York blasted Baltimore 7 – 1.  Eovaldi pitched 5.1 innings in the game, keeping Baltimore’s bats largely silent along the way.  He allowed only 1 run (the Orioles’ only run in the game) in 4 hits over that time, along with 1 earned run, 2 walks, and 0 home runs.  He had 1 strike out, too.  Team mates Anthony Swarzak and Nick Goody finished off the Orioles, with a total of five strike outs, allowing not a single run or hit through the remainder of the game and not even a single home run, walk, or earned run.

Johnny Cueto (13 – 2) is expected to get the start for the Giants in Sunday’s game.  Cueto will come in to Sunday’s game with a little bit more rest than Eovaldi.  His last time on the mound was last Sunday, July 17th against the Padres.  The Giants lost that game 5 – 3 with Cueto taking the loss.  He allowed 4 runs on 6 hits over 5 innings, along wit h2 home runs and 4 earned runs.  He allowed 3 walks along the way, too and had 4 strike outs.  While Giants lost to the Padres in the game, the rest of San Francisco’s bullpen picked up the slack, allowing only 1 more run in 4 hits, which was a home run.  That home run came during Hunter Strickland’s time on the mound.

Looking at these numbers and the teams’ overall numbers, the Yankees cannot be counted out for this game or for any of the games in the teams’ weekend series.  New York is fourth in the AL East, seven games back from the division-leading Boston Red Sox.  The team is 6 – 4 in its last ten games and is 27 – 21 so far on the season at home with just its last game being in the “L” column.  San Francisco on the other hand is in the midst of a five-game losing streak as it comes in to New York for the weekend series.  The Giants are 28 – 21 on the road so far this season.  But are 4 – 6 in their last ten games.  So the numbers give the Yankees a fighting chance not just in Sunday’s game but in the series in whole.

Don Orsillo will have the call for Sunday afternoon’s series ender between the Giants an Yankees.  He will be joined in the booth by Ron Darling for additional commentary.  Sunday’s game will be available locally in the New York market.

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Yankees/Red Sox Rivalry Returning To ESPN, Angels & White Sox Face Off Tonight On ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball

Courtesy: ESPN

Courtesy: ESPN

One of the biggest rivalries in sports re-ignites in its latest round Sunday, June 2nd.  David Ortiz and the Boston Red Sox will take on Robinson Cano and the New York Yankees will face off at 8pm that evening.  Dan Shulman will host the evening’s broadcast.  He will be joined by analysts Orel Hershiser and John Kruk.  Buster Olney will be on hand with commentary.

Tonight’s matchup pits the Los Angeles Angels against the Chicago White Sox in the “Windy City.”  Dan Shulman will host the evening’s broadcast along with his colleagues, Orel Hershiser, John Kruk and Buster Olney.  The game will be available across all ESPN platforms including:  ESPN Radio, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Deportes Radio, WatchESPN and the WatchESPN app for mobile media.  Pre-game starts at 7pm tonight.  The ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Crew offered its thoughts on tonight’s games, which can be viewed right here.

Baseball Tonight analyst Aaron Boone on the C.J. Wilson- Chris Sale matchup:
With Jered Weaver down, C.J. Wilson needs to assume the head of this rotation. They need to be able to hang their hat on his starts and count on him to be close to an ace. Sale needs to get his slider down. While he’s been pretty good, he hasn’t quite been the dominant ace. I’ve seen a little bit of slider elevation from him. If he can get that pitch down, he’s an ace.

Baseball Tonight analyst Alex Cora on Wilson:
I think that the key storyline is C.J. Wilson. We’ve been talking about the Angels being a contender and Weaver being hurt. Here’s a guy that they signed last year to either be their ace or their number two and he hasn’t done it. For them to turn this around, they need him to pitch the way he’s capable of pitching.

MLB Insider Buster Olney on the Angels’ struggles this season:
Early in every season, there are a handful of teams that quickly move into desperation mode, and little more than a month into the 2013 season, that’s where the Angels stand. They cannot afford to lose more ground, and even though it’s May, this team of great stars will be playing with a sense of urgency. The Angels can turn it around, but because of the lack of depth in the pitching staff, the impetus for a comeback has to come from their offensive stars: Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton and Mark Trumbo.

MLB Insider Tim Kurkjian on the Angels facing Sale:
This is a big weekend series, especially for the Angels. They are in danger of falling out of the race in the West unless they start winning immediately. Their come-from-behind win Thursday night might be the spark that finally gets this team going but they are up against Chris Sale on Sunday night. I don’t know how anyone gets a hit off of that guy.

Olney on Sale’s delivery and repertoire:
Chris Sale is a one-of-a-kind pitcher, with an unusual delivery, and a nasty slider.  I think  Orel made a fascinating comparison: Sale reminds you a lot of the former Yankees Cy Young winner Ron Guidry, because of the quality of his slider and his angular build.

ESPN MLB Insider Pedro Gomez on the Angels’ struggles:
The Angels cannot afford to continue to spin their wheels and expect to remain in the AL West race. They need pitching to really start to shine and they absolutely need more production from their two cogs in the middle of their order, Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton.

Cora on Hamilton’s plate discipline:
He needs to take a step back. We get it, he’s an aggressive hitter. But right now, he’s getting 0-2 pitches in the first pitch of the at-bat. They know he’s swinging. They aren’t even trying to get ahead of him. They are going to the put-out pitch on pitch one because he’s swinging. He needs to be more patient. He has two home runs in last few days but still he needs to take some pitches. The whole league knows that he’s been very aggressive and chasing a lot. He must take a step back and see some good pitches.

ESPN MLB Insider Jim Bowden on keys for the Angels to improve:
The Angels can turn it around but they have to stay healthy. There is not enough depth to withstand injuries, as we’ve seen to date. Hamilton and Pujols must get back to MVP form. The key to the team will be the starting rotation. Blanton and Hanson have to be good enough to win 12 games and pitch 180 innings. A trade for more pitching is a must. Hamilton’s not loading and his timing is not in sync. If he corrects those two flaws he will hit. His bat speed is still there. He also must improve his strike zone awareness and cut down at swinging at balls out of the zone which is at a poor rate of 49%.

Boone on the struggling power hitters in both lineups:
If these teams are going to live up to expectations, their big guys in the middle have to get it going. We need to see production from Konerko and Dunn for the White Sox and Hamilton and Pujols with the Angels.

Cora on White Sox Manager Robin Ventura:
It’s Robin’s second year, so right now it’s his team. Obviously last year he had a great season. They made some changes and lost A.J. So, I think now he’s settled in. It has been a tough month for them, so let’s see what kind of manager he is. Last year, they kind of lost it at the end in September and they seem to be in the same pattern now. We need to see what kind of manager he will be.

Next Sunday on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, the Tigers head to the Lone Star State to take on the Rangers.  The latest Sunday Night Baseball schedule is available below.

Upcoming Sunday Night Baseball schedule:

Date Game
May 12 Los Angeles Angels at Chicago White Sox
May 19 Detroit Tigers at Texas Rangers
May 26 Atlanta Braves at New York Mets
June 2 Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees
July 14 St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs
July 21 New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox

*Additional games for June and July will be announced three weeks in advance, while games for August and September will be made two weeks in advance.

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