Babar Update Series Compilation Is Wild Fun For Families

Courtesy: eOne/Nelvana

Courtesy: eOne/Nelvana

eOne and Nelvana recently released the first compilation of episodes from Disney Jr.’s children’s series Babar and the Adventures of BadouGone Wild is the first compilation of episodes from Disney Jr.’s continuation of the classic Babar animated series.  And as a first impression, this collection of episodes is a good first impression for those that might perhaps have not even known about this series.  The primary reason that it is such a good first impression is the writing of the included episodes.  Another reason that audiences will appreciate this new DVD is the lessons taught in each of the episodes, which ties directly in to the episodes’ writing.  And last to consider in the overall success of these episodes is their “animation” style.  All three factors put alongside one another reveal why both children and their parents will appreciate this latest incarnation of the classic Babar franchise even if they don’t get Disney Junior on their channel lineup.

The primary reason that audiences of all ages will appreciate Babar and the Adventures of Badou: Gone Wild is the writing incorporated into each of the collection’s eight episodes.  Anyone that has any knowledge of the original Babar series will recall that in the original Babar series, that series’ episodes would consist mainly of stories told by Babar to his children.  They would be in reference to his own childhood.  In the case of this latest series, which originally aired in 2010 on YTV in Canada and on ABC2 in Australia, Babar is there.  But he generally takes a back seat to his 8-year old grandson Badou.  From time to time, the now much older Babar would offer some insight to Badou.  So the show’s creators made sure to not completely stray from the original source material for this series.  Older audiences will appreciate this factor.  Younger audiences will appreciate the fact that the series focuses more on younger figures whereas the younger figures in the original Babar series were merely part of recollections told by Babar.  That balance of the old and new alongside Badou’s own family friendly adventures in the kingdom of Celesteville with his friends shows just how much care the show’s writers took with the series despite its short run.  That result is eight solid episodes whose writing is reason enough by itself to check out this new DVD.

The writing by itself serves as plenty of reason for families to check out this new DVD from eOne and Nelvana.  It pays homage to the original Babar franchise while also advancing the story without losing anything in the process.  On a similar note, parents and children alike will appreciate that some of the episodes in this compilation also include invaluable life lessons.  One example of those lessons comes in the episode “Copy Cat.”  Young zebra Zawadi learns an important lesson about accepting one’s own self for who one is, rather than trying to change one’s own self just to be different from the masses.  On a similar note, “Monkey Camp” teaches young viewers about the differences between people and how those differences make everybody special in their own way.  One last example of those lessons comes in the DVD’s second episode, “Operation Secret Suitcase.”  This episode deals with a very common issue among younger viewers.  It deals with the issue of children losing friends due to moving away.  It’s definitely something to which audiences of all ages can relate.  It also teaches young viewers about jumping to conclusions without all the information on a given subject within the course of the episode.  So, that one is actually a dual hit.

The writing and the themes tied into said writing for the episodes included on this disc are both key factors to its overall enjoyment.  Together, they prove the episodes presented here to have a certain amount of heart and substance.  There is still one factor left to examine in the overall enjoyment and success of Babar and the Adventures of Badou: Gone Wild.  That final factor is the show’s “animation.”  Given, each episode is computer generated rather than hand drawn.  That is the trend in the current era of animation.  In the case of this series though, the computer generated graphics actually stand out if only a little bit from all of the cookie cutter CG-based children’s shows currently filling the television spectrum.  The closest comparisons that can be made here are perhaps to the graphics used in The Garfield Show and Jungle Junction, which is another show currently on Disney Junior’s schedule .  And that is being generous.  That is not meant in a negative connotation, either.  It is simply nice to see that while this incarnation of Babar has long since ended its short run, it is one of few shows out there for kids today that has at least some individuality and originality in its “animation” style.  Together with the themes incorporated into each episode’s script and the writing itself, the show’s graphics are collectively the final piece in the overall presentation of the DVD that makes it worth a watch by viewers of any age.

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Phil’s Picks Goes Wild With New Babar Giveaway

Courtesy:  13 Amp

Courtesy: 13 Amp

Babar is back again.  Sort of.  The famed pachyderm’s adventures are being released next Tuesday, June 25th in a brand new triple-disc box set.  The set contains Babar The Movie and two compilation discs.  Those discs are: Babar: Best Friends Forever, and Babar: School Days.  The two sets together include eight classic episodes from the original series.  The triple disc set can be pre-ordered now online via Amazon at  Viewers can also go to this website to order the DVD set when it becomes available. Retail price for the set is $19.99.  It can also be ordered via Amazon for $14.99 plus s&h.

