Grammer’s New EP Offers Another Pair Of Pop Hits

Courtesy:  S-Curve Records/MSO PR

Courtesy: S-Curve Records/MSO PR

Crazy Beautiful, Andy Grammer’s new EP, is a nice follow-up to the hit pop artist’s debut self-titled album.  Though it boasts only three tracks, (one of which being a live version of the title track), Grammer has shown with this latest release that he has picked right back up where he left off with his debut self-titled album released last year.  The two studio songs included on this EP are solid fits for any wedding reception.  Even the live acoustic take of the EP’s title track would be, too.  This is because of how well the song translated from studio to live show.  Keeping this in mind, it would seem best to start off with the EP’s title track.

The EP’s opener is just as poppy as any of the songs on Grammer’s debut record.  And it would be no surprise if it was in fact a b-side that simply didn’t find its way onto that record.  It’s an easily accessible song with its mix of poppy music and equally upbeat lyrics.  That mix of music and lyrics does a relatively good job of translating the feelings of a young man who has just fallen in love with a very special woman.  He sings, in the song’s chorus, “Isn’t she cra-crazy beautiful/Isn’t she strange, strange and wonderful/I think I love her/More than I will ever know.”  It’s that emotion of wanting to express one’s joy from the highest mountain peaks. The crescendo of the strings through the chorus sections helps to establish the emotions building inside the young man in question portrayed in this song.  It’s a subtle addition.  But it is a nice addition nonetheless that adds a certain extra touch to the song.  While the strings aren’t there in the live acoustic take on the song included in this EP, the addition of a gentle piano in their place helps to set the mood just as much.  That, perhaps, is what helps to give the song a new identity in its live setting.  Or maybe it’s that combined with the acoustic guitar.  Either way, audiences will find the live acoustic take on the song just as enjoyable as the studio version, if not more so.

If the EP’s title track is a good song for any wedding reception during this wedding season, then the second song included in the new EP is an even better fit.  It’s simply titled, ‘I Choose You.’  And it is in fact about getting married.  Grammer sings in this song, “I choose you/To be by my side/I choose you/To hold me at night/It’s the biggest decision/I’m about to get right/I choose you/I choose you/I was worried/I would not know what to do/When I was in these shoes/But standing here/it’s clearer than the sky is blue/That I choose you.”  Here we go from a young man in love to a man about to propose to perhaps the same young woman and take what is, as he states, the biggest decision.  This song screams wedding reception song.  And if a young bride isn’t moved to even more tears in hearing this song, dancing with her new groom, then something is wrong with that young woman. 

Fans wanting to hear ‘I Choose You’ or the EP’s title track live will have a couple more chances as Grammer has at least two more tour dates before wrapping his current tour.  He will be performing tonight at Ovations Live in Chandler, Arizona.  Tomorrow night, he will be Rodeo Park in Folsom, California.  After that, fans can keep up with Andy’s future live dates on Facebook at or on his official website,  Fans that won’t get the chance to see Grammer perform live can still order his new EP online.  It can be ordered online at

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Andy Grammer To Perform New Song On The Bachelorette

Courtesy:  S-Curve Records/MSO PR

Courtesy: S-Curve Records/MSO PR

Fans of both ABC’s The Bachelorette and pop star Andy Grammer are in for a treat on next Monday’s episode.  Grammer will appear on the show next Monday, June 3rd to perform a pair of songs.  He will perform his current hit, ‘Keep Your Head Up’ from his self-titled debut on S-Curve Records and a new song titled, ‘I Choose You.’  The latter comes from Grammer’s new EP, Crazy Beautiful.  The EP was released this past Tuesday, May 21st.  The EP’s title track was used in the network’s hit romance reality show on its episode from this past Monday (5/27).  A lyric video for the song is available now online at

Grammer first debuted ‘I Choose You’ and ‘Crazy Beautiful’ on May 17th at a hometown show in Los Angeles with Parachute.  The show was the last date of the two acts’ tour together.  The video, which was fan made, for the song, ‘Crazy Beautiful’ is also available online now.  It can be viewed at The three-song EP is available now.  It can be purchased via iTunes for a cost of $3.87.  It also includes a live version of ‘Crazy Beautiful.’  It can be purchased online at

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Andy Grammer Launches New Campaign To Save The Lives Of Women

Courtesy:  MSO PR

Courtesy: MSO PR

Pop star Andy Grammer has launched a campaign to raise awareness to women around the world who are victims of gender-based violence.  The KathyGramm campaign raises money in partnership with the Tahirih Justice Center to benefit women affected by gender-based violence.  The Tahirih Just Center provides legal assistance, medical care, and social support for women that are victims of gender-based crimes. This includes female immigrants.  The cost of providing these services for just one woman is five thousand dollars.  Before her passing, Grammer’s mother provided support for women in her community who were victimized by gender-based crimes.  He explained in an interview what his mom did for those women, and the impact that she had on them. “My mom, Kathy Grammer, was a very bright light,” he recalled fondly of her.  “While she was alive her main passion was helping women.  I can remember coming home to a group of women gathered around my mom. Her effect on them was similar to watching someone blow wind into a small flame until it became a fire. Women she touched would leave my house standing taller, inspired and committed to believing in themselves and the equality of men and women.”

Andy has actively supported the Tahirih Justice Center for a number of years.  He most recently served as honorary Co-Chair for the organization’s recent Washington, D.C. gala.  Working for women’s rights and protecting female immigrants has been a cause close to Andy for many years.  It was just as close to his mother during her life. 

For more information on the Tahirih Justice Center go online to  Anyone wishing to contribute can donate $10 by texting “justice kg” to 52000.  Those wanting to donate more can do so by going online to  Since going live two weeks ago, Grammer’s fans have already raised over $12,000, saving the lives of two women and are well on their way to saving a third.  Fans can get a full explanation of the motivation behind this movement online at

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Andy Grammer’s Star Keeps Rising With One World Concert

Andy Grammer had one of his biggest honors yet last week.  Grammer was one of the pop stars tapped to perform at the One World Concert “Common Ground For Peace” at Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome.  Among those in attendance at the event was none other than the His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama.  Grammer was joined at the performance by the likes of:  Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, Matisyahu, Nelly Furtado, and a slew of others.

Courtesy: MSO PR

Grammer’s performance comes at a high time for the singer.  The third single from his self-titled debut on S-Curve Records, ‘Miss Me’, is quickly making its way up Billboard’s charts and VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown.  It joins his previous two back to back singles that have already garnered their own success.  He is also currently touring in support of his debut album.  He will be at the Canopy Club in Urbana, IL tomorrow, October 17th.  For a full list of tour dates and all the latest news from Andy, fans can go online to,, and

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Andy Grammer Performing on CBS This Morning Friday Morning

Pop star Andy Grammer will perform on CBS This Morning tomorrow morning, August 17th.  Grammer will sit down with host Gayle King to talk about his career, rising from his roots singing on the streets to becoming one of pop music’s biggest names today.  the interview comes fresh off the heels of his appearance on CBS’ daytime talk show, The Talk.  Along with his performance tomorrow morning, Grammer will also be performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live next Tuesday, August 21st.  He will be performing his new single, ‘Miss Me’, which hit radio just last week. 

Courtesy: MSO PR/S-Curve Records

In just its second week on air, ‘Miss Me’ is the number one most added song on adult pop radio.  this latest achievement comes as Andy continues to tour in support of his self-titled debut on S-Curve Records.  He’s currently touring alongside fellow pop act, Train.  Fans can get a full list of Andy’s tour dates by going online to, http://www.facebook.comandygrammer, and

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Andy Grammer To Perform On CBS’ “The Talk” Today

Andy Grammer will be on CBS’ hit show, “The Talk” today.  He will be performing his new single, ‘Miss Me’ along with ‘Keep Your Head Up.’  ‘Miss Me’ is the third single from Grammer’s self-titled debut that was releaed in 2011.  Grammer’s debut single was the first since Jason Mraz’s ‘The Remedy’ to debut in the Top 5.  he has now sold over 1.5 million singles across the globe. 

Grammer just finished up a five-week tour with Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat.  He is currently slated to join Train beginning August 4th.

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Andy Grammer speaks on music, life and more

Good morning, everyone.  I hope your weekend is off to a great start.  I’ve got a special surprise for you this morning to help get your weekend off on a “good note” ba dump-bump-bump.  Yes, that pun was intended.  Those of you that read my reviews will recall that I recently reviewed Andy Grammer’s self-titled debut record.  Now, Grammer’s out on tour with Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw.  And next week, he will be joining them for a concert in Raleigh.  So in anticipation of next week’s show, I’m proud to share an interview that I recently had with Andy.  I had the honor of talking with him about his youth, becoming a major star and more.  Make sure your calendars are marked for June 12th if you’re in North Carolina.  In the meantime, enjoy this interview while I work on today’s brand new review.

PP:  Your story is the epitome of a rags to riches story.  You started out playing on the streets, powering your amp with a car battery.  Now, you’re one of the biggest names in pop music.  Knowing where you started, what goes through your mind, seeing where you are now versus everything you’ve gone through to get where you are today?  Do you still see yourself as that same guy today that you were then, just making music, or have things changed any for you? 

AG: I think when you come from such humble beginnings it keeps you grounded. Performing on the street for three years had a big impact, its kind of the bottom of the music food chain. So when anything crazy happens right now I still feel like the guy from the street who is really blessed. 

PP:  One of the things that I really like about your album is the positive lyrics throughout the songs.  Given, you don’t intentionally try to be positive, as your bio notes.  You just try to be real.  But you do have a lot of great, uplifting songs.  I’d like to take a few minutes just to touch on a few songs, if that’s okay.  I want to start with ‘Keep Your Head Up.’  This is one of those songs to which every listener can relate.  What really makes it so standout is that it’s not one of those “oh woe is me” type of songs.  Rather, it’s an uplifting piece both musically and lyrically.  It gives hope to listeners.  Have you had audiences and/or listeners come up to you and express the impact that it’s had on their lives?  Are there any stories from audiences that really stand out in your mind more than others? 