Viewers will have the chance to get their own copy of this set for free when they “Like” the Phil’s Picks Facebook page at  Here, three copies of the brand new set will be given away on Friday, June 21st.  All a person has to do in order to be entered for a chance to win one of these sets is to send an e-mail or write on the page’s timeline saying one wants to be entered for a chance at one of the sets.  Three lucky winners’ names will be drawn on the morning of the 21st and announced on the Phil’s Picks Facebook page.  Prize winners will also be personally notified if they have won, so as to obtain a mailing address for the purpose of having their prize mailed out to them.  Those that haven’t “Liked” the Phil’s Picks Facebook page must “Like” it first in order to get entered.  It’s that easy.

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Entertainment One brings fans another family friendly classic in Babar Season One

Courtest: Entertainment One

2012 has been a good year for classic television fans.  Thanks to Shout! Factory and Nickelodeon, fans of the classic Nicktoons have seen even more seasons of the classic 90’s Nicktoons get proper releases.  Fans of Dark Shadows have seen the release of the full series thanks to MPI Home Video.  And a much wider release of that series will be coming out soon, too.  Now, thanks to Entertainment One, fans of another classic have reason to be happy.  That classic is HBO’s classic animated series, Babar.  That’s right.  “Babar:  The Classic Series Season One” was released just last week thanks to Entertainment One.  In an era when so much programming is anything but kid and family friendly, this season is a welcome addition to any family’shome library.

“Babar:  The Classic Series Season One” has all thirteen of the first season’s original episodes.  It follows Babar’s family from the very first episode, in which he has to explain to Alexander about what happened to his mother right to the episode about a phantom.  As a fair warning, that very first episode may be difficult for some younger viewers as it does depict Babar’s mother being shot by The Hunter.  However, it’s necessary in Babar’s story explaining his lesson to Alexander.  This is the onl difficult moment in season one as the lessons imparted on the children in each episode are something that both kids and kids at heart will enjoy.

In the opening episode of Season One, Babar tells his children the story of how his journey to becoming king of Celesteville began.  The story goes all the way back to when Babar was just a baby elephant.  His name is chosen as it was actually his first word.  Babar explains, as he narrates the story, how emotionally difficult it was to have lost his mother because of a hunter.  However, because of what The Hunter did, Babar knew that there were things that he didn’t want to do.  Though, he knew he had to do them.  What he meant was that he had to face The Hunter.  And he does just that when The Hunter returns.  He gets The Hunter to chase him, and tricks him, making him fall into the hole left by the trunk that he had pulled up.  The Hunter loses his gun, and Babar grabs it and throws it away.  He explains that he was then on his own, and had to find the rest of the elephants.  He does just that, and eventually defeats the Hunter as Season One goes on.  But that first powerful episode also teaches an important life lesson.  It teaches we all have to do things we might not want to do at times.

In another of the first season’s great moments, Babar teaches the children that “The Show Must Go On”.  He tells them about how he tried to put on a ballet once, when he was a young king.  He invited the famed prima ballerina Madame Soretoza to perform in the ballet.  At first, everyone was excited.  But when she runs everybody off with her bad attitude, Babar has enough and tells Madame Soretoza that she is no longer needed and they are going to run the ballet on their own.  The ballet turns out to be a success, too.  As a result, the children learn that it’s better to work together than trying to act like they’re better than others.  In short, it’s a lesson about team work and having a good attitude.

Babar teaches many great lessons in Season One.  That’s already been noted.  Another of the great lessons shared in Season One is to never assume and falsely accuse someone.  He teaches this in “The Missing Crown Affair.”  When the children are arguing over whether or not a diary has been stolen, Babar sits them down and tells them the story of the time that his crown went missing on the first anniversary of his coronation.  When it’s suddenly taken in the middle of the night, Babar and his friend Sephir go on a hunt to see if they can figure out the mystery.  Sephir and Babar begin to assume that his own friends are trying to have him dethroned.  Of course, he doesn’t have solid proof of that.  In the end, he discovers that everything was just an attempt to set up a huge anniversary party to celebrate the big day.  The point of his lesson was that just because soemthing went msising doesn’t mean that assumptions should be made, nor should accusations be tossed aroudn without solid proof.  In the end, the diary is located, and apologies are shared.  Even Babr finds out in the end that it was Celeste who took his crown that fateful night.  She put an engraving on it declaring her love for him.  It leaves everyone with a great feeling.

Babar has wonderful life lessons in all thirteen episodes of Season One.  But that’s not all that makes this set so impressive.  The packaging for the double disc set is equally impressive.  It would seem that more companies are beginning to use Shout! Factory’s example, as the two discs in the set each get their own spot in the case, thus protecting the discs and preserving their longevity.  So kudos to Entertainment one for the slim and safe packaging for the discs.

Babar was originally aired on HBO in its heydey.  So not everyone was able to get it.  But now that it’s on dvd, audiences everywhere have the opportunity to share in this classic family friendly cartoon.  From the thirteen wonderful lesson filled episodes to the packaging, “Babar:  The Classic Series Season One” is one more wonderful addition to every family’s home library.  It’s one of those programs that just as it’s already transcended generations, will continue to do so for even more generations, if this collection is any indication.

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