AG:  I’ve had a bunch of really incredible stories where people share how the song came at the perfect time for them. They come up and say “this was my get through chemo song”, or “I was driving to do something crazy when your song came on the radio and I turned around.” In those moments I’m just in awe of the power of a song.

PP:  Your bio states that ‘Fine By Me’ was about a girl who came in and just stole your heart.  Both men and women have that point where they meet someone like the girl in your song that just takes their breath away and steals their heart.  Sometimes it works out, others it doesn’t.  Again it’s another of those relatable pieces.  Can you expand on that story for the fans who are reading this?  What about her made you fall so deep for her?  How old were you at the time you met her?  Did things work out for you and this girl?  If not, are you still friends or do you stay in contact with her today?  Hopefully that’s not being too personal.  It just really seems like the sort of story that would be fitting for a performance on VH1’s Storytellers.

AG: “Fine By Me” touches on the idea of how guys try to play it cool. Underneath we’re big teddy bears. So if you get us we do a 180 real fast from, “I’m cool not really looking for a relationship” to “I want to kiss and hold you for the rest of time… Forever”. I love the casual phrase of “it’s fine by me” followed by the super intense “if you NEVER leave”. Guys are hilarious. (not into going too deep into relationships, hope that’s find by you 🙂

PP:  Staying on the lyrical content of the album, another of the songs that caught my ear was ‘Ladies.’  This song seems like such a departure from so many other pop acts out there.  I like how it talks about how you were raised to treat women with respect, rather than as objects.  And I bet it’s a huge hit with your female audiences.  Did your mother really teach you that lesson?  I’d like to know how this song really came to life.

AG: My mother was an incredible woman. She would have gatherings at our house where it was only women and tell them all how special and important their role was in the world. My dad, brother and I would go bowling or something but when we got back you could feel something “very right” had just occurred. When I was in college all the cute girls would come to my house for MY MOM! Special lady.

PP:  Having been named one of Billboard’s “2011 Artists to Watch” and now touring with other top name acts (I.E. Colbie Caillat), playing sold out shows across the country, do you ever feel added pressure to really perform? Or does it just motivate you that much more to go out there and do what you obviously love to do?

AG:  The hope is that you have the skills to give the crowd what they need. When I know I have what they are looking for I’m not very nervous I’m just anxious to get on stage and meet a ton of new friends. Performing is the dessert of a musician’s life. You travel most of the day to get your hour show at night. There are slight nerves but in the way you get excited when you see the waiter bringing an ice cream sundae across the restaurant.

PP:  As big as you’ve gotten so quickly, I’m curious, when did you really know you had broken through? I’d love to hear how exactly you got your record deal.  Was S-Curve your first choice of labels, or did you have other labels coming to you saying, “Hey, we want you”?  What made you choose S-Curve?

AG: Once we recorded “Keep Your Head Up” with a fairly new production team “Lions Share” then the buzz started to come. It got great radio testing scores and we started getting interest. I went with S-Curve because I knew I was going to get the most personal attention. These days you need a team that will really fight and stick with you.

PP:  How exactly did you come to be on this tour with Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw?  Did they or their reps come to you and ask you to join the tour?  What was your first thought when you were asked to join the tour?

AG: This has been such a cool tour. Gavin and Colbie are both incredible talents that are also really sweet. As headliners you can kind of get away with being dismissive but they are so welcoming and inclusive. The vibe of the tour is awesome. I met Gavin in Iowa at a radio show and when I got off the stage he came up to me and said, “I want to take you on tour”. Colbie has had me on previous tours and is literally the sweetest human on earth. I hope to be as generous to someone else someday as they have been to me.

PP:  Now that you’re touring, are there any behind the scene stories that you can share with your audiences?  Do you all go out together after shows?  Is there any pranking that goes on?  What about pre-show rituals?  Does anyone on the tour have any superstitions about pre-show preps?

AG: It’s still kind of early in this tour although Gavin’s guitar player was definitely throwing Gaffers tape at us from side stage last show. Haha usually pranks are for the last couple shows. Ask me again near the end of the tour and I’m sure more will occur with this rowdy bunch. There isn’t too much superstition as far as pre-show ritual goes we just try to give everyone the best show possible.

PP:  Being out on tour now, do you have any favorite cities to play? Are there any that you’re looking forward to playing?

AG: It can change nightly. I just played a show in Boston that was AWESOME. But I’m always one show away from saying, “now THAT is my favorite place to play”. I say that like 3 times a week.

PP:  I’ve got one more question for you.  Going back to your bio for a moment to kind of bring things full circle here.  It notes your experiences growing up with your dad being a musician. Having been part of all the hard work and sacrifice with your dad, and then on your own, what reaction do your audiences get when you explain what you went through to get where you are today?  Does it change their view on the industry?  What advice do you have for all the hopeful audiences who ask you about your experiences?  

AG: My story is different then a lot of other stories but in music or any art form the themes are the same. Never give up, and just keep creating until you have something that makes waves with a group of people.  If you have a feeling you are supposed to share something with the world you wake up every morning and chase after it with everything you got. My dad taught me that.

